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ALien Invasion
« on: December 17, 2005, 06:18 PM »
Okay, here I am watching War of the Worlds for the first time. And it's pretty good, but like most times a movie like this airs, be it this, or ID4, or any other alien invasion movie, it gets me thinking. What would happen if we really were invaded by aliens, for whatever reason, would we, the human race, survive?? 

With what happened in the one scene in which Cruiese and his family got their car taken away and with the chaos that occured in Lousiana, would we just go into utter anarchy and and become even easier pickings for the aliens? Is it our nature to lose all control and just be easy targets for the Aliens?

Would the governments of the world keep an inpending invasion under wraps so that they could try to get a hold on the situation and possibly set up some sort of counterstrike against the invasion? Is this right or if they told us would the previous situation just come to fruitition that much earlier??

And more about the preparedness of the world, since they invading alien force would be naturally more sophisticated than us, could we even mount an offensive? Is there any way or technology could do anything?? Is the possibility that the govenrment is developing something for a worst case scenario such as this?

Also if people in general don't believe in aliens, would it make it that much easier for them?

How about you personally, would be you be ready to survive the long haul? Do you think you could live for weeks on end on bare minimum in the hopes of waiting out the invasion?

 I would really like some well thought out replys and additions to this thread!! I think we can really get some good input in this!! And please if you have ideas I didn't cover, I want to hear them!!!

I leave the thread with this, as in ID4, would an Alien invasion be the only thing that could rally humanity like nothing else?
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