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episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« on: May 12, 2003, 02:08 PM »
The Clone Wars end at the beginning of the film, and the rest of the movie will be very small and personal & centered around obi-wan, anakin & padme as usual .

anakins  jealousy and anger towards Obi-Wan and blaming everyone else for his inability to be as powerful as he wants to be, which he hears that he will be, so here he sort of lays out his ambititon and you'll see later on his ambition and his dialogue here is the same as Dooku's. He says "I will become more powerful than every Jedi." And you'll hear later on Dooku will say "I have become more powerful than any Jedi." So you're going start to see everyboy saying the same thing. And Dooku is kind of the fallen Jedi who was converted to the Dark Side because the other Sith Lord didn't have time to start from scratch, and so we can see that that's where this is going to lead which is that it is possible for a Jedi to be converted. It is possible for a Jedi to want to become more powerful, and control things. Because of that, and because he was unwilling to let go of his mother, because he was so attached to her, he committed this terrible revenge on the Tusken Raiders.

Palpatine  will influence anakin in turning agaist  obi wan telling him that obi wan is trying to keep him from becoming a great jedi &  is reponsible for hiding padme from him .

Padme dies after giving birth to luke & leia due to injuries suffered.

episode 3 will revisit darth vaders ship , degobah & the cantina on tatooin where we will see chewbaca again

The scene where Anakin does actually become Vader is pretty good. I mean, I like it. It's a little in the vocabulary of a ... I don't know how much I want to give away ... but it's in the vocabulary of a time - of the 1930s and 1940s. It's a pretty neat little thing, I think, and hopefully it's going to work GL

Boba will be in Episode III, but his role definitely won't be larger. He's in a transition period of becoming a bounty hunter. The next film takes place two or three years later, so Boba would only be 13 and still wouldn't fit the suit.  GL

Anakins memory will be erased and so will R2 & c-3po's memorys. So, they don't remember anything from the first trilogy. I'm telling you something from Episode 3, but I shouldn't be telling you that, but I think most of the fans already know that.  GL

tarkin should be present in episode 3  helping palpatine  into  power.

someone in the Jedi order has been hiding this whole system from the Jedi Archives. It does come out eventually in the next movie exactly what's behind all this. I wanted to have it there in this movie but not so strongly that you asked a lot of questions about who is the one that erased the tapes and who started the army and how all that works because it's something that unfortunately doesn't get revealed until the third film.  (i think its mace windu it a gut feeling ..if you watch the movies & notice his responses & reactions you'll catch on to what im talking about )

we will only see bio vader in the last 10 min of the movie right after anakin falls into a lava pit  after his fight with obi wan

dooku will have his own agenda in episode 3 with  mace windu

There are some, if I can fit them in, but I won't say who they are. Some key characters are scheduled to be fit in if I can make it work. They are not so integral to the story--it's really done to say, 'Oh look, there's so-and-so.' GL  this will tell you that chewbaca will have but breif cameo & will in no way shape or form make a diffrence in the movie

Anakin completing his training at the mercy of Sidious

maybe some of this is true  who know's but i cant wait to se the finished product of the final episode of george lucas trilogy

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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2003, 02:31 PM »
Wow where did you hear all of this stuff?
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2003, 10:56 PM »
as well as rick confirmed the clone troopers will have a new look in episode 3  as super arc commandos  . heres an intresting theory of who erased kamino from the jedi files ....i found this real intresting : Who Done It and Why: The Search for Kamino

In these days where every infrequent spoiler report is more unbelievable than the last, there's not much to fill the time with, for your typical spoilerhead - except speculation. I have heard some say that it's a lost art. It may be. I know that many, including myself, thrive on facts; hard, proven data. But when those facts just aren't there, you've got to make good with what you've got. Enter speculation.

Lucas has said quite a bit about Episode III. He's told us that most of what we need to know to solve the big "mysteries" of the Star Wars universe is already out there. We just have to put it together. By reading between the lines in a lot of his quotes, I believe it's quite possible to do just that. Certain aspects of the universe, like disappearing Jedi and, the focus of this editorial, exactly who erased Kamino from the Jedi library, begin to become clear.

So what do I refer to? How can I claim to know who erased the files from the single quote of "Someone in the Jedi order has been hiding this whole system from the Jedi Archives."? Well, simple answer, I can't. Until May 2005, George could always pull a "Obi-Wan is your father" on us, no matter what the leaked script in our hands says. But from what we have at our disposal at this moment in time, I submit the following theory:


Anakin did it.

Okay, maybe you're thinking it's a little out there. From my experiences peddling this theory from message board to message board, the majority of people that I've mentioned this to have basically called me crazy. That I was really reaching. And then there's the other population, though a very small minority, that have thought this from day one of viewing AOTC. Or, at the least, they believe the theory now. If you're in that small minority, I guess I don't have to convince you of anything. But if you're skeptical, read on. You might luck out and get persuaded like some other prior non-believers.

First off, Lucas said that "someone IN the Jedi order HAS BEEN HIDING Kamino…" The 'in' and 'has been hiding' infer that the perpetrator is still in the Jedi Order. Up until a month or so ago, if you asked me who erased the Kamino file, I would've said "Dooku. Duh." Well, Dooku hasn't been a Jedi for ten years. So that rules him out. Since Mace, Yoda, Ki-Adi, Plo, etc. are NOT traitors, that doesn't leave many candidates. Specifically, it leaves Anakin. Now, that's certainly not my entire proof. As I said before, a lot of this theory stems from my interpretation of Lucas's own quotes. If you read through Lucas Says, located at, specifically, the section regarding Palpatine's Influence on Anakin, you'll get an idea where I'm going. Here are Lucas's words, reproduced from that section:

TPM DVD Commentary:
GL: There's a very subtle thing going on here through the next two movies of Palpatine's involvement with Anakin which isn't on screen, it's all sort of hinted at.

AOTC DVD Commentary:
GL: Here with Obi-Wan we get a little sense that Anakin has some relationship with Palpatine and that he likes Palpatine. In the last film we set up the fact that Palpatine was gonna watch after Anakin.
GL: I had all these hints that Palpatine had been helping Anakin, but I needed an explicit scene that actually spelled it out and where you could see that some of Anakin's dialogue later on has come from Palpatine.
GL: So we have this little picnic where Anakin brings out the uncomfortable subject of previous boyfriends which boys have a tendency to do, and then we get into this political discussion which allows us to get a little insight into Anakin and Palpatine's influence over Anakin and some of his thought process.

As you can see, Lucas seems to like to talk about how much Anakin and Palpatine get along. We can see that Palpatine has Anakin thinking dictatorship already. We know that Palpatine has been offering him guidance. We can hear Palpatine's dialogue being recycled and coming out of Anakin's mouth. And most importantly, we know (at least, most of us do) that Palpatine is Darth Sidious.

Darth Sidious, Palpatine, is the puppet master. He's pulling all the strings, setting everything up, foreseeing everything (well, almost). Everything that has transpired has done so according to his design. At the end of TPM, when he suddenly found himself apprentice-less, he needed a new one to do the dirty work for him. As his plan was already set in motion, he needed someone pre-trained in the ways of the Force that he could teach the Dark Side to rather easily. As such, he chose, and turned, a Jedi in the form of Count Dooku. However, from the line "We will watch your career with great interest.", and the fact that ten years later in Attack of the Clones we find out that Palpatine has been guiding Anakin (most likely unbeknownst to the Jedi Council), it's not hard to believe that Palpatine was already eyeing Anakin as early as the Phantom Menace as his next apprentice.

Where does that put us? We know that Palpatine likes Anakin, and vice-versa. That doesn't give Anakin much of a reason to erase some files. But listen again to Anakin's dialogue about or directly to Palpatine in Episode II. "The Chancellor doesn't appear to be corrupt.", "I think he's a good man.", "Your guidance, more than my patience." It's quite clear that Anakin not only likes Palpatine, but trusts him a lot.

So let's speculate. What if Palpatine told Anakin that there existed a planet Kamino, and, for whatever reason (insert reason here), it'd be best for the galaxy if all knowledge of that planet was lost. Who knows what reason he might give. I've yet to come with a really good reason that would convince Anakin that it really was a good idea to erase the files, but that certainly doesn't mean that George couldn't come up with one. Anyway, Anakin trusts Palpatine. He buys into this "good of the galaxy" line that Palpatine is feeding him, and when he gets a few free minutes, he heads up to Jocasta's pad and hits the delete key a few times.

Now let me set something straight here: I am in no means implying that Anakin is a bad guy or a traitor in Episode II. He may have made a bad decision in the Tusken camp, but we can tell from the confession scene after that that he's a Jedi - he knows he's better than that. Point being, he's TRYING to be a great Jedi. He's still a good guy. If my theory is true, then Anakin erased the files because Palpatine, the SUPREME CHANCELLOR of the Republic, the person everyone in the galaxy should trust implicitly to know what's best for the Republic, asked him to. Remember I said earlier that Palpatine somehow convinced Anakin that erasing the file was for the GOOD of the galaxy. Anakin is still a good guy - he just trusts the wrong person.

Now, from experience writing this theory all over the place, I anticipate a lot of the questions you're going to have about my theory. So let me try and answer them now.

"The files were erased when the clones were ordered - ten years ago. Anakin was only nine. He couldn't have done it then."

Where does it say that the files were erased when the clones were ordered? No where, of course, but this is a common assumption. And we all know what happens when you assume… Think about this: Kamino is far away from Coruscant. It's 12 parsecs south of the Rishi Maze, beyond the Outer Rim. It's far enough away that the transmission from Obi-Wan to the Old Folks Home is very fuzzy and jumpy. Yoda's never heard of it. The very haughty Jocasta Nu has never heard of it. Only the well traveled Dexter even knows about it. Since no one would have even the slightest inkling of knowledge about the clones, and there's nothing else of interest going on there, there's no reason for anyone to want to look up Kamino… ever. The only time it would need to be erased is when someone IS going to be looking for it. Since Palpatine is practically omnipotent in this whole thing, he KNOWS when the Jedi are going to be looking for a planet called Kamino. Only then does it need to be erased (or does it? We'll get to that in a second). Therefore, the file could have been erased at any time over the ten years. Anakin could have done it, theoretically, the day before Episode II starts.

"If Anakin thought he was erasing the file for the good of the galaxy, why didn't he speak up when Obi-Wan started talking about strange happenings on some planet called Kamino?"

Well, as my good friend CrazyOldJedi pointed out, Obi-Wan doesn't hear the name Kamino until he talks to Dexter - and that scene is directly AFTER Anakin and Padme leave for Naboo to fall in love. Convenient, no? And when Obi-Wan and Anakin meet up again later, while tied to poles, they don't exactly have much time for "so, what have you been up to?" conversations.

"Oh come on - what about the two years between Episode II and Episode III? Anakin never heard about Kamino in that span?"

Well, there's a couple of ways I can think to explain that. First reason: who cares what happens off screen - it's EU! :P

The real answer I have for this may be a bit convoluted, but it's certainly possible. What if, when Palpatine convinced Anakin to erase the files, he also told him not to tell the Jedi? Now, admittedly, this should normally have raised a red flag in Anakin's mind that maybe the Chancellor's not all he's cracked up to be. BUT, suppose he told Anakin that there was a traitor in the Jedi's midst? Suppose he said he had evidence that a Council member was a Sith, and that informing the Jedi Council of this erasure could tip said Council member off that he/she was found out, or that informing the Jedi Council could jeopardize the good reasons behind erasing the file in the first place. Or maybe he told Anakin exactly what Yoda told Obi-Wan and Mace - that the Jedi were just not functioning correctly anymore. That they couldn't be trusted to handle the situation, so he was entrusting this erasure task to him.

Anyway, long story short, make up your own reason. There's plenty of reasons why he might not have told the Jedi. I listed but a few. I'm sure that, if George takes this route, he'll come up with yet another, better reason.

"Yoda says that only a Jedi could've erased the files; Anakin is only a Padawan learner. So how could he have done it?"

This has got to be one of the most asked questions about this theory. But let me ask you back - why would there be some way to erase the files that only full Jedi know of? Theoretically, the Jedi DO NOT want the files erased. It contains millenia of knowledge. So why, upon completion of the trials would they say to a new Jedi "Psst - if you go here and do this, you can delete files! But don't do it ever." Obvious answer: they wouldn't.

