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Vehicles Of The CIS
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A light scout craft used by Battle Droids, the STAP debuted at the Battle of Naboo. It had twin blaster cannons. The STAP was fast, but out-manuveured by the Republic BARC Speeder.

Droid Starfighter:

Controlled by CIS Droid Command Ships, these Droid Starfighters give Clone Pilots a run for their money. They had four repeating blasters. The Fighter was developed by the Xi-Char Cathedral Factorys.

Droid Tri-Fighters:

Far more deadly than their regular fighter counterparts, these had a single repeating blaster cannon and cluster missiles. They were controlled by an on-board droid brain.

Droid Gunship:

Created to counter the powerful Republic LAAT Gunship, the Droid Gunship was created in the early months of the Clone Wars. It had multiple missiles, blasters, and Buzz Droid compartments.

Belbullab-22 Starfighter:

This was a powerful and dangerous starfighter. It was armed with twin triple laser cannons and a heavy payload of bombs. General Grievous owned a deluxe version of this vehicle, while standard versions were owned by notable CIS officers like Nute Gunray, San Hill, and Shu Mai.

Mankvim-814 Light Interceptor:

This bulbous and bulky craft was created by the Techno Union. It had two laser cannons and extremley durable shields.

Geonosian Starfighter:

Developed by the tech-cunning Geonosians, the Geonosian Starfighter was a durable and suprisingly agile vessel. It had a single blaster cannon in-between its two "teeth".

Buzz Droid:

Buzz Droids were almost micro starfighters, as some Clone Pilots called them. They could disable a single ARC-170 or Jedi Interceptor. During the Battle of Coruscant, Buzz Droids disabled Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Interceptor.

Crab Droid:

Nicknamed "Muckrackers", these droids were very deadly. They were excellent shots with their laser cannons, and came in various sizes.

Tank Droid:

Known as "Snailers" to Clone Troopers, these Tank Droids, donated to the CIS cause by the Corporate Alliance, are lethal machines. They seat one pilot battle droid, and have multiple blasters and grenade launchers. They were used all throughout the Clone Wars.

Manta Droid:

These underwater ships were made by the Xi Char factorys, which also made the powerful Droid Starfighter. They were used at the first Battle of Mon Calamari.

Octuptarra Droid:

Octuptarra Droids were built for speed. With their long legs, they could quickly trot across the battlefield. Its balloon-like head was armed with rotating laser turrets.


This powerful droid was armed with pulse-rocket launchers which could take out heavy artillery and vehicles. The Tri-Droid was used on snowy planets like Mygeeto and Hoth.

Dwarf Spider Droid:

Dwarf Spider Droids were very agile. They could leap across enemy lines to devestate their opponents. It had a single blaster cannon.

Hailfire Droid:

This was a lethal droid which debuted on the rocky plains of Geonosis. They were armed with quad missile launchers, and were a deadly threat to Republic vehicles. A version of the Hailfire Droid was created that could seat a humanoid pilot.

Chameleon Droid:

These droids were deseigned for laying mines behind enemy lines. They had a cloaking device. Chameleon Droids were also used as probe droids by the CIS.

Homing Spider Droid:

Armed with a single powerful pulse turret, Homing Spider Droids were a terrible sight on the battlefield. They were deployed on such worlds like Muunilist, Geonosis, and Naboo.


Made by the same company that created the CIS's endless supply of battle droids, Baktoid Armor Workshops, AATs are deadly hovercraft. The are equipped with a single laser cannon, and two smaller ones. They have near impenetrable hull.


This massive vehicle is built for troop deployment. It can carry over 100 troops in it. It has a durable hull and twin blaster cannons. It has a large command station aboard the transport.

Seismic Patrol Tank:

This massive tank was a dreaded sight on the front. It had a huge seismic driver in the middle of the vehicle, which could stomp down on the ground, inflicting mammoth battlefield casualties on both sides.

Battle Droid Carrier:

This craft was used to deploy large amounts of battle droids on the front. While containing no weapons, some versions had twin blasters on each side.

CIS Landing Craft:

CIS Landing Craft were created to deploy MTTs, STAPs, AATs, and other CIS craft. They were first used during the Battle of Naboo. 11 years later, they were heavily used during the Clone Wars, for the same purpose.

CIS Shuttle:

CIS Shuttles were used to transport important CIS leaders such as Count Dooku and General Grievous across the galaxy. Nute Gunray escaped Geonosis in one of these shuttles, and CIS Shuttles transported the Seperatist Remnant to their new outpost on Mustafar.

Banking Clan Frigate:

Banking Clan Frigates were massive warships used by the CIS. They had a huge command bridge and around 88 gun batteries. The frigate also had very powerful sensors and communication arrays.

Trade Federation Cruiser:

This mammoth vessel was a powerful force in space. It had over over 150 gun batteries, triple shields, and a command bridge. Notable CIS leaders such as General Grievous, San Hill, and Poggle The Lesser each owned a Trade Federation Cruiser.

Recusant-Class Light Destroyer:

Armed with over 115 gun batteries, 40,000 battle droids, and a crew of 300, the Recusant-Class was a feared and respected sight on the battlefield. Because of its limited crewspace, the Recusant-Class had a skeletal and sinister appearence.

Droid Control Ship:

Droid Control Ships are equipped with a large array of sensors, transmitters, and broadcasting equipment which allowed the ship to control a droid army. Their center "ball" can detach, as seen during the Battle of Geonosis.

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Re: Vehicles Of The CIS
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