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« on: April 23, 2006, 07:09 AM »
Hi every one.  Some of you already know me from the FFURG forums, but this is my first time posting a topic here.

Anyways,  been working on my customs for a bit, but as some of you know I don't have a camera so know pics yet.  But once I get one and take some shots I'll post'em.

For those of you that don't know me, I'll descrbe my customs as best I can.

SA Grievous: I added articulation to the ankles (top and bottom), hips, elbows and upper arms. Then I straightened the right side hand.

Ankles: Added a ROTS battle droid elbow to the ankle and used the post and the ball and socket joint of a gundam for the feet.
Arms: Added ROTS battle droid elbows in the place of the originals, cut the elbows off a EP I bdroid and cut the Grievous arms below thw shoulder armor and slightly above the new elbows.  then glued the EP I pieces in, so that the arm can rotate.
Hips: Popped off the legs, cut and removed the post that held them.  then glued in to ball joints from a gundam and popped the legs onto those.

WIP Deluxe SA Galactic Marine: Built by chopping up multiple figures.

Dremeled out a POTF2 AT-ST pilot head so the helmet could fit on top of a clone helmet.  Then cut a section out of an old white tee shirt to make the face cloth,  glued it into the AT-ST helmet in the proper position so the visor showed.
Then I dremeled out the front and back of the SAGA snowtrooper torso.  made it so it can fit over the clone armor and trimmed the bottom a little.  Added straps to the top to hold the front and back together.  Then I added snap ons to the bottom side so  the armor can be taken on and off.  For the straps I used a SAGA endor trooper's gun strap, all sliced up and the snap on point from two of the CW ARC troopers Kama.
Drilled a hole in the back of the SA clone to match up with the snow trooper armor.  Then I cut off the pelvis with a dremel and glued the SAGA 06 han in carbonite pelvis in its place.
The kama and legs are still WIP and so is the paint job.

WIP Phase 2 armor ARC troopers- FanFic 2x

Used the SA clone, the #33 clone commanders kama and head, the ARC troopers paldron and guns, extra SA clone belts ( for the pouches), straps from the weapons of 12" army figures and vinyl sheets from a black binder cover to make holsters and pouches.

You'll see them once I get a camera.
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