So, it's not just some secret that only full Jedi know. That would make no sense. That leaves us with two options. One, there is no protection on the files. The Jedi simply know that, since only people associated with the Jedi order ("Only a Jedi could've erased those files") have access to the files in the first place, and since the Jedi are the GOOD guys, none of them would be going around erasing files. So they don't worry about precautions, and erasing files really is as easy as hitting the delete key a couple times. Perhaps another sign that the Jedi have become too confident? But I digress.

The second possible explanation is that there is indeed some sort of security on the files. This seems to be the most likely option, seeing as Obi-Wan says "But Master Yoda, who could empty information from the archives, that's IMPOSSIBLE isn't it?" Thus, it would take some sort of hacking into the system to delete files. And what person associated with the Jedi order do we know who's built a protocol droid and a podracer - someone obviously very adept at technology? Hmm...

Also, just to clarify what I stated above, although Yoda says that only a Jedi could've erased the files, I FULLY believe that that statement was just in reference to the fact that only Jedi are allowed to go into the libary in the first place. I think this line was just there to tell us that Sidious couldn't have done it (and perhaps to falsely throw us in suspicion of Dooku...), cause he ain't no Jedi. And if you watch the library scene in AOTC, you see a youngling, about ten years old, wandering free in the background. Obviously, you don't have to be a full Jedi to have access to the library. Anakin, as a Padawan learner, DEFINITELY has the necessary access.

"I don't buy this - George has to make the traitor a surprise, and everyone knows that Anakin's a traitor."

Why is Anakin being the file eraser not a surprise? In fact, I guarantee you it would be, since 90% of the people that read my theory on message boards told me that I was crazy and that they had never in a million years ever thought that that could be possible. That sounds like a surprise to me.

Also, you have to remember that George is making these movies to be viewed in chronological order. To the people watching the films for the first time, with no knowledge of Darth Vader and Anakin going bad will be quite surprised to learn that sweet little innocent Anakin was "betraying" the Jedi even before Episode II!

If you have further questions concerning the validity of my theory, please send them to and I'll see if I can BS an answer. :P

Finally, I'd like to discuss exactly WHY the file was erased in the first place. It may seem like a dumb question at first. It was erased, of course, to hide Kamino! But think about Palpatine's plan: he wanted the Jedi to discover the clones, and to use the clones, so that it made them look responsible for them. It's most likely one of the ways he's going to turn the general populace of the galaxy against the Jedi - because they were responsible for the Clone Wars. But for that to be the case, like I said, the Jedi have to discover Kamino. So how does hiding it from them do Palpatine any good?

Palpatine claims that everything has proceeded as he has foreseen/planned. Therefore, he foresaw that the Jedi would have to use an alternate source of info to identify the dart since their archives were ill-equipped to do so. He foresaw that that source would also give them coordinates of the planet. Therefore, he felt comfortable in deleting the file, since he knew that the Jedi would still be able to get there without it.

But still, either way, what WAS the purpose of deleting the file? With or without it, the Jedi were going to get to Kamino. Well, for one, deleting the file creates a sense of mystery. Obi-Wan was perplexed by it's absence from the archives - and it made him want to get to Kamino even more. The fact that it was erased was, to him, a sign that someone didn't want him there - so he better get there. Not only that, but it created an air of mistrust among the Jedi. "Only a Jedi could've erased those files." If the Jedi are busy searching for a rat in their system when the "rat" is right under their noses (Anakin), it takes their attention away from the larger goings on in the galaxy. Mainly, the Sith rising to power.

Also, another possible explanation for why the file is erased is that perhaps Palpatine wanted to test Anakin's allegiance. For years, he'd been guiding him, helping him out, etc. He knew that Anakin trusted him, but he wanted to, quote end quote "test the water." Can Anakin really go against his Master's? Will he? Asking Anakin to do this, and then him actually doing it, proves to Palpatine that Anakin trusts him implicitly, and is willing to 'do his bidding.'

And we all know how that turns out.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that I, personally, really like this theory. It offers a twist on what is probably considered a given (that Dooku did it); it makes Anakin's character more complex, as, for whatever reason, he chose to go with Palpatine's word over the Jedi; and it makes the relationship between Anakin and Palpatine just that much COOLER. Think about Return of the Jedi. "I MUST obey my Master." That's YEARS of experience talking. Not just since he joined the dark side either, but with this theory, it could be argued that Palpatine was his Master since before Episode II - possibly even since the end of Episode I - which means that there were even more years than the many we already knew about of "Palpatine is Good" thoughts that Anakin had to overcome in order to save his son from the evil Emperor. And that's a damn cool thought. :D

On page 25, a reporter brought up the character Jar Jar Binks and how he added silly comedy to Episode I and how he added drama to Episode II. The reporter then asked what does he add to Episode III and what happens to him. Lucas commented that Jar Jar would not die on screen in the film or not even die at all.
He said that he created the character to add to the story, not to be created to then be killed at the end. The reporter then asked why Jar Jar isn't in the original trilogy. Lucas said that Episode III will explain everything that needs to be explained.

woudn't this make a good twist ?

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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2003, 12:04 PM »
Wow that is even better, where did you hear this?
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2003, 06:42 PM »
Hera are some great Facts not rumours for all you great star wars fans :

March 02, 1997 / Lucas on BBC Radio:
"...the third film will be the darkest of the prequels."

March 04, 1997 / Lucas interview for BBC Radio One:
"...and the third one is the dark one - it will probably fit in really well with 21st century!"

April 21, 1998 / Lucas Interview:
"Luke failed his challenge in Empire Strikes Back in that the only thing he lost was his hand. Anakin will fail his challenge but it will cost him his soul."

October 11, 1998 / TFN Spy Report:
"Just got back from a lecture given by James Earl Jones at Penn State. He spoke about the arts and gave a thoroughly enjoyable speech. During the q & a session, he did happen to mention that his voice will only be heard during the last 5 minutes of episode #3. I guess we can all look forward to that."

March, 1999 / Lucas Interview:
"The man Leia called Father was obviously not her father. He is part of the group that ends up having to fight Darth Vader in the film that will be out in 2003 [laughs]."

April 23, 1999 / Premiere Magazine Interview with Lucas:
• (And the next episodes in the prequel series will be darker than Episode I?)

"By their very nature. The next one isn't so bad. The third one's pretty bad."

• (That's when Anakin goes over to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader?)

"Yes. Episode III will probably make half of whatever the others make..."

May 2, 1999 / Rick McCallum at the Denver Star Wars Celebration:
"George Lucas will "unquestionably" be directing Episode Three." McCallum also revealed the third prequel begins filming in June 2003 and will be released in May 2005.

May 18, 1999 / Rosie O'Donnell Show: Natalie Portman made it official: she's signed to star in Episode III.

February, 2000 / Lucas MP3 from "Magic of the Myth":
"The Empire is portrayed in very hard blacks and whites, most of the sets are dark grey and the emperor's in a black cloak, the stormtroopers are all in white and the royal guards are in a deep maroon - the significance of which will become more apparent when you're able to see all six films together. I tried to keep things very much in black and whites and greytones and not introduce very much color. The only colors introduced are basically red or maroon/dark maroon which is kind of reminiscent of blood and also very royal kind of color."

February 24, 2000 / McCallum Interview with
"Dangerous. Dark in a gentle darkening way. But all to say it's the story of the fold. How do you get this perfect kid that, if you're a parent, is the kind of kid that any parent would love to be able to have and what happens to him. Is it ego? Is it pride? Is it environment? Is it genetics that actually turns him into who he becomes? What is it that makes somebody feel better than somebody else? What is the Dark Side in us? Why do we do horrible things to people, especially people that we love? And then, what are the consequences when we do them? Why can't we stop ourselves? All those are the central basic themes of what Episodes II and III are about. It's the downward spiral."

May 31, 2000 / TFN Spy Report:
Jimmy Smits will appear in Episode Three. What's very interesting is the fact that Smits has been promised his character's part will be significantly expanded in Episode Three; again, very similar in nature to Jackson's role as Jedi Master Mace Windu in Star Wars, Episode Two which Lucas has said is an "emerging character".

February 10, 2001 / Empire Magazine Lucas Interview:
"...if you start with Star Wars, then Vader’s just the villain, and that’s it. But you don’t realize that he’s a human being, that he’s got problems you don’t realize that he could have been saved, that he was tricked and can be resurrected."

March 19, 2001 / James Earl Jones spoke at a lecture:
When asked whether he would do Darth Vader for Episode III "Are you kidding?" he says, which is a good point, "Who else are they going to get? I saw George Lucas in Idaho and asked, ‘Do I work again?’ and he said, ‘Well, at some point in the third episode [of the new trilogy, which is about the transformation of young Anakin Skywalker into the evil Darth Vader], Darth will become bionic and he should sound like you then.’" He said there might be no more than five minutes at the end. "And I said, ‘Fine, I’ll take whatever you can give me.’"

April 21, 2001 / Lucas Interview:
"...the third film is very, very, very dark. It's not a happy movie by any stretch of the imagination. It's a tragedy. Ultimately the final story is between Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin and the Padmé. It's really their story. Those four characters."

March 27, 2001 / Rick McCallum interview in Australian Sci-Fi Magazine:
"If fans of Obi wan were disappointed that he had a pretty low profile in Ep1, then they are going to be very happy with EpII, and ecstatic about EpIII."

May 18, 2001 / Brisbane radio station B105:
Jay Laga'aia (Capt Typho) said he was approached by Rick McCallum about being cast in Episode III even though George Lucas has not written the script yet.

June 06, 2001 / OS Making of Ep2 Video about location shooting with an emphasis on using Tunisia for Tatooine:
Lucas is asked out of nowhere while on the Tunisia set, "So why did you shoot a scene from Episode III today?" He responds with "you'll have to wait six years to find out", but then he goes into a bit more detail. He says that it's the only shot he'd need for Episode III at the Tunisia location, and shooting it now makes more sense than packing up a crew of 60 people down the line. When asked what he'll do if he ends up needing more shots in Tunisia, he replies "Then I don't get it."

June 10, 2001 / TFN Spy Report (not corroborated) on Tatooine Scene Already filmed for Ep3:
"The 'one shot' for episode 3 that Lucas got while filming in Tunisia was quite simple but needed for a more emotional scene probably towards the end of Episode 3. Additional interior shots will be added when shooting on the set of Episode 3. Lucas wanted a shot of Obi-wan arriving at Owen and Beru's hovel bringing a little delivery. There was no baby on the set of Episode 2. Just a simple prop that looked like the Jedi was carrying a baby wrapped with cloth. I'm assuming we will see the close ups of young Luke in Episode 3 but that is just speculation on my part. George didn't need to bring Ewan all the way to Tunisia for one shot! He just needed a shot of Obi-wan arriving at the hovel. So it was shot with a stand-in from a distance toward the end of the day. He wanted to get the shot while the sun was near setting. It will most likely produce a feeling of deja-vu with most of those that saw Star Wars years ago. Although Ewan was not on the set....if Lucas wanted to he would just add him in digitally....but I doubt it. Again....the majority of this scene will most likely take place on a set in Australia."

August 15, 2001 / TFN Spy Report (based of OS report) on Lava Planet pre-production art work:
"When we were doing [Jedi] I remember I had done a series of sketches of Vader's home, and there was a sea of lava that his house looked out on," remember Johnson. "I remember having trouble drawing it because everything was either orange or a shadow; it was very intense. But before we got too far, George said he would save this for somewhere down the line, and I stopped working on it."

November 13, 2002 / Interview with John Williams:
John Williams talks about the themes of Episode II and also mentions that George Lucas has told him the ending of Episode III. "Not to worry", Williams says. "George Lucas has narrated the last piece to me. After I heard it, I told him, 'Just hurry up and do it, because that is a fabulous ending.'"

November 16, 2001 / TV GUIDE Interview with Lucas on Episodes 7-9:

"There's nothing written and it's not like I'm contemplating something. I'd have to start from scratch."

i should poke out your eyes with a cork screw & shuve'em far up you buttocks so you can see the crapp being kicked out of you !! all together now SERANITY NOW !!!

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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #5 on: August 13, 2003, 06:45 PM »
VIII and IX)

"Each time I do a trilogy it is ten years out of my life. I'll finish "Episode III" and I'll be 60. And the next 20 years after that I want to spend doing something other than "Star Wars." If at 80 I'm still lively and having a good time and think I can work hard for another 10 years between 80 and 90, I might consider it. But don't count on it. There's nothing written and it's not like I'm contemplating something. I'd have to start from scratch. (The idea of episodes VII, VIII and IX) was more of a media thing than it was me."

