Author Topic: Go for your sidearm  (Read 3619 times)

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Re: Go for your sidearm
« Reply #15 on: June 29, 2006, 01:45 AM »
I don't know all of the names of these guys so just play along
-Momaw puts away his peaceful ways like Roron Corrob & takes out a pistol
-Everyone would soot at Greedo
-Braniac would say "Fighting is for homosapie...." Then get shot for being a smart ass
-Muftak then clawed down the Trandoshan,Momaw,& the three he was sitting with,Kabe riding on Muftak shooting Snaggletooth
-Han then shoots Kabe,Muftak enraged for his lil' buddy's death goes after Han only to die by Chewie's bare hands
-The Tonnika sisters get shot by Hem
-The bartender then shoots at Hem,Hem ducks & kill the bartender
-Wolfman then turns back into a naked man & everyone luaghs then shoots him
-Phur then shoots the other wolf looking guy
-Phur gets shot by the Devil guy then gets shot by Chewie
-Han & Chewie find a Detonator & sneaks out throwing the Detonator into the Cantina.....BOOM! "What the hell just happend Chewie?" "Raaar?!*I don't know*"

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