Author Topic: SW + Kubricks for trade , Want Back To The Future Box Sets & Chase Figure  (Read 991 times)

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I'm willing to trade some of my kubs for the following:

Back 2 The Future (Box Sets) & Chase figures

If you have any & want to trade for anything below. Please let me know. Cheers!

All these toys will be on EBay on Sun 05 June!! See if there's anything u want before they are listed, CHEERS!


Luke & Leia Speederbike Set, Luke n Han Stormtrooper Box Set,

Carded Anakin Skywalker (Chase) Carded Luke Skywalker, Carded Shadow Stormtrooper, Carded Jorg Sacul X-Wing Pilot, Carded Bossk

SW CHASE figures: Han Solo ,Snaggle Tooth Blue(Sealed w/b)
Senate Guard (Sealed w/b)/ Clone Trooper S9 (sealed w/b (yellow)
Wedge Pilot (Sealed)
Set of 4 Tie Fighter Pilots, Set of 4 Scout Troopers

Toy Story Chase figures: Sid, Baby Face, Janie Doll

Alien Jockey & Eggs Box Set - A

Disney Runaway Brain Mickey Mouse & Julius box Set

Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love blue suit Box set

Daft Punk - Human After All - Christo single figure loose

Stussy - Baby Raggamuffin Box Sets A&B

Toy Story Series 1 Kubricks - Woody/Buzz/Army Man/Alien/Jessie & Zurg

Monsters Inc Series 1 Kubricks (Loose) - Boo/Sulley/CDA/Little Mikey/Celia & Boo's Secret Door CHASE

The Matrix - Full set (No chases)

Minority Report - Full set.

Watchmen box set of 6

M.A.K. Series 1 Boxed
Blair Witch Box sets 1&2
Shrek Box Sets abc

Loose figures: Jack Bauer 24, Venom Punisher (Chase Figure),
Marvel- Ironman, Wolverine, Cyclops, Silver Surfer, Hobgoblin,
Terminator - John Connor, T800 Bearbrick,
Batman returns- Selina Kyle,
Batman (comics-style)
Superman (Superman Returns movie)
Batgirl (animated-style)
The Joker (The Dark Knight movie)
Batman (animated-style)
Scarecrow (Batman Begins movie)
Ras Al Ghul (Batman Begins movie)
Batman (The Dark Knight movie)
Batman (Batman movie 1989)
Robin (animated-style)
Catwoman (Batman Returns movie)
Harley Quinn (animated-style)
Where the wild things are - Carol, Max, Ira, Douglas
Metal Gear Solid - Raiden (Chase) Soldier Night Vision (Chase) Otagon, Gullovich Soldiers - Tiger & Woodland
Stussy - Peace & Prosperity Figures x 3
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