January 14, 2002 / Rick McCallum on the OS:
"There will be no cameos of characters from the Classic Trilogy in Episode III. No Chewie, Mon Mothma, or Tarkin." (Rick was later stood corrected)

March 16, 2002 / Star Wars Insider:
On page 12, it lists actors returning for Episode III. It mentions Christopher Lee returning for the next movie. It also states Jimmy Smits and Samuel L. Jackson will be returning. It also states that "some smaller parts, including another bad guy," are yet to be cast.

March 27, 2002 / Samuel L. Jackson in Calgary Sun newspaper:
While speaking with The hinted at what's in store for his character in Episode III -- and the request he made to Star Wars creator about how Mace Windu should exit stage right. "All the Jedi die in Episode III during the Clone Wars," Jackson told The Sun. "I told George (Lucas) I didn't mind dying, I just didn't want to go out like some punk. George said that was fine and he'd see what he could do about a fitting death scene for Mace."

May 03, 2002 / SW Celebration, TFN Report:
C-3PO will be played by Anthony Daniels, despite the fact that Lucas has bragged to him that Threepio does exist in the computer so he had better be good. Also the film will be rated PG and the rocket technology seen in Epsiode II becomes obsolete.

May 05, 2002 / Celebration: Episode III Hints:
The first is that in the final prequel, "armageddon" will take place. It was also revealed that pieces of Darth Vader's armor will be seen on several different characters. It will all come together to make the final Vader armor in Episode III. It was also said that they'll start work on Episode III pre-production in either the middle of June or mid-September depending on how long of a break is needed after Episode II. Bonnie Piesse and Joel Edgerton both said they have not filmed anything for Episode III and that they are not yet signed for it either.

May 09, 2002 / Rick McCallum in New York Post on the Fetts:
"Jango's the coolest dude in the movie," he says. "His gear is fantastic. He can fly. He’s got a flame-thrower." He’s also the father of the clone army, and the father of the coolest dude in the original trilogy, Boba Fett, who goes on to capture Han Solo, trap Luke Skywalker and back-talk Vader in front of his officers. Here, we see him as an ambitious young tyke. "You get to understand the relentlessness that Boba has," McCallum says. "Here, and especially in ‘Episode III,’ you’ll understand why he’s so obsessed with destroying any part of the Skywalker family."

May 09, 2002 / Stars of Ep2 talk Ep3 on OS:
For Lucas, the time for reflection on Episode II has been short. "I'm working on writing the next one while this one comes out. I can only worry about what I'm doing today." The actors are eagerly anticipating what the final Star Wars chapter will bring, though thus far they've been kept in the dark on the details. "I hope I die on-screen," laughs Jackson. "We know that's what happens. There are only two Jedi left when the first Star Wars starts, Obi-Wan and Yoda. Unless the rest of us went on vacation, we're dead. I just hope I have a great death scene. That's what acting's all about -- dying great!" "George has told me nothing. Absolutely nothing," said Hayden shaking his head. "I'll have more mechanical parts in the next one for sure. I'm told I might get to sport the dark helmet. I'd like to kill Mace Windu. I love Sam. He's supposed to be one of the most powerful Jedi." Fans enjoying Padme's midriff in Clones will have a different perspective in three years. "I'm going to be with child," said Portman patting her belly. "The next one, according to George, is going to be a tragedy. It's going to be sad, but I'm looking forward to having more to do."

May 13, 2002 / Stars of Ep2 talk Ep3 at AOTC Premiere:
• Ahmed Best confirmed he will be back for Episode 3.

• Ewan McGregor answered in reference to a question about how much stunt work he would have in the new movie versus what he did in pt. 2. The end of the answer was "Obviously, it's no secret. But me and Hayden have this huge battle against each other in Pt. III. So I have to get ready for that." Ewan - talked a lot about the fighting style and how he didn't have to train as hard for this one since he learned all the basics while training for Phantom and that he couldn't wait for the next one. He's excited for whatever big battle will happen between him and Hayden and he mentioned they'll go back to work on it next May.

May 13, 2002 / Lucas Interview on
Part of the problem, Lucas concludes, is that some older "fans" -- a word that doesn't trip lightly from his tongue -- wanted him to start the prequel trilogy with a movie that was substantially less expository than "Phantom Menace." They didn't care to wait another three years for the hard-core mythologizing and breakneck action to kick into gear. In their impatience, these fans ignored the fact that Lucas had waited nearly 10 times that long for his complete "Star Wars" vision to emerge as one 12-hour story, broken into six more or less equal parts. The outline he wrote 30 years ago was very specific, Lucas said, so the segment of the story unfolding this week isn't much different from the one originally submitted to Fox executives. Because of budget restraints, Fox merely decided to shoot the end before the beginning. "'Episode II' wouldn't have made any sense without 'Phantom Menace,' " Lucas argued. "The prequel is intended to show the descent of a good guy (Anakin Skywalker) into the depths (becoming Darth Vader) in three acts, just like a play. The first act was there to set up all the relevant parts and introduce the characters. It's during Act II that the plot thickens, and Act III is when everything comes together. That's going to be the most fun to do."

May 13, 2002:
After the press picked up on what he said at the Star Wars Celebration, now McCallum's changing his mind about Hugh Jackman being in SW3. In an article published last week in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, the producer now says the Jackman rumor is "totally false". He also said that about 80-85% of Episode 3 will be shot in Sydney, starting June 2003.

May 14, 2002 / AP Interview with Hayden Christensen:
Christensen said "Star Wars" creator George Lucas has not told how far the transformation will go in "Episode III." The actor has managed to try on Vader's helmet, just for fun, he said in an interview last week at Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. "Last time I was here, I went up to the archives and got shown around, and there was the dark helm," said Christensen, 21. "I asked if I could put it on and get a picture, which is pretty funny, because I'm wearing this gray track suit and had this enormous helmet on which is just completely disproportionate." Christensen has tried to pry more details about the next film out of Lucas, who begins shooting "Episode III" next summer for release in 2005. "I nag him every now and then about whether or not I'll get to wear the Darth Vader outfit, and he gives me a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge, that maybe I will," Christensen said.

May 14, 2002 / Empire Online Interview Ewan McGregor:
• (Has George told you anything about what to expect in Episode III?)

"No, not really. I know that it'll end in a big fight between me and Hayden which will be fantastic, because Hayden also put a lot of work in the fighting stuff and is very good at it. So there'll be a big kick-off fight, I can imagine, when Hayden becomes Darth Vader. In terms of what leads us up to that, I don't really know. I was always hoping that it would be some kind of love triangle, fighting over Natalie, but I don't know if that's the case, because Obi-Wan doesn't have a look-in in Episode II."

• (Is there anything else you'd like to know?)

"What happens to the Siths? Because there are no Siths in the first three are there? Well, there's the Emperor and there's Darth Vader and that's it. Because there are always two, apparently. I don't know what happens at the end of Three."
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #6 on: August 13, 2003, 06:47 PM »
May 19, 2002 / NBC Extra Interviews Stars of Ep2:
Lucas: "Well in 3, Anakin becomes Darth Vader so that's about as dark as you can get."

• Ewan McGregor comments on his upcoming duel with Anakin Skywalker, "we want it to be the biggest baddest fight scene ever set to movies."

• Hayden on donning the Vader suit, "that will be amazing, to actually, really wear Darth Vader's outfit."

• The announcer reports about the birth of the twins, Luke and Leia, the rise of the Empire, and the fall of the Jedi for Episode 3.

• Samuel L. Jackson talks about his exit in EP3, "I don't think I'm going out like some, some girl. I gotta go down, you know, in a blaze of glory. It (EP3) will lead perfectly into what we know as, you know, the original."

May 20, 2002 / Movie Nights Interview with Hayden Christensen:
• (And you say George hasn’t told you anything –have you told him anything that you would like to do what you’d expect for the character?)

"Not really - it’s his molding of it really and how he sees fit, but I have sort of nagged him a little bit about getting to wear the dark helmet and Darth Vader's costume, and he sort of gives me the wink, wink, nudge, nudge that I will – so that would be really cool, but other than that they’re asking me to put on a little bit of weight or size – I’m not going to go De Niro and get real fat but just so I can be wicked with a light saber, so I think there are going to be some pretty extensive fight sequences in the next one especially between Obi Wan and myself and that’ll be fun." (And are you practicing your moves in the mirror – do you sort of pose with a light saber and see how it goes?) "No I don’t do that, but I’m constantly playing with it and trying to find little different things to do with it. Ewan and I have made a pact to go out to Australia a couple of months before we start filming the next one and just get wicked with our light sabers, just so we can really have a go at each other – and you know I get on really well with Ewan so I think we’ll have some really good fun doing that."

May 22, 2002 / Star Wars Insider Interview with Lucas:
• (Will any OT characters like Tarkin or Chewbacca might appear in Episode III?)

"There are some, if I can fit them in, but I won't say who they are. Some key characters are scheduled to be fit in if I can make it work. They are not so integral to the story--it's really done to say, 'Oh look, there's so-and-so."

May 27, 2002; E! Daily News Interview with Lucas:
...and finally got an answer on the mystery surrounding what R2-D2 and C-3PO should and shouldn't remember of their adventures in the prequels. "Well, one, his brains have, his memory system has been erased and so has R2's. So, they don't remember anything from the first trilogy. I'm telling you something from Episode III, but I shouldn't be telling you that, but I think most of the fans already know that."

May 28, 2002 / Interview with Ahmed Best:
Ahmed shares some words on Jar Jar. First, it says he promises to be back in E3, after that it says, "George told me I'm going to be there."

Jun 06, 2002 / Lucas interview on Entertainment Tonight:
"The Clone Wars would end at the beginning of the film, and it would then become very small and personal." Looks like the big battle will be at the beginning, like in ESB.

Jun 24, 2002 / Starlog Magazine Interviews Lucas:
• STARLOG: And isn’t that Qui-Gon Jinn’s [Liam Neeson] voice we hear during Anakin’s attack on the Tusken Raiders who killed Shmi Skywalker [Pernilla August]?

LUCAS: "That’s a fan thing, isn’t it? It’s actually more than that. It’s a plot point. All I can really say is that you’ll find out [more] in the next film. If you thought really hard, you would probably be able to figure it out, but it really is a set-up for the next film. It’s connected with the whole ability to be brought into and become a part of the Force, but still be able to retain YOUR ability – which, up to this point, Anakin couldn’t do. We talked to Liam about [recording new dialogue], and we went back and forth [about it]. This [dialogue] is something we already had [from Menace]. Next time will be a little more complicated."

• STARLOG: What about Boba Fett?

LUCAS: “Boba WILL be in Episode III, but his role definitely won’t be larger. He’s in a transition period of becoming a bounty hunter. The next film takes place two or three years later, so Boba would only be 13 and still wouldn’t fit in the suit."

• STARLOG: And what about killing Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Mace Windu?

LUCAS: “Sam’s a little concerned that I make it nice and dramatic. It won’t be in the movie’s first scene.”"

• STARLOG: What of all the plot threads and character tidbits that remain to be tied up in Episode III are you – the guy who created this whole universe – most excited to get on film?

LUCAS: "The scene where Anakin does actually become Vader is pretty good [as written in Lucas’ Episode III outline]. I mean, I like it. It’s a little in the vocabulary of…I don’t know how much I want to give away…but it’s in the vocabulary of a time – of the 1930s and 1940s. It’s a pretty neat little thing, I think, and hopefully it’s going to work."

• STARLOG: Will we see more of Anakin or Darth Vader in Episode III?

LUCAS: "It’s mostly Anakin."

Jul 16, 2002 / Nick Gillard Comment at Celebration II:
When asked what he may have in store for the final Duel in Ep3 between Anakin and Obi-Wan, he said that he wasn't 100% sure that he'd be doing the choreography on Ep3 because he was starting to direct. Nick expressed how much he enjoyed directing, but also how he would probably not miss out of putting together what was sure to be the most memorable moment of any Star Wars film... the final duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan.

August 02, 2002 / OS "Ask jedi Council", Rick M. Question:
Will Hugh Jackman be in Episode III?

Answer: "No, we haven't spoken to him.I've heard the recordings on the net of a fan asking me that question at Celebration II in Indianapolis. What happened was that I couldn't hear the question, even when he repeated it, and the moderator said to me, "I think he's asking about Sio Bibble (Oliver Ford Davies)," so I replied, "Yes, as of now" or something like that. I didn't realize he was asking about Hugh Jackman. That's a question I misunderstood."

