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CIS Forces Organizer JD
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Battle Droid:

Quadrillions of these were developed before and during the Clone Wars, and although weak alone, they are deadly in numbers. They are equipped with a standard blaster rifle and communications pack. They are developed by Baktoid Armor Workshops.

Security Battle Droid:

During the Clone Wars these were deseigned to guard CIS Outposts and other structures. They are almost identical to regular Battle Droids, except for their red markings and comlinks.

Battle Droid Pilot:

These battle droids piloted CIS destroyers and cruisers, like the Invisible Hand. They also piloted ground vehicles like the MTT, AAT, and STAP. They wore distinctive blue coloring.

Battle Droid Commander:

These were simply battle droids enhanced with expanded tactical knowledge and yellow markings. OOM-9 was a very skilled battle droid commander during the Battle of Naboo.

Super Battle Droid:

Deseigned to compensate for the flaws of the standard battle droid, the Super Battle Droid is one of the more durable CIS Droids. It has a powerful wrist blaster, and can also be configured to launch lethal wrist rockets.

Super Grapple Droid:

Based off the regular Super Battle Droid, these deadly droids were made specificaly for the CIS's siege on Coruscant.

Droideka (Destroyer Droid):

Even a threat to Jedi, Droideka are walking killing machines. Many clones and Jedi fell at the powerful triple-repeating blasters of these deadly machines.

Neimoidian Pilot:

Commanding from the bridges of CIS ships, or engaging clone forces in starfighters, were the Neimoidian Pilots. They wore identical ornate uniforms, and usually hid a blaster rifle in their cloaks. Most of the Neimoidian Pilots aboard the doomed Invisible Hand, including prominent Neimoidian officer Lushros Dofine, escaped in escape pods right before the ship broke in two.

Neimoidian Warrior:

The majority of the Neimoidian Warriors were criminals offered a pardon to serve, although some willingly joined the Gunnery Battalion. They wore bronze armor and carried blaster rifles or battle staffs. During the summer of '05, Neimoidian Warriors swept into all of the Targets and clogged the pegs until November and shot any Tarkins, Tactical Ops. Troopers, and Shocktrooper Variants that attempted to leave the pegs . This was known as the Great Neimoidian Warrior Plague Of '05.

Neimoidian Commander:

Elite troopers chosen for their leadership skills, Neimoidian Commanders were used sparingly during the Clone Wars. They wore silver armor.

Gossam Commando:

Donated to the CIS cause by Shui Mai, the Gossams were one of the CIS's few non-droid infrantry. They used standard battle droid blasters.

Koorivar Fusilier:

These lethal troopers fought alongside Neimoidian Warriors and Gossam Commandos. Those non-droid troopers were used on worlds like Moorja, were there was deadly ion storms.

Geonosian Warrior:

Fighting in the opening battle of the Clone Wars, Geonosis, these warriors brandished deadly sonic rifles. They were fairly weak, and thus became easy lightsaber fodder for the Jedi on Geonosis.

Private Droid Pilot:

These droids were created to pilot CIS luxury vehicles, like Count Dooku's Solar Sailer, to places around the galaxy. The droid pilot picture here is FA-4, who helped Count Dooku escape from Geonosis.


These ferocious droids were created to be the bodyguards of General Grievous. They were outfitted with electrostaffs and Bulldog RLV missile launchers.

IG Lancer Droid:

The IG Lancer Droids were developed to ride speeder bikes. They were armed with a electropole.

PK Droid:

PK Droids were made for menial and simple labor tasks. They usually served aboard Trade Federation cruisers.
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Done, if I forgot one, PM me.