Author Topic: The biggest "missed moment" of the prequels:  (Read 13857 times)

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Re: The biggest "missed moment" of the prequels:
« Reply #30 on: November 8, 2012, 01:53 PM »
The thing with the s-foils on the ARC were that they technically weren't even S-Foils...  There's no weaponry on the ends of them for a wider fire pattern or anything.

And as far as it being reminiscent of the X-Wing, other than the shape they open to, that's my beef...  They're really nothing like the X-Wing's are other than the shape!  MANY ships have folding wings.  V-19's, B-Wings, ships from The Old Republic, ships from The New Republic, ships from The Republic, and how many shuttles now?

I think it's probably something done for a variety of reasons...  space constraints when out of service (ala planes on an aircraft carrier), maneuverability improvements (either in space or not), wider firing patterns for weaponry, "heat dissipation" (I can buy it), etc.

To me it's like walkers...  It's not a lineage because a walker has 2 legs, so it must be related to all walkers with 2 legs.  That's like saying anything rolling on tracks is the same, when the reality is the vehicle may be an APC, it may be a tank destroyer, it may be mobile artillery, it may be a multi-purpose piece of armor, it may be a tractor for towing heavier equipment...  not to mention if it is a tank, it may be a light tank, heavy tank, medium tank, etc.

It was another shining example of oversimplification of the visuals for marketing purposes.  I hated that.  And to that end the ARC-170 and AT-RT failed on every level but simplistic similarities to have a true tie to OT vehicles.

That's a big raeson the Y-Wing would've worked on an epic level...  It just needed to be the CW armored version in the Prequals for it to have worked perfectly as a ship you would recognize, that had been stripped down to bare bones by the time of the Alliance...  It would stand as a testament that it could still compete that long past its "hey day" as a military craft.  The same with the Z-95 but more tied to the EU past it has since it would ultimately be a wholely different fighter to the X-Wing (and EU just ties them together as from the same manufacturer and many of the 95's features being carried over into the X-Wing's new space superiority fighter design, blah blah blah).

The AT-PT, for my money, just makes more sense.  It still wouldn't have been a further step to the AT-ST as I see them as wholely separate purposes, but it would've been an incredibly cooler design than some guy riding a walking moped into battle. 

Sadly the cartoon's actually made the RT cooler by making it quite nimble, so I can buy it as a weapon of war, but to me it does nothing better than a Speederbike with ultimately a similar goal in mind.  Speed, agility, etc., while still giving a small weapons platform.  I suppose one could argue that it is a better static mobile gun (think like having the little gun that drops out of the Falcon for Han to clear away his ship from danger) to do infantry support, than a speederbike would be, but it's still got an exposed operator which makes it a very unsafe thing to just stop and start shooting with it trying to support some infantry in the process.

Maybe the antenna's boost communication signals for infantry squads that are near it?  :-\  I've been thinking about that, and "counter-jamming" issues since communication jamming does come up in Star Wars some.
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Re: The biggest "missed moment" of the prequels:
« Reply #31 on: November 10, 2012, 12:43 PM »
I never really saw a significant link from the AT-RT to the AT-ST other than they both have 2 legs. Rather, the AT-ST looks like it was the result of a combination of the concepts behind the AT-AP and the AT-RT. The AT-ST has the size and crew protection of the AT-AP, but the 2 legs and mobility of the AT-RT. 
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Re: The biggest "missed moment" of the prequels:
« Reply #32 on: February 5, 2013, 12:16 PM »
Lots of missed moments...

Personally, I would heve liked to see the Prequels start with Attack of the clones.  Maybe just take Maul from TPM and stick him in the first movie. 

They could have dove into more of the Jedi. Specifcally Obi-Wan..would have likd to see his development even more.  Only a few minutes of them battling the droids wasn't enough.  Missed diving into the main characters themselves.  They almost seemed like a simple background character themselves.

Clones...more of the battles.  Also wold have liked to see more prototype moments similar to when we see the plas for th Death Star.

More linking the OT to te prequels..  Woul have liked to see more tim spent on places like Alderaan...give you mor to go on, and more to feel for the people of the planet when it was destroyed in the original movie.  Tie it in more somehow.  Also, would hae liked tosee more of te beginnings of the Reellion...they could have done more vs. deleting the scenes showing it more as an underground movement.

I think they shoud have started out showing ho the Galaxy was at peace and was flourishing before the politcs came in and the Clone Wars ravaged everything.  They kind of dive into the politics, ad yo never got a full feeling everythig was great before the Empire and bad after.  They missed showing the big picture to dive into the small stories of too many characters.

I love anything Star Wars, and to me even BAD star Wars is better than 95% of what Hollwood is churning out these days.

I call them good movies, that could have been done much much better.

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