August 03, 2002 / Interview with George Lucas in Film Comment magazine,p.32 Jul/Aug issue:
FC: One last question: In ANH, why don't R2D2 and C3PO tell Luke what happened in the first 3 episodes and tell him who his father is?

GL: "Should I really tell you why that didn't happen? Their memories will be erased at the end of EpIII. In the end when it's all finished, I'm sure people will spend a lot of time figuring out all the loopholes."

August 27, 2002 / Natalie Portman: "Forbidden Love" / feature interview:
• ...Lucas had to give Portman a summary of all three prequels before she signed on to play Padmé for Phantom Menace. "He mainly told me the plot of the three films and where we were going," she said. "I pretty much knew the basic storyline of Attack of the Clones from the start, because George had given me the basic gist of what was going to happen when I decided to do all three movies at 14."

• That means that Portman is one of the few people who has been given a heads-up on what's in store for Episode III from the man himself. "It's very basic--I think it's pretty much what everyone knows about Episode III," she said. "The children are born, and Anakin goes to the dark side. But that's pretty much all I know."

• But does Natalie Portman know what part Padmé plays in Anakin's tragic turn? "I don't think you can say someone else's decisions or actions are caused by a particular person," she said, "but I think everyone's environment shapes them. So I have a feeling that everyone who ever came into Anakin's world had some effect on him that led him to where he ended up--and especially Padmé, being such a central part of his life, from such a young age, probably influenced him a little bit."

September 04, 2002 / Preparing for Episode III, McCallum Interview / OS:
• With George Lucas busy writing the final film in the Anakin Skywalker saga, Producer Rick McCallum is mobilizing the rest of the creative team for the three years of work ahead.

• A small team of artists have already been doing some exploratory sketches. "They've been doing research on some different scenes and potential new environments," reports McCallum. "We meet with George once a week for review. These preliminary visuals serve as inspiration for writing, more than anything else. We won't be in full mode until the script is closer to completion next year."

• Even the post-production crew at Industrial Light & Magic is keeping one eye on the upcoming project. "We're really going to pump up the 3-D matte department at ILM," McCallum said. "We're looking to cast for that in early September, in the next few weeks. We expect to have twice as many as we did for Episode II, where they did a fantastic job."

• Shortly, McCallum plans to travel to Australia to finalize agreements with Fox Studios in Sydney where principal photography for Episode III is to take place next summer. From there, he will head to London to meet with the U.K. crew and stop by Elstree Studios.

• Another task for this winter is the start of location scouting. "For Episode II we visited Spain, Italy and Tunisia. In the next few months we'll nail down what we need for Episode III, and then try to find it," said the producer. "I just got back from Croatia and Bosnia on a holiday. I found some really great spots, but I doubt they are right for this film. Incredible stuff that I'll file in my brain for some future project maybe. We'll start scouting for Ep III in the early part of November."

• Look for most of the actors from Episode II to return with the story focusing on the characters played by Hayden Christensen (Anakin), Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan), Natalie Portman (Padmé) and Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine). "Effectively, we're 95% cast except for incidental characters," said McCallum. "That probably won't begin until February or March of 2003."

• "We're planning for a summer 2005 release," McCallum nodded, "and that's about all there is to tell at this point."

September 08, 2002 / TFN SPY REPORT / Ian McCaig Returns for Episode III:
Ian McCaig will not be attending the Sydney sessions of Star Wars: Magic of Myth Industry Seminar or Conversations which begins September, 18th. Word has it that Rick McCallum has asked him to begin work on Star Wars Episode III. Ben Snow, Visual Effects Supervisor, will replace him instead.

September 08, 2002 / Sydney Morning Herald; Episode III to Film in March 2003: article in the Sydney Morning Herald with some clues to Episode III's start date for principle photography and set construction:

- A spokeswoman for Fox Studios said two top-flight crews were freed up when The Matrix sequels finished shooting last month.

- And with The Fountain apparently in limbo waiting for another green light from Hollywood, the next definite booking at the studio was George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode III next March.

September 08, 2002 / Interview / Doug Chiang will not be returning for Episode III:

...For fans who followed the production of Attack of the Clones, or who spent many hours watching the extra's on the DVD of The Phantom Menace, the face of Doug Chiang was a familiar sight. He easy manner and excellent communications skills really allowed the viewer to feel like he was talking directly to them. Could it possibly be true that he wasn't returning to head up the team for Episode III?


Yes, it's true that I resigned earlier this year to work on another film. It was a very hard decision especially after 13 years with the company. However, if my schedule allows I will try to contribute some designs for ep 3."

Best, Doug

So it looks like Doug Chiang will definitely not be heading up the Concept Design Team for the final film of the trilogy. In this interview with 3DArtist FV from July '01 Doug referred to his time with ILM in the past tense.
"While at ILM I was always striving to improve my skills, both as an artist and as a designer. I was happy with the work at ILM but a part of me felt the desire to keep growing."

October 03, 2002 / James Earl Jones to Voice Darth Vader Again at ORT Toronto:
...As for Star Wars, he really is coming full circle as Vader. Plans are to return him as the voice of Vader in part three of the new Star Wars trilogy, which currently has a release date of 2005. "George Lucas says 'When Anakin goes bionic -- that will be in the last five minutes of episode three -- they will hear you." He gives his seal of approval to Hayden Christensen, the current Anakin Skywalker and the man who will be Vader. "Aren't you impressed with him?" he says. "I like his whole bearing, the spine, the neck ... he's like a snake." Not that he feels at all proprietary about who plays Darth. "No," he laughs, "the little kid (The Phantom Menace's Jake Lloyd) got me over that."

October 07, 2002 / Interviews SLJ on Mace Windu's Fate:
Samuel L. Jackson told SCI FI Wire that he is preparing for his character Mace Windu's big death scene in Star Wars: Episode III. "I know what's going to happen," Jackson said in an interview. "I gotta go there. I gotta die." Jackson went on to explain that he had a lunch meeting with George Lucas last month, during which time he tried to find out details of his character's impending demise. "We were just talking about stuff," Jackson said. "And then [Lucas] finally said, 'Okay, so you know you've got to die. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to kill you yet, because I guess you're the most important guy that's going to die. In the other ones, Obi Wan is still there and Yoda's still alive and Darth is still there.' So I become the most important character that can die. I guess it's got to be pretty dynamic. So he's working that out." Star Wars: Episode III goes into production in June 2003 for a May 2005 release.

October 10, 2002 / Ep2 DVD Commentary info from TFN's early DVD review:
His (George's) discussion during the arena battle sequence centers around Mace Windu, where George mentions the character's demise at the end of the Clone Wars. George also articulates that Bail Organa will be featured much more in Episode III, and that actor Jimmy Smits had to deal with just being introduced in AOTC. George at several other points reminds listeners of the importance of Episode II in that it is Anakin's move from innocence in The Phantom Menace to his complete downfall in Episode III.

October 14, 2002 / Interview with John Williams:
• (Can you give us a rundown of the film scores you have upcoming?)

"Well, I'm certainly busy as ever, which I enjoy. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely in my future. Star Wars Episode 3 will follow that, which I'm very much looking forward to doing. It's like the completion of an epic journey."

October 15, 2002 / E! Interview with Samuel L. Jackson about Ep3:
"Actually, I don't know much. I had lunch with George Lucas a couple of weeks ago, and we kind of touched on it. The most he would say is, "Well, sometime next summer, I guess I'll be killing you." I was like, "Yeah, I guess so." He'll tell me how I die later on. But I know I won't make it to the end. In the first Star Wars, there were only three Jedis left - Luke, Obi-Wan and Yoda. That's it. Everybody else is dead."
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #7 on: August 13, 2003, 06:51 PM »
October 2002 / Star Wars Insider Update with Rick McCallum:

• "I finalize the deal at FOX Studios, Sydney in about a week's time; I've got our production designer starting in October; Our costume designer starts next month, and she starts shopping for fabrics. We're equipping the sound stages, sending in stuff from England back over to Sydney. So we're in real "go" mode now."

• "We've been doing that [looking at concept designs] for three or four months now, so we're starting to collect the basic look and feel of the planets that are involved. It's probably going faster than George wants, but slower than I want it to. We're getting there."

• "George says he's writing, so we're just moving forward, trying to make him feel as guilty as possible." The possibility that george Lucas will emply a co-writer for Episode III remains "impossible to tell" at this point, but McCallum expects the screenplay will be finished next spring.

• McCallum hasn't started location scouting for Episode III. "I'll probably start doing that when [production designer] Gavin Bocquet starts, which will be in late October."

• He can't even hint about specifics, but Rick McCallum expects that Episode III will again showcase spectacular lightsaber battles. "I'm not only expecting it, I'm looking forward to it."

• He demurs when asked how Lucas and stunt coordinator Nick Gillard could possibly top the Jedi fight scenes in Attack of the Clones, but reminds us, "Episode III is the last one, so no-holds barred now."

• With that lofty goal in mind, the principal combatants have their work cut out for them. "Hayden's doing a small movie," says McCallum, "and he finishes that at the end of September and then goes into some serious training. He's got some serious work to do. He's going to be training a lot. He changes physically a lot. Our stunt coordinator will start three and half months before shooting, when he'll start working with Hayden and Ewan McGregor."

• "Episode III is the last one," McCallum reminds us. "In many ways in terms of scale, in terms of what's going on, in terms of the story, everything, it's going to be the biggest one."

• In addition to being the last Star Wars movie, Episode III also promises to be the darkest chapter in the Skywalker saga. Even without a script in hand, fans expect that certain events will happen...

- ObiWan and Anakin will fight

- The Emperor will take control of the galaxy

- Anakin will become Dartth Vader

- Yoda will end up stranded on Dagobah

- Obi Wan Kenobi will change his name to "Ben" and become a hermit on Tatooine

• "I can't promise a happy ending," says McCallum.

• In addition to his own expectations as a fan of the series, McCallum has the advantage of overseeing the early concept designs, so he has had a preview of the story to come. It will not be limited to the events we expect to happen. "I think it will be reflected in terms of the design of the picture, the photography, the look. This is the downward spriral."

• American audiences are notoriously unwilling to accept movies with a downbeat conclusion, but McCallum is not worried about how fans will approach the saga's most ominous episode. "I think we'll be given a lot of leeway there, because most people understand that this is just a chapter. Yes, the film has to work within its own context and work as a film complete unto itself, but when we're talking about the issues that we have to deal with, there's a lot of light there. Most people who know the Star Wars saga know that this is Anakin's destiny. In many ways, he is the Chosen One. Without him, the galaxy would never be saved."

• Considering the tragic theme of this final chapter in the prequel trilogy, should fans expect it to be more violent than previous movies?

• "No," replies McCallum. "I don't think so. The violence comes from within, it's betrayal. That's more violent than just about anything."

• Despite these general predictions, McCallum remains carefully coy when asked whether fans should brace themselves for the deaths of important characters. "You should definitely brace yourself for that." he laughs, refusing to give any more specific hints.

October 23, 2002 / Star Wars Magic of the Myth in Sydney Industry Seminar:
Hosted by Anthony Daniels with guests Lorne Peterson and Ben Snow. Lorne stated that:

• "...the history of the Millenium Falcon will be revealed in Episode III..."

• "...we will understand why Han Solo has a fondness for the Millenium Falcon..."

• "...a single catastrophic event will explain how the galaxy changed from those we know in the PT, to those in the OT..."

• Lorne Peterson was quickly reprimanded by Anthony Daniels and Ben Snow from revealing too much more.

October 28, 2002 / OS Question to Rick McCallum:

Q: When can we expect to see the first trailer for Episode III?

A: "Timing from the last two films would suggest maybe around Thanksgiving of 2004, with the movie coming in the summer of 2005."

November 09, 2002; LucasFilm UK was giving a small presentation to the Penguin Group, UK:
"...Episode III is going to be the biggest thing ever, partly because of it being 'real time'." When asked "You mean it will only cover 2 hours of Star Wars time?", she replied, "No. What I mean is that when Episode III opens in May 2005, the Clone Wars will be just finishing as the film opens. The Clone Wars last for three years. So the Clone Wars are happening now."

November 10, 2002; Italian newspaper reports on local cameraman shooting volcano "footage" for Ep3:

• Ron Fricke (considered an amazing cinematographer) has been on the Etna (volcano) for a week now, shooting for Episode III. The Italian cameraman explains how he was called for the job: "Lucas figured out it would be cheaper to film a real volcano rather than creating it digitally, and when Etna became "noisy" again a couple of weeks ago, Lucasfilm contacted the italian company Too Motion for which I work" (considered the best company for HD digital video in Italy).

