Author Topic: Saga Collection #14 Power Droid  (Read 1280 times)

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Saga Collection #14 Power Droid
« on: March 8, 2006, 07:49 PM »
Heres my review of the Saga Collection #14 Power Droid:

Sculpt:The Power Droid uses the sculpt of the Power of the Force 2 GONK droid except this time with holes on top of its head to put the accesories on and a cable put around him.This sculpt is pretty good for a POTF2 sculpt.They only real problem is because of the figures's Action Feature.The Power droid Action Feature is when you push the button on the side of the Droid,the legs move.Because of this the legs won't stay stiff together.But besides that,its still ok.

Paint:One thing I didnt like about the POTF2 GONK was that it had a very dull paint job.This time with the Power Droid it is much better.Its Looks good and even has good snow like weathering.

Articulation:The little box with legs only has moveable legs which Is enough for this kind of figure.But that Action Feature almost makes it pointless because it always will stay in that "Walking" position.

Accessories:The Power Droid comes with a Power Coupling,a Sensor Attachment,a Treadwell Droid,base,and random Good Guy hologram(I got the Obi-Wan Kenobi holo).The Power Coupling and Sensor Attachment fit right on the figures head and makes the figure more appealing.The Treadwell Droid is like another figure.Its a repaint of the Treadwell Droid that came with the POTF2 Aunt Beru figure.The base is for collectors who display loose,it says GNK & Treadwell Droid on the front of the base and the ESB logo on the front of the base..The holo figure isnt really anything to go crazy over.If your a loose collector, you probably wouldnt be too fond of these holo figures.

You get 2 good droids figures in one.Thats a deal.But real problem with the Power Droid,In My Opinion,that its kind of a boring figure.But this is a huge improvement over the old Power Droid and If you like getting you're money's worth,I would recommend this to you.


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Re: Saga Collection #14 Power Droid
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2006, 09:33 AM »
Fair (as in reasonable, not your reviewing ability, which is great) review. It's hard to judge kitbashes, but for a kitbash, I think this turned out to be a great figure.
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