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Customs or not?
« on: July 7, 2003, 04:52 PM »
I brought this up on a couple of forums and figured I'd throw it up here as well to get your opinions...

Does a custom figure have to have all it's articulation to be considered custom to you?

Or is a custom any figure you change in any way at all?

I go for the second...

I have done many customs (which I will soon post a bunch f pics of) that have been from simple repaints to swaps to paint/swaps... Haven't dare tried sculpting end since I couldn't imagine what'd come out of that  ;)

Some of the customs I have done have all artic... while others have almost none.

I view customs as filler space for stuff Hasbro has not... or will not give us. Most of what I do are fillers in every sense of the word. I have done a few Endor troopers, Ewoks, Tatooine residents, Senators, Jedi, and even working on Nightclub/Coruscant patrons now...

They are mostly to flush out small scenes that I scatter throught my collection.

What's your thoughts guys...
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Re: Customs or not?
« Reply #1 on: July 7, 2003, 08:22 PM »
Anything you're changing somewhat is a custom...  Someone telling you it's not needs to pick up a book and kill some of their free time by doing something constructive.

Now whether it's a good custom or not is a separate issue, and unique to each figure...  For instance, my first custom was a vintage Imperial officer head on an AT-ST pilot for an Imp. Tech.

The end result is a simple figure that's accurate, but I would never claim it to be "greatness".  It's just easy and effective.

A custom could be the most elaborate thing on Earth, but if it's got inaccuracies I notice, I'll be a little more critical...  

They're all customs though, and honest and constructive criticism are warranted in all these instances...  Some people don't like honesty though, when dealing with something they feel is important to themselves, and that they "created".  

I will say this, you should try sculpting...  I'm not good at it myself, but it's the only way to make customs start to stand out.
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