• The article says the cameraman was called on the 31st of October and asked to be in Sicily the following day. They should have finished shooting on the 6th, but he says they keep finding amazing new angles and images to capture on video.

November 12th, 2002; Lucas Commentary from Ep2 DVD:
• "You start with the little characters, the same thing with Jimmy Smits, he's an evolving character. He's hardly in this movie but it's important that he be here so that he's established for the next movie where he actually gets to come into his own."

• "When we have the attack of the droids here it was important to establish these droids as slightly goofy, rather than ominous, and not very good shots, and they have absolutely no defense against a Jedi and a laser sword. They're just hopeless. So the idea was that as we go on, the problem of developing better combat technology is established in this movie and then it will be dealt with further in Episode II… the failings of a robotic army in terms of all being controlled by one source and not being as swift as a human is a theme that we play out through all the movies."

• "The lynch pin of this plot device of the droids being controlled by one source is based on the inability of the Neimodians to give up control to the droids, because if they could think for themselves and do things on their own, they would worry about having this giant army that might take them over, because they would assume that their way of thinking, which is greedy and power driven to consume and ravage…eventually the droids would do the same thing and take over them."

• "It wasn't until I started working on this script that I decided to make Boba the son of the Original Clone. Before he was just another clone who was for whatever reason had sort of broken loose from the stormtroopers. I didn't really go into detail at that point, even in my mind or in the backstory about any more of it other than that they were connected but early on the stormtroopers were meant to be clones."

• "In that scene also which we don't see we cut to Yoda who is meditating who hears this off-screen and we do hear a voice in there, and that voice is the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn. So we very subtley establish that in this rather intense emotional connection that Yoda is feeling the pain and suffering of Anakin and the Tusken Raiders he's also making a connection unwittingly with Qui-Gon Jinn and, up to this point, we haven't really established that you can make a connection with the departed in this world, and that will become a factor in the next one. Lots of issues sort of come out of that but this is the very beginning of that, Yoda making a connection with Qui-Gon Jinn in the middle of Anakin's pain."
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
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• "The confrontation between Obi-Wan and Dooku originally was a confrontation between Padme and Dooku and it was a political thing. I decided after seeing the movie that I didn't need that scene with Padme and Dooku, it was in the wrong part of the picture, and this one with Obi-Wan would be more appropriate and would work better if Dooku would actually tell the truth about what was going on and then create a situation where nobody would believe him. It also allows you to kind of have some sympathy for Dooku in that he carries the sympathies of most of the Jedi which is that the Senate is corrupt and it's incapable of carrying on any meaningful actions because they argue about everything all the time. I accentuate that by introducing Darth Sidious again. Darth Sidious we refer to in the first film and he's a hologram and we see a little tiny bit of him but I needed at this point to say that there is a Darth Sidious, especially if you haven't seen the first film. I needed to identify that there is a Darth Sidious who is behind all this and who is the same Darth Sidious that was in league with the Trade Federation in the last movie. It's really important to set up for the very end scene here where Darth Tyranus and Darth Sidious come together in the end and you realize who's behind all of this."

• "The fun part about being able to set up a character like Mace Windu and Sam wanting to do the pictures is that we were able to set him up in the first film and actually use him in this film. And he's looking forward to the fact that he knows that at the end of the Clone War he gets killed so he gets hopefully a great death scene. So you kind of know where everything is going."

• "Here with Obi-Wan we get a little sense that Anakin has some relationship with Palpatine and that he likes Palpatine. In the last film we set up the fact that Palpatine was gonna watch after Anakin."

• "I had all these hints that Palpatine had been helping Anakin, but I needed an explicit scene that actually spelled it out and where you could see that some of Anakin's dialogue later on has come from Palpatine."

• "So we have this little picnic where Anakin brings out the uncomfortable subject of previous boyfriends which boys have a tendency to do, and then we get into this political discussion which allows us to get a little insight into Anakin and Palpatine's influence over Anakin and some of his thought process."

• "Someone in the Jedi order has been hiding this whole system from the Jedi Archives. It does come out eventually in the next movie exactly what's behind all this. I wanted to have it there in this movie but not so strongly that you asked a lot of questions about who is the one that erased the tapes and who started the army and how all that works because it's something that unfortunately doesn't get revealed until the third film."

November 18, 2002; More Artists Join Episode III:
Feng Zhu has joined the work on Episode III. He's right in the mix on stuff, working on the final Star Wars movie ever to be made. Interesting is that they really don't have an art director for Episode III per se, really more or less just working as a team for now since the fallout. The usual suspects, Ian McCaig and so forth are back, and someone you haven't mentioned, Sang Jun Lee (a former ILMer) has also been asked to join up. They are producing conceptual artwork at the rate of several pieces a day, currently based on what Lucas has told them in generalizations, since there's still no script that anyone has seen yet. These people are pumped about this film. This is where the amazing visuals of the prequels meets the story we loved so much in the classics.

November 18, 2002; StarWars Insider #64 Tidbits:
• "We're really moving now," he says, "I just did a round-the-world trip. I finalized the deal at the studio in Sydney. We met some new crewmembers who will be joining us, including a new set decorator, Richard Rogers. Peter Russell, our Art Director, has already started, but the main bulk of the team will begin in January."

• The magazine says that the concept designers are hard at work designing the worlds of "Episode III" and the images should be leaping into action as you're reading this. "We've got our animatics artists starting to work soon... They'll start working on the first of the action sequences for Episode III. Then the pedal will be to the metal all the way through to the time we start shooting."

• All of the work, however, is proceeding without a finished script, but that doesn't stop the veteran producer. "Obviously, I would give anything in the world to have the script. But I don't have it. That's the reality I have to work under. That's the challenge for all of us - not to lose our minds before we get it."

• The article goes on to say that Costume Designer Trisha Biggar has been hard at work with Concept Designer Ian McCaig at creating costumes for the next prequel. The costume department began work in mid-November in Sydney, Australia. "We'll probably make another 1,200 costumes, so it's a serious operation," says McCallum. "George has approved about 10 of them". Lucas only consults on those costumes designated for the principal characters.

• Designer Gavin Bocquet has another big task to face. He recently visited Skywalker Ranch to confer with McCallum and the other filmmakers, and now he's off to work on two new vehicles at Elstree Studios. McCallum says that Bocquet has "lots of planets and vehicles" to work on. "Remember, everything has to be designed in a Star Wars world".

November 21, 2002; Lucasfilm Casting Confirmation on Hayden:
Lucasfilm as always refuses to comment on rumors, but this is one time they were quick to squash the obviously errant rumors from around the 'net. Lucasfilm was pleased with Hayden's performance and "he definitely is in for Episode III."

November 24, 2002; Variety Article on Lucas:
Lucasfilm editors supervised the cuts for the recent Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones IMAX release, with little involvement from George Lucas, says Fox distributing president Bruce Snyder.
"You don't lose the continuity of the story by the scenes that have been taken away or shortened," Snyder stresses. A Lucasfilm spokeswoman said Lucas delegated the scenes' editing because he's "consumed with writing 'Episode III.'"

December 02, 2002; UK Film Magazine Interview with Chris Lee:
"I'm committed to doing the next Star Wars picture, although I have no idea what I'm going to be doing. The only information I've been given is that I'm in it."

December 03, 2002; Sydney Morning Herald Interview with Rob Coleman:
Coleman will be supervising animation on the next Star Wars film, which takes over Fox Studios next year. Lucas is still writing the third episode, but Coleman expects him to bring back Yoda.

December 03, 2002; SW Con Comment on Ackbar by Tim Rose:
...Tim rose is "creature player" and help among other things Admiral Ackbar to the life. Computers are quickly replacing people in this role of puppeteering and a younger version of Ackbar is to appear in Episode 3 as CGI animation.

January 04, 2003: Rick McCallum Production Update
"We have a production art department in London that's started, feverishly. We have a costume dept. that starts next week in Sydney, and then the production art dept. moves to Sydney in the beginning of 2003. So all systems are go. We start our basic construction of the things that are needed in each dept. (in Australia). In about two weeks, we'll have our new set director Richard Roberts, come into Sydney to scout locations and service companies. This is just the beginning of the pre-production on the film." The conceptual art dept. at Skywalker Ranch is in full swing. About twenty artists are now at work on Episode 3 and as of Nov. 2002, they'd already created 1,500 illustrations. McCallum says "we'll reach 10,000 before we start shooting." So far, they're of "paintings and sketches for all the costumes - of which there'll be about 1,200 different ones." The next big step for graphic design was scheduled for Dec. 2002 with animatics expected to begin from early script pages. McCallum adds, "We won't have a completely new camera, we'll have a much more sophisticated, hot-rodded camera. It's much more sophisticated now with better resolution, better picture quality and color imagery." When asked about more EP3 questions, he says "I can't talk about that yet. This is a bad month (for news). Everything is about to happen."

January 09; 2003; Reports On Returning Characters:
"Look for most of the actors from Episode II to return with the story focusing on the characters played by Hayden Christensen (Anakin), Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan), Natalie Portman (Padmé) and Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine)."

January 23; 2003: James Earl Jones Talks Ep3:
James Earl Jones talks about his role being about 5 minutes in length, "right after Anakin goes bionic and falls into a volcano."

January 26, 2003: Clayton Watson Cast in Ep3:
Aussie actor Clayton Watson, he said that he had landed a role in the "third Star Wars prequel at the request of George Lucas".

January 31, 2003: Sam Jackson Hints on Mace Windu while on MTV:
"I did get an e-mail from the stunt coordinator," he explained, "who said he'd like for me to show up a little early because he has some things we want to work out. So I guess that sounds like I'm gonna go out in a blaze of glory. I'm looking forward to it."

February 01, 2003: UK LOK Magazine, Lucas Comments on Jar-Jar's Fate:
• On page 25, a reporter brought up the character Jar Jar Binks and how he added silly comedy to Episode I and how he added drama to Episode II. The reporter then asked what does he add to Episode III and what happens to him. Lucas commented that Jar Jar would not die on screen in the film or not even die at all.

• He said that he created the character to add to the story, not to be created to then be killed at the end. The reporter then asked why Jar Jar isn't in the original trilogy. Lucas said that Episode III will explain everything that needs to be explained.

February 18, 2003: Ep3 Info in SW Insider from Rick McCallum:
• (Will we see new trooper designs? )

"Yes. That's all I can answer."

• (How about Vader's armor?)

"Too early to tell."

March 10, 2003: Gavin Bocquet ( Talks Set Construction:
• In addition to the Jedi Council chambers, the Senate Rotunda and Palpatine's office, two environments from the original trilogy are being carefully recreated for this earlier era in Star Wars history, much like the Lars Homestead was faithfully reconstructed for Episode II
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
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• "It's always quite interesting going back to those historic elements of the saga," says Bocquet. "I think these ones are a little bit easier than the homestead, because they're studio-based and not location-based. They have quite precise drawings that we managed to extricate from the archives, although the archive isn't quite as full for A New Hope as it is for Empire and Jedi, simply because nobody knew what the films were going to become! We're working from the few drawings they do have, plus the stills and looking at the films, and breaking things down and trying to reproduce it."

• Aside from these two classic environments, Bocquet's team has begun preliminary work on two new locales -- one space-based and one planet-based -- that will each be the stage for intricate action sequences.

• "We do have four or five sets that are being repeated from Clones and a couple of the other Episodes, which gives us a chance to work quite quickly on those. They don't need any great design input or even technical drawings, because they have existed before".

March 18, 2003:, Lucas Will Not Use "Starline Hyperspace Effect":
George Lucas himself answered the question saying that he had decided not to use it in the first three films.

March 20, 2003: Joel Edgerton Back for Ep3:
"I've got one day. It's probably going to be a smaller role than last time [in "Attack of the Clones"]."

March 20, 2003: Claudia Karvan In for Ep3:
On the Australian TV show 'Enough Rope - with Andrew Denton', she mentioned she is back for Ep3, assumingly reprising her role as Sola Naberrie, Padme's sister in the Ep2 Deleted Scenes.

March 21, 2003: ILM Starts on Ep3: reports Industrial Light and Magic's has begun preliminary work on Episode III. "We have started to discuss how we are going to approach the visual effects and animation work. Just this week, I was looking at which character models we could start building."

March 28, 2003: Animatics Dept Working on Opening Scenes of Ep3 (
Every Friday since late February, Gregoire has presented his team's latest work to George Lucas. "At this point in time the first level of a sequence is actually more of a litmus test," explains Gregoire. "It's getting it in front of George, so that he can see where we're going, and then having him react to that sequence one way or the other." In this early stage of Episode III's development, Gregoire's team has been concentrating on the opening five to ten-minute sequence of the film. "As with any early development some of the main story elements are still in flux, so we've been concentrating primarily on getting the assets for the initial sequence built."

March 29, 2003: Lucas Talks Ep3 in EW:
"It's a darker version of Star Wars," says Lucas. "It's not as dark as a Quentin Tarantino movie, but at the same time, for Star Wars it will be pretty dark. I¹m not sure ya know, how popular it's going to be. It may be popular with the fans, but I don¹t sure how popular it will be with the general public. So, I expect that one to be less financially successful than the other ones. But, ya know, I gotta tell a story. I see Star Wars as a six part movie, ya know, done in twelve hours. I don't see them as individual pieces. I don't see them as individual episodes. I see them as one -- one six episode movie."

March 29, 2003: Highlights from SW Insider 67:
• There will be a cameo by a classic trilogy character in Episode III.

• The first outline of Episode III was set to be delivered February 21st.

• As of this writing, Lucas had approved 2,000 pieces of concept artwork. A total of 10,000 are expected to be produced.

• Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor will arrive four or five weeks before shooting to start training with Nick Gillard.

April 07, 2003: Dave Prowse Talks Vader:
On Saturday at a Memorabilia fair in Birmingham, England, David Prowse was in attendance. He confirmed that he has not been asked to return for Episode 3. However he did state that James Earl Jones will be in the film for 8 minutes, but then he re-phrased this to say he has 8 minutes of dialogue in the film.

April 17, 2003: Ewan McGregor Talks Ep3 Fight in MAXIM Magazine:
"I don't know anything about it. I suppose me and Hayden have some big kickoff fight - as far as I know, it's not been written yet."

April 17, 2003: Script Update from
"We get our preliminary first draft of the script next week, which we're very excited about," says Producer Rick McCallum, "We're currently on schedule to begin on or around June 30, finishing some time in September." Already, the crew down under has enough information from George Lucas to begin construction of environments, props and costumes.

April 23, 2003: Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO Returning for Ep3 (
Episode III will further connect the Star Wars saga, bridging the prequel trilogy to the original trilogy in new and surprising ways. As such, familiar faces and places will return in this new Star Wars film, which is currently in pre-production. Reprising their classic roles from the original trilogy are actors Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker. They return to Star Wars as Chewbacca the Wookiee, C-3PO and R2-D2. "I'm delighted to return as Chewbacca," says Mayhew. "I think his re-appearance in this film is a fitting way to tie the whole saga together, especially for Wookiee fans." Given that Chewbacca is a sprightly 200 years old in Episode IV, he is more than old enough to fit into the prequel timeline.

April 29, 2003: Hayden Talks Vader with Empire Online:
...according to Anakin himself, Hayden Christensen, the black look may not be in for 2005. Asked if he'd end up in the traditional Vader garb for Episode III the actor surprisingly answered in the negative. "No, not as far as I know," he told E!Online. "It's not in the story if we begin from where we left off." So there'll be no mask? No asthmatic breathing? "None of that, as far as I know. But that's very little. George Lucas is notorious, he keeps it all very secretive."

May 05, 2003: John Williams Talks Ep3 with CNN:
Williams will be picking up his conductor's baton for the final "Star Wars" film, the yet-untitled Episode III, which arrives in 2005. For the last installment, he hopes to use hints of some of the themes in the very first "Star Wars" film (now known as "Episode IV: A New Hope") to link the two trilogies musically. So if you hear a familiar melody -- say, the Imperial theme that ran under Princess Leia's first meeting with Darth Vader -- don't be surprised. "I think working backwards some musical hints like that will be appropriate," he says. "I am looking forward to bringing all those thematic fragments together in the final episode of 'Star Wars' and to pick up what opportunities it'll have for new material, also to sort of round out a whole corpus of musical themes that are all interrelated and connected."

May 08, 2003: Old Fashions Return for Ep3 (
There are certain cultures and technologies in this new movie that will reflect the 1970s look. It's going to be a subtle thing, but it will make sense when you see it. To us in the Art Department the '1970s look' is actually just the look of the Star Wars universe during its dark ages rather than the waning glory days portrayed in the prequels.
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
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May 10, 2003: SW Insider 68 Highlights:
• McCallum will not confirm or deny if there's a Star Destroyer bridge as one of the sets of the film.

• There is no complete script as of this writing, but there was a 46 page outline from Lucas. Still no talk of a co-writer on the film.

• Lucas has approved 52 sets as well as "lots of vehicles".

• Hayden Christensen started fight training at the beginning of May. Ewan McGregor arrives June 10th. Filming begins late June.

May 26, 2003; New Zealand Herald: Captain Typho Returns:
"Jay Laga'aia is recovering from sugery ahead of his appearance in the sixth Star Wars movie, due to begin filming in Australia shortly."

May 29, 2003: Homing Beacon #68:
• Episode III is the final chapter detailing what fans already know is a bleak resolution for Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. The Chosen One succumbs to the call of the dark side, with disastrous consequences for those he loves. McCaig notes satisfaction with the way this transformation currently exists, as words on the script pages and accompanying artwork.

• "In Episode I, when we saw Jake Lloyd, we wondered where’s the dark side? Why isn’t this kid creepy?" recounts McCaig. "And then, in Episode II, Hayden Christensen came across as a justifiably angry teenager more than a kid who crosses over to the true dark side. Killing the Sand People... they killed his mom! I could go mad and do something like that. So, I kept waiting for the dark side to take hold. In this film, you realize, it’s more about Anakin making the wrong choices. He’s given a glorious moment by George -- I’m so happy with part of the script -- where he truly has to make a choice. In the end, I think that’s a smarter way to go than a slow transformation. It’s more tragic this way."

• Tragedy follows the beautiful Amidala as well. Since Episode I, McCaig has helped develop Padmé’s intricate costumes, which often serve as reflections of her political position, and where she is in her life. "What are we wearing this year in Star Wars?" smiles McCaig. "In Episode I, she was the Queen, and she was wearing disguises. I once said she should be able to slip out of the back of the costume, and you’d never know she was gone. Ironically, in this one, she’s back to wearing disguises. As well as now hiding this marriage to a Jedi, which is not allowed, she has to hide the fact that she’s going to have babies. All of the costumes had to disguise these facts."

May 27, 2003; Hyperspace: "Dueling for the First Day":
• Episode III has taken over all seven stages of Fox Studios Australia.

• Stunt Coordinator and Sword Master Nick Gillard is whipping Jedi into shape and perfecting new moves.

• Kyle Rowling, Dooku's stunt double, was squaring off against Ben Cooke, a newcomer to Star Wars. Behind them, Michael Byrne was sparring with Hayden Christensen.

• For six weeks, Jedi have been practicing. On the walls are printouts of animatic frames for three key set-pieces, and Nick's desk has several rough storyboards of what looks to be intense action. It's part of the duel fans have been waiting for: the falling out between master and apprentice.

• Hayden has been practicing his skills with the lightsaber for the past three weeks. For six hours a day, it's dueling drills. For another two, it's time to workout. "It's feeling right," he says.

May 28, 2003; Hyperspace: "Return of Two Jedi":
Nalini Krishan and Orli Shoshan spent the morning transforming into the Jedi warriors Barriss Offee and Shaak Ti for makeup and wardrobe tests.

May 29, 2003; Hyperspace: "More Extras, More Aliens & Moore Makeup":
• In the same chair where her Padawan sat yesterday, Luminara Unduli -- or rather, actress Mary Oyaya -- undergoes a similar makeup process.

• Sandy Thompson will be playing the Neimoidian Rune Haako.

• Sandi Finlay is returning to the role of Sly Moore, Palpatine's ghostly aide first seen in Episode II. Sly is getting some new threads for Episode III.

May 31, 2003; Hyperspace: "The Aptly Named Jedi-Not-Appearing-In-This-Film":
Depa Billaba, Oppo Rancisis, Even Piell, Yarael Poof, and Yaddle will not be in Episode III.

June 02, 2003: Hyperspace: "All The World's A Stage":
• Seven enormous soundstages are currently bustling with activity, as they house sets in various stages of construction. A few are returning from Episode II, while at least one currently erected has been recreated from the original trilogy.

• "Probably fifty percent of what you're seeing is stuff from the other films, because those were the first ones that were easy for us to dive into," says Gavin Bocquet, Production Designer.

• One stage is Padmé's Coruscant penthouse apartment. The set is being modified, to add an extension as dictated by the story of Episode III, which include a door leading to a new environment.

• Also being modified is Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Office. It now has a branching corridor leading away from the office and into a circular antechamber.

June 03, 2003; Hyperspace: "Developing the Duel":
One stage is the dueling arena for Michael Byrne and Hayden Christensen as they perform an intense duel. It's more than just a test-run. These combatants are being videotaped today for inclusion into the working rough cut of Episode III. The footage then gets sent back to the Editorial department so that it can be cut along with animatics and storyboards into a rough assembly.

June 03, 2003; OS: Pre-Production Almost Wrapped:
• George Lucas leaves for Sydney, Australia in just two weeks to begin principal photography for Episode III. While Producer Rick McCallum is down under driving construction crews, costume and prop departments, and countless others in preparation for the director's arrival, the teams in the U.S. are feverishly attempting to wrap-up as many tasks as possible before he leaves. With much of the basic look of the characters, vehicles and locations of Episode III finalized, the size of the Concept Design team has dwindled somewhat as Iain McCaig and others have moved on to other projects. Ryan Church, Eric Teimens and the remaining artists are now concentrating on storyboards and specific details that help to dictate the movie's solidifying story line.
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
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• Meanwhile, Ben Burtt is hard at work compiling computer-generated animatics from Dan Gregoire's pre-visualization team, footage from Australia of Hayden Christensen and other stunt doubles performing Nick Gillard's preliminary stunt choreography, scans of storyboards and artwork, some occasional stock footage and a soundtrack of Burtt himself performing dialog for all of the characters. Each week, this assembly is reviewed with Lucas as a rough-cut of the film's major sequences is coming together. With only two more meetings remaining, this compilation will serve as reference for the live-action crew.

June 04, 2003; Hyperspace: "Blue In The Face":
Matt Rowan is returning as the corrupt and corpulent politician Orn Free Taa.

June 05; Globe & Mail Interview; Hayden Packs on the Muscle:
• As of last Friday, Christensen weighed in at 175. He's aiming for 190. And he wants to hit that benchmark in three weeks, when Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and the rest of the Star Wars crew join him in Sydney, Australia, to start shooting the eagerly awaited prequel.

• It's 11 a.m. on Friday morning, and Christensen's doing the interview by cellphone, just outside the stunt office on the Twentieth Century Fox lot in the Aussie city. He's excused himself to shut a door, a vain attempt to muffle the din of clashing light sabers and other frankly weird clanging noises.

• "Sorry about that," he says politely, trying to catch his breath. "We're choreographing a light saber battle." Just as in Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones, Christensen insists on doing his own crouching-tiger, high-wire acts. Why, one might ask, does he insist on getting battered and bruised when a double would gladly take the knocks for him?

• "It's a unique film to be a part of, and I sort of want to do as much as I can," he explains. "I want to know -- at every point in the film when I see my character -- it's actually me. Not some stunt person or a digitally rendered version of me. It's just important."

June 05, Clayton Watson Talks to Casting in TV Week:
According to reports at, Clayton Watson might indeed be taking up a role in “Star Wars Episode III”. While talking to TV Week, Watson said how a phony rumour that he tied him to the next “Star Wars” movie, actually got people talking about it for real. “Apparently they want to see more for the next Star Wars movie. A rumour got out that I was in it and it wasn’t true, but the casting director heard about it and heard what else I’d done and wants a meeting with me as soon as I get back to Australia”, Watson says.

June 05, 2003; Hyperspace: "Separatists & Swan":
• Paul Nicholson will be underneath the Po Nudo mask. The Aqualish Senator-turned-Separatist and his aide are returning for Episode III.

• Paul Davies is set to play an as-yet unnamed Mon Calamari.

• Also showing up for fittings was Marty Wetherill, who will play Passel Argente.

• For any Episode III returning extras with visible features, George Lucas mandated that if the previous performer was not available, that the character simply would not be back. This was in an effort to preserve continuity and avoid creating doppelganger-Jedi like Stass Allie (she sure looks like Adi Gallia) or Agen Kolar (a successful Eeth Koth-impersonator).

• Mimi Daraphet is returning as Bultar Swan.

June 06, 2003; Hyperspace: "Name That Zabrak":
Tux Akindoyeni returns as Agen Kolar, the Zabrak Jedi that replaced Eeth Koth in Episode II.

June 07; Entertainment Weekly Quotes Lucas about Chewie:
Yoda won a trophy for his Attack of the Clones' saber skills at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards - and now George Lucas says Chewbacca will join the fray with a "small part in one of the action sequences" of Episode III.

June 10; Scottish Daily Record Reports on Possible Return for ESB Character:
Aberdeen-born Michael (Sheard), is hopeful he'll get a chance to star in the next installment of the sci-fi series. He says: "It looks like my character is in the next film. I know I can't play me as a 19-year-old, but I'd like to be on screen, maybe as Admiral Ozzel's dad."

June 10, 2003; Rick McCallum Hyperspace Chat:
• All principal photography shooting in Sydney. For pickups next year we may extend to Europe.
• It takes 12 weeks to film a movie.
• It should be about the same length... 2 hours.
• The look of the third prequel will definitely be closer to that of the original films.
• Ep III definitively has the most lightsaber action of any Star Wars film.
• The battles will be on an even larger scale.
• It'll take place 3 years or so after Ep II.
• Will we get to see an epic space battle right at the beginning of the movie.
• We will see some glorious death scenes.
• Lots of new ship designs.
• We will see many new worlds.
• Ewan's beard is fully grown.
• We will see Anakin doing more evil things a la slaughtering the Tuskens.
• We will see the emperor or Anakin make use of the dark side of the force with lightning, chokes and more.
• Jar Jar's role is smaller than Ep II.
• We will see lots of great changes like the transformation of clones into stormtroopers, uniforms, etc.
• All the characters are moving to the way we first saw them in the Original Trilogy as far as look.
• Ben Burtt will be back as Sound Designer.
• Expect "someone serious" as the new villain.
• We will see more interaction between Anakin and Palpatine.
• A character from the Clone Wars cartoon will appear in Episode III.

June 10, 2003; Hyperspace: "More Familiar Names and Faces":
• Ewan's first day on the set was today and he practiced lightsaber stuff with Nick Gillard.

• Ewan will be using the same lightsaber that he has been using since Episode I.

• The classic saber of Ben Kenobi is mentioned to be there among the sabers in use.

• A character from the Expanded Universe is making an appearance in Episode III.

June 11, 2003; Hyperspace: "Good Hair Day":
• The Creature Shop has built Chewbacca's costume.

• Peter Mayhew will wear to fill out his Wookiee physique.

• Ewan will be looking somewhat different with some tints and hues to age his hair style and color.

• Work is being done on Padmé's elaborate hairstyles.

June 12, 2003; Hyperspace: "Can't Keep A Good Jedi Down":
• Kenji Oates is playing the returning Jedi, Saesee Tiin.

• The creature shop are working on new aliens.

• Kit Fisto is slated to return, played by a new stuntman. The Creature Shop is sculpting a brand new head for him which will be even more detailed, so it can withstand tight close-ups should the shooting require it.
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #12 on: August 13, 2003, 07:02 PM »
June 13, 2003; Hyperspace: "Preparing for GWL":
• George Lucas arrives on Monday to start his time in Sydney.

• George is scheduled for a tour of the various sound stages alongside Producer Rick McCallum, Production Designer Gavin Bocquet, Supervising Art Director Peter Russell, Art Director Ian Gracie, Director of Photography David Tattersall and 1st Assistant Director Colin Fletcher.

• Palpatine's office and connecting corridors now have the familiar red walls. The Jedi Council chambers are coming together. A new starship bridge sharing the same stage as Padmé's apartment looks almost finished.

• Hayden is slated for a full makeup test on Monday for his Episode III look.

• The Costume Props Dept is focusing on pieces like Padmé's headdresses and a suit of alien military armor.

• Ewan McGregor had a lifecast done of his head and hands, which had to include his beard. Dave Elsey spent much of today "shaving" the clay beard off the head-cast, reproducing a replica of a clean-shaven Obi-Wan to allow makeup work for an effect needed early in Episode III.

June 16, 2003; Hyperspace: "Home Sweet Home":
• "Home sweet home" is referencing the familiar red interior of Palpatine's office.

• While on the set, George and Rick decide a shattered glass effect will be achieved digitally since shattered practical glass on the set floor may impede the work of the stunt performers needed in that environment.

June 17, 2003; Hyperspace: "Accessories Included":
• Costume Props is working on a suit of alien military armor with handmade breast and back-plates. The flexible abdominal plates are perfectly articulated. It all works, and six copies of this armor will have to be made for the production.

• Bail Organa will wear it like a decorative wrist-guard. A ring of blinking LEDs provide the perfect feel.

• Narrow pieces of jewelry will become the basis of a larger costume prop for a Padmé headdress.

June 17; David Stiff Cast as Wookie:
Sydney Kings basketball star David Stiff has landed a part as a Wookie.

June 17; Captain Typho Films in July:
Jay Lagalia appeared on 'Mornings with Kerrie-Anne' on Australian TV and mentioned he starts shooting on the last prequel next month.

June 18; Bai Ling Cast in Episode III:
Access Hollywood interviewed actress Bai Ling. She says she was offered a role in the new Star Wars movie. She doesn't know the part, but she will leave for Sydney next week.

June 18, 2003; Hyperspace: "Making Good Guys Look Good":
• Natalie Portman is now in Sydney.

• One of Padmé's headdress mockups is a spectacular arrangement.

• Ewan McGregor continues his hair and makeup tests. His hair will be styled more like a younger version of Alec Guinness. He will wear temple pieces, and they will be graying. Ewan's beard will be neatly trimmed and less bushy, with more sculpting and manicuring into a more goatee shape.

• Hayden will look quite rugged and weathered after having fought in the Clone Wars for years.

• Lily Nyamwasa will return as Jedi Stass Allie.

• A starship captain and a handmaiden have been cast in small parts.

June 18, 2003; OS Casting Update - Spence Joins Ep III:
Bruce Spence joins the cast as a helpful alien.

June 19, 2003; Hyperspace: "Unpacking a Star":
• R2-D2 units arrived today in Sydney.

• In another padded crate are the pieces of C-3PO, who will start to be assembled Friday morning.

• Matt Sloan will return as Plo Koon.

• Plo Koon will have a brief appearance in Episode III, but the script requires very specific actions for him.

• Plo does have scripted dialogue in Episode III, but there is no guarantee that it'll remain in the finished film.

June 23, 2003; OS Update: "Meeting Genevieve O'Reilly":
• Genevieve O'Reilly has been cast in the role of Mon Mothma.

• Industrial Light & Magic has arrived in Sydney. Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll, Animation Director Rob Coleman and Matchmove Supervisor Jason Snell are setting up shop and touring the stages.

June 24, 2003; Hyperspace: "Blue Guards & Tall Pilots":
• Five blue Senate Guard candidates donned velvety robes.

• The blue guards will be undergoing some modifications. This is not only to advance their look along the timeline, but also to create new helmets to replace the older Episode I artifacts that are starting to show some wear-and-tear. The new look brings them closer to the sleeker red helmets worn by Palpatine's personal guards.

• The red guards will again appear in Episode III. Costume Props are fabricating new helmets and force pikes for these fan-favorites based on the designs of the originals.

• A few extras came in to be fitted as Neimoidian pilots.

June 25, 2003; Hyperspace: "Lights, Camera, Testing":
• Padmé's apartment is the location for a full-fledged camera test today. The set is finished and decorated with furniture and props.

• George Lucas and Rick McCallum soon sit down and look at the images that the cameras are gathering.

• George asks that a copy of Return of the Jedi is given to Genevieve O'Reilly so she can watch the Mon Mothma parts repeatedly to get used to the manner of speech.

• Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor show up in full wardrobe. Anakin's is in one of his Episode III looks -- according to the slate, they're shooting Hayden's "tidy" look. His "messy" look will come later.

• George musses with Hayden's hair a bit. The tidy look is apparently too tidy. A scar added by makeup isn't reading well enough on the monitors, so Nikki Gooley and her crew thicken it up to make this particular trophy of the Clone Wars more visible.

• Obi-Wan looks dignified. The contour of the beard and the cut of the hair perfectly define a distinguished Jedi. "I don't seem to remember ever owning a droid," Ewan says, just to get into the spirit of things. And it's perfect.

• Hayden runs through one frame of shooting to test the drape of his cloak and the flow of his hair.

June 25, 2003; Hyperspace Web Chat with Gavin Bocquet Summary:
• No Neimoidian planet. But we will see more of their hardware and crafts.
• There are around 67 physical sets built. More than any previous SW film. But there are also more CGI environments.
• There are new Starfighters being built for Anakin and Obi-Wan. There will also be new Starfighters for the rest of the Jedi. The new starfighters will have new weapons and fight in big battles.
• A question was asked if we would be seeing any sets with Imperial implications in Episode III. He said yes. Both seeing and building. But that's all he could say.
• There are many new worlds in Episode III. But most are being built on sound stages and do not require traveling elsewhere.
• There are a few scenes he believes we'll go nuts over.
• We will see a number of sets and environments returning from the OT.
• We will get to see OT Starships in Episode III.
• Some places and vehicles will have a more "used" feel to them.
• There will be many fights on sets that change in level.
• Sets are going back to the monochrome color. But other sets are going the complete opposite way.
• There are a couple of set environments that were cut from Episode II that will be returning because now they can fit them into the story.
• The colors of the sets on Stage 3 are soft cream with copper highlights
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #13 on: August 13, 2003, 07:03 PM »
June 26, 2003; Hyperspace: "The King of Casting":
• The "starship captain" previously cast was cut from the film.

• Silas Carson is returning as Ki-Adi-Mundi and Nute Gunray.

• Bodie Taylor returns and will play the younger clones.

• Bai Ling will be playing a Senator.

• Warren Owens will play a Senator.

• Chris Kirby will play a Senator.

• Kristy Wright and Chantal Freer will play handmaidens.

• Rebecca Jackson Mendoza will play a royal leader.

• Rohan Nichol will play a starship captain.

• Kee Chan will play a Senator.

• There will be about 150 to 300 extras.

• Though there are no plans for location shoots, visual effects plates will be photographed in New Zealand, Switzerland and Italy in March.

June 26, 2003; MTV: Samuel L Jackson & Ewan McGregor Talk Episode 3:
• "I'm just going to die, you know?" Jackson said recently of George Lucas' plans for "Star Wars Episode III," which the actor begins work on next month in Australia. "I'm basically going down there hoping that I'm going to have this really awesome lightsaber battle with somebody that takes me out in the proper way. You know, the way a Jedi of my status deserves to be taken out. I owe thanks to George for creating a character like Mace Windu that makes me, like, the second-baddest dude in the universe," he said. "It's kind of awesome. And then, you know, to top that off, giving me the oddest lightsaber in the universe. I got the only purple lightsaber in the universe."

• Like Jackson, Ewan McGregor — a.k.a. Obi-Wan Kenobi — is looking forward to getting his hands back on the Jedi knights' signature weapon, even if he isn't too psyched about shooting scenes on empty soundstages in front of green screens, interacting with things that will be added in later. "I like the fighting sequences [the best]," he said. "They're good fun to prepare for and also good fun to shoot. It's one of the rare instances in the 'Star Wars' movies when you're working with someone else, because you can't really swordfight on your own. However, most of the other scenes seem to be played into midair with computer-generated characters."

June 26, 2003; OS Casting Update: EP3:
• Joel Edgerton - Owen Lars
• Jay Laga'aia - Captain Typho
• Rena Owen - Taun We
• Kee Chan - Senator
• Chantal Freer - Handmaiden
• Christopher Kirby - Senator
• Rebecca Jackson Mendoza - Royal Leader
• Rohan Nichol - Young Captain
• Warren Owens - Senator
• Kristy Wright - Handmaiden

June 26, 2003; Sydney Morning Herald Interviews Rick McCallum:
• Episode III would be shot almost entirely inside the studios from next Monday.

• The main shoot would take 12 weeks, with Lucas returning for additional filming over the next 18 months.

• The only shooting outside Sydney would be some plate photography - for visual effects - in Italy, New Zealand and Switzerland.

• It's a huge picture and, under today's standards, it's a pretty moderately budgeted film," McCallum said. "But they're a lot of fun to make."

• For Episode II, Lucas finished the script only three days before shooting started. This time around, he finished with five days to spare.

• "I think they're always tough for him to write," McCallum said. "Especially this one, because it has to tie everything up from the prequels to the original trilogy. And you've got really big themes and issues in this one - how and why Anakin turns into Darth Vader."

June 27, 2003; Hyperspace: "Behind the Photo":
"Extreme wind" is on the shooting schedule and the Costume Dept will work to keep the added hair wefts attached to Ewan and Anakin's hair for these scenes.

Jun 29; Insider #69 Tidbits:
• First draft of the Episode III script was 102 pages long. Major changes are expected on following drafts.

• The major focus is the breakdown in friendship between Obi-Wan and Anakin.

• Color and darkness will be emphasized in the film.

• Nick Gillard was, as of May 2003, hitting local fight clubs to find fighters for the new movie.

• Anakin Skywalker won't have a beard in Episode III.

• Yoda's homeworld or species will not be revealed.

• No rematch between Yoda and Dooku though both will have their own fights.

• Temuera Morrison won't be seen as a clone trooper.

• There is no location shooting for EP 3.

• No extra shots of Natalie Portman will be put in the classic trilogy.

June 30, 2003; Hyperspace: "Day One":
• The active stage today contains four sets, but only one will be used for shooting. The other three are in various states of completion.

• Today's set is an environment new to Episode III, mundanely described as an "ELEVATOR LOBBY" and "HALLWAY" on the call sheets. The scene takes up 2/8th of a script page.

• At 8:07 a.m., Rick McCallum takes the clapboard and marks the first take of production. "Good luck everybody. Kick some ass. Let's do this in 60 days."

• The first take is a "control take," a clean plate of the environment for the benefit of Industrial Light & Magic. moves.

• The scene is shot again, this time with Hayden and Ewan in frame. They exchange lines of dialogue as they walk down the corridor.

• A scene requiring Anakin to sidestep some obstacles keeps stalling as Hayden gets his cloak stuck on an unruly outcropping.

• R2-D2 joins Ewan and Hayden on set for a brief appearance.

• Chris Kirby, Warren Owens and Genevieve O'Reilly are fitted into their Senatorial robes, while an extra is dressed as Senator Tikkes' aide.

• A 10-year old Padawan undergoes combat rehearsals.

• Anthony Daniels dresses into his familiar golden shell.

July 01, 2003; Hyperspace: "Bring Me the Head of Yoda":
• Yoda has yet to appear in any shooting, but when scenes call for the Jedi Master, the actors on set will use a quick stand-in model which is Yoda's head on a stick.

• Day two of the shooting is in the same set environment as day one. Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen are standing within the tight confines of an elevator set, built full scale with a completely decorated interior.

• A wind machine blasts Hayden Christensen as they test out a change in Anakin's environment, carefully watch Anakin's hair to see how it reacts to the gusts of wind.

• The "extreme" wind actually comes later in the schedule.

July 02, 2003; Hyperspace: "The Voice You May Not Hear":
• C-3PO will serve drinks to a gathering of Senators, which include Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma, Chris Kirby, Warren Owens, Bai Ling, as well as a new blue faced female Senator who has appeared in both Episodes I and II ("Pampy").

• Genevieve is perfect as Mon Mothma.

• Standing over this meeting is Bail Organa, but it's not Jimmy Smits. Jimmy isn't due to arrive until later this month, but this scene required Bail, so a stand-in performs the scene and Bail will be digitally composited in later.

• There will be a lot of speaking roles that won't actually be on set. Duncan Young will do the speaking parts for those scenes until the editing process dubs over them.

July 02, 2003; Basketball Players for Wookiees:
Sydney Morning Herald talks about the need for tall furry people in Episode III. Kingma was snapped up with four others by writer and director George Lucas at open auditions for "tall guys" to play friends Chewbacca in the Star Wars prequel. "I'm fairly pumped up about the whole thing, it should be a lot of fun," Kingma said. "The five wookies will come in different shapes and sizes - I've already been fitted for a muscle suit, apparently they wanted to bulk me up a bit and I'm scheduled for a fur fitting next week," said Kingma.
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Re: episode 3 spoilers perhaps ?
« Reply #14 on: August 13, 2003, 07:05 PM »
July 02; Hyperspace Webchat with Rob Coleman - Summary:
• Yoda will look the same as in Episode II.
• There will definitely be more CG work involving characters and vehicles in Episode III than in the other prequels.
• The new fights are going to be amazing.
• We will see Battle Droids (including Supers) and Destroyer Droids in Episode 3 - as well as some "cool new ones".
• Ep3 is going to be dark.
• Yoda will be seen in action sequences again.
• Ep3 will have the most visual effects of all the movies.
• The clonetroopers will be all CGI and there will be new variations of them that "look really cool".
• Some of the fights are incredibly huge.
• We will some new, even bigger monsters/creatures.
• The last 3 pages of the script gave Rob goosebumps.
• There will be new starships and planets.
• The opening sequence of the movie is going to be quite challenging for ILM.
• There is a sequence in Ep3 that makes Rob think "this is what I always wanted to see in the prequels".

July 03, 2003; Hyperspace: "Makin' Wookiee":
• The Creature Shop crafted a brand new suit for Chewbacca.

• The new Chewie has some added subtle enhancements in his expressiveness thanks to small animatronics that control his lips. He can now snarl, smirk and purse his lips realistically.

• George asked that Chewie have a messier hairstyle, similar to Ep6.

• Today's entire shooting consisted of quiet exchanges of dialogue in Padmé's apartment set with only three actors on set: Hayden Christensen, Anthony Daniels, and Natalie Portman.

• One scene today required a shirtless Anakin. For his exposed mechanical arm, Hayden Christensen wears a long blue glove on his real arm.

July 04, 2003; Hyperspace: "Wrapping Up Week One":
• Today's action takes place in a new environment is an expansive example of classical architecture, resplendent with elegant columns and majestic statuary that befits the status of the locale's tenant.

• Off the edge of the set sits what the call sheet describes as a "Blue Speeder", a simple geometric shape done in the familiar bluescreen hue, with two banks of seats. In postproduction, ILM will replace it with a computer-generated vehicle. Since flesh-and-blood actors will occupy it, they need something with which to interact.

• At the center of the floor is a bowl-shaped structure intended to be a fountain. It will be digitally inserted in post, thus avoiding the work of incorporating running water onto the set.

July 07, 2003; Hyperspace: "Tour of the Galaxy":
• Family set tours began this week, a rare privilege and opportunity on a closed movie set like Star Wars.

• Padmé's apartment is dismantled, already having served its purpose in Episode III.

• The next stage is home to the Jedi Council chamber. Again, the group stands within the instantly recognizable circular room, which currently is unfurnished.

• Palpatine's office is now furnished, with Palpatine's familiar looking chair in place, complete with working lights. His table is adorned with the crystal pyramids seen in Episode II.

• Ian McDiarmid is now in Sydney. The Creature Shop Creative Supervisor is working to determine the continued evolution of Palpatine, and how to get one step closer to how we first saw him in Return of the Jedi.

• Samuel L. Jackson is also in Sydney. Today, he's scheduled for a costume fitting. Mace Windu will be wearing the same Jedi robes as in Episode II. Jackson will soon begin lightsaber rehearsals with Nick Gillard.

• Peter Mayhew is here today as well. Chewbacca is back.

• Bai Ling has wrapped her shooting requirements for Episode III, and has left Sydney.

July 08, 2003; Hyperspace: "Breezy Blue Vistas":
• Today's call sheet notes the wind requirements as "moderate," gentle currents of air flowing from an unseen vista.

• This environment is a mix of interior and exterior -- a sitting area with an expansive view.

• Anthony Daniels is polished and golden as C-3PO.

• Today's shoot adds another two pages, for a total of eight pages of script shot in this environment so far. George Lucas says it is "the scene that explains it all". True to the much-predicted tone of Episode III, the characters have grim expressions as they account for the dark state of things.

• Animatronics were worked on for a Mon Calamari mask mouth. The character will ultimately be a senator.

• Olive Levi will play a Senator, and Caroline De Souza will play one of Bail Organa's aides.

Jul 08, 2003; Peter Mayhew Talks Episode III with UK LOK Magazine:
• On page 49, Robin Hail asked Peter Mayhew how he felt about the prequel trilogy and Episode III in particular since Chewbacca will make his silver-screen return. Peter replied, “I am very pleased with Episodes 1 and 2. George Lucas is doing a remarkable job. However, Lucas assures me that Episode 3 with far surpass the other two in both action and story and from some of the pages I have read from the Episode III script, I certainly believe him.” Later he goes on to say, “As you know, none of the actors get the full script of Episode III, but they do get the pages for what scene they are working on. Therefore, I have not read the full script yet, just a few pages with my character.”

• After Peter talked about Episode III’s script, Robin asked Peter on the role that Chewbacca will play. I liked what Peter said. Peter replied, “I was told by George Lucas that I would be playing a large part in the story including the delivering of two twin babies and playing a role in a major battle scene that involves many war machines. Sadly, I have not read those sequences of the script yet.”

• After a small bit of Robin comparing the Original trilogy to the Prequel trilogy, she asked Peter how well he liked the parts of the script that he had seen. Peter says, “Again, I haven’t really seen the complete script. Lucas only gives us copies for that days shooting. But from what I’ve seen, it looks good. Of course, I really don’t have any lines (he laughs). Lucas has really changed his writing style from back when he wrote the original trilogy. He is much bolder and willing to push the envelope in both settings and dialogue. In fact, the opening action scene involving many Wookiees takes place on one of the many new planets seen in this movie.”

July 09, 2003; Hyperspace: "New Kit On The Block":
• Ben Cooke underwent his Kit Fisto makeup test.

• Ben Cooke is also Anakin's double, a bodyguard, and a few droids. For several of these roles, he won't be seen in the movie, but his performance will be the basis of a CGI character and serves as vital interaction for actual live actors.

• Peter Mayhew donned the Chewbacca suit for tests.

• Anthony Daniels donned the golden droid outfit to perform alongside R2-D2.

• The main set today was a landing platform on Coruscant with Ewan and Hayden. There are 10 landing platform sets for Episode III. Many different types of vehicles will be seen traveling to and from these platforms.

July 10, 2003: Hyperspace Webchat with Nick Gillard - Summary:
• Mace Windu will go out in a blaze of glory.
• There will be many intense fights
• There are going to be new styles of lightsaber fighting. Deconstructing the current Jedi style.
• There's no question that we'll see Saber duels in Episode III that will definitely top the Obi-Wan / Maul duel.
• The tall individuals on the web cam that were seen fighting with poles were not Wookies nor Imperial Guards.
• Nick Gillard will be having a cameo as a Jedi in Episode III. May or may not have large ears.
• We will see at least one character we've never seen fight before with a lightsaber, do so in Episode III. Also expect a new style from this or these characters too.
• Anakin will cover just about every fighting style in Episode III.
• Many limbs will be lost in Episode III.
• The Epic duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan will be the longest lightsaber duel ever.
• Female Jedi will fight in Episode III.
• Anakin is vulnerable on a slope.

July 10, 2003; Hyperspace: "Council In Session":
• The Jedi Council set is complete and shooting there has begun.

• Due to the Clone Wars, the Jedi that comprise the 12 Council chairs has changed for Ep3. There will be 4 alien Jedi (and one human Jedi with a funky alien hat).

• What was once a polished floor now has visible scuff marks and wear. The chairs of the Jedi COuncil are marked and torn, being visual cues that things have been chaotic and difficult these past 3 years.

• Samuel L. Jackson was on the Jedi Council set with Hayden and Ewan. Mace discusses new assignments with them. Ki-Adi-Mundi and Plo Koon are not in the scene as they are on a mission off-world. We will see their holograms during this scene. Agen Kolar, Stass Allie, and Saesee Tiin are among those present.

• CGI Jedi Masters may be added into the scenes.

• Duncan Young spoke Yoda's lines and Yoda will be added digitally to the scene.

July 11, 2003; Hyperspace: "Supreme Performance":
• His first day of shooting, Ian McDiarmid performed some of his on the Supreme Chancellor's office set.

• Much of Palpatine's plan will be revealed in Ep3, meaning the actor has a large number of scenes. Today was the filming of a big scene.

• Palpatine discusses a new assignment to Anakin in this scene.

• In a scene, a Senator refuses a beverage offered to him by C-3PO as he is serving drinks. We will hear 3PO's lines to be formal and humorous, similar to his OT lines.

• The "scene that explains it all," was cut together. It was amazing and will be even more dramatic once the editing has been completed.
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