Author Topic: Star Wars World - Background story thread  (Read 3686 times)

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Re: Star Wars World - Background story thread
« Reply #15 on: June 27, 2006, 11:14 PM »
My suggestion is based on a few ideas that Ive heard.

My suggestion is to have it as a amall out of the way world, with no real strategic importance. But have a valuable commodity such as spice or jewel mines or what not that merit an imperial presence. Albeit a small one.

This would explain the strange and myriad collection of aliens. Set it up like Dronegar from the " Medstar" books. Only with a few smugglers and such.
With an out of the way part of town set up like Tortuga from the PTOC movies. This would be where the stinkhole cantina would be. ( and probably the largest Imp trooper presence ;))

I would like to stick with the diagrams thwt Chewie and Glassman came up with for the actual look of the town. The big Imp tower looming over everything is very creepy looking. The tower would be the only thing that would look 'new" whereas everything is very run down and rusting.

Thats all ive got for now. I may come up with more later.

I'm thinking of naming it with the word " minor" in the title. Just to give the idea of its insignifigance to the New Empire.

We could also be a hutt and its palace. I like the idae of having mines. :) That would also be another reason a Hutt was there. There should also be a small rebel base. Maybe deep in a forest or up in the mountains. That's all iv'e got for now.

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Re: Star Wars World - Background story thread
« Reply #16 on: June 28, 2006, 01:12 AM »
WEll, I'm not good at stories or names or any of all that, so I'll just throw out a couple of ideas I had.  I also like the look of both Chewies and Glassmans drawings, though I'd like to see a little less forset and more rock/mountain land and grasslands on eachside of it, maybe right at the edge of the city, there's a couple fields and hills, then a forest, then rocks and the mountain.
Even thoguh I think a forest would look real cool.. I'm afraid it will tale away from a lot of stuff that can be put in and around it...

I like the big Imperial tower in there.. I'd like to see some sort of "Medieval Castle" take on it.. back then, the way a castle was constructed, was the main living area was in the center, then there was a smaller wall, and then the "town" where the peasants lived... In a way, I think this would look cool.. Yet I dont mean making an actual Medieval looking castle/tower, but just using the layout/look of one for the Imperial Tower and the town surrounding it.

Another thing I was thinking was maybe making the setting in a cooler, almost winter climate... Hear me out.. thinking about the construction process, I think this would work in out favor... we could have a setting where, it's like the beginning of a winter cycle, that way, when we start to piece together the thing, if there's any inconsistencies in the terrain, we could easilt get some fake snow and cover up small areas, so it jus tlook like snow drifts or what not...  I think it'd also help in the trees area, I mean, making forests and treas can be a huge undertaking, not to mention, how well will the "leaves" look?? If we go with a cooler climate, we could ditch the leaves, and have bear trees, and I think this would actually help in the forest.. at least you could  set up a number of mini dios going on in the forest.. and not worry about people straining to see throught the foiliage..

Someone mentioned using stone tiles.. and I like this idea.. but that can add a lot of weight to the project.. what about buying some cheap linoleum floor tiles.. buying some of that stone/rock spray paint and going over them with that? And to make it even more effective, there can be a different number of sprays used for streets, clear areas in the town/outpost...

I'm for being set between EP3 and 4.. I dont know if this has been set in stone or not, but I really think this will be good cause, that's what Lucas is gonna be working on and most likely what we'll be seeing at C4, stuff for the animated and live action show...

If we pick that time frame(like I said, I dont know if it has been or not), I'd like to see a good clone/stormtrooper hybrid... I think one easy simple solution would be to use a stormtrooper helmet on a clone body.. I think clones are a lit easier to find than "good looking" stormtroopers... and I think we could also use snowtrooper/Galactic marines here as well...

I like the idea of a Hutt "crimeloard" of some sorts.. maybe we could build his "palace" in the mountains.. and that'd be perfect for a slew of seedy characters as we saw in RotJ in Jabba's Palace.

I mentioned in the main thread, but I'd like to see something like a race track of some sort, at first I mentioned a swoop track, but with thinking about the cooler climate, maybe a different kinda speeder race track of some sorts. the main reason I wanna do something like this, was I think this could be our one way of each contributing something that would represent who we are in the real world.. we could each customize a speeder/swoop/hovercycle whatever it is.. and put it in there, maybe even do how nascar and Rally racers do and put our name on the "car"...  This way, even if someone did help in the planning, construction, figures, vehicles, or whatever.. you wouldn't really know who did what(I'm talking about the passerbys at the con).. but if we say put a little stand up near the "race track" and had a list of the vehicles(maybe by number) and the vehicles, we could explain how each "race car" represented a customizer that worked on the project...

Anyway.. that's all I can think of right now.. let me know what you guys think... I'm off to go watch Macguyver lol..

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Re: Star Wars World - Background story thread
« Reply #17 on: June 28, 2006, 04:12 PM »
-Centare: Rise of a planet-

Although the planet Centare has seen many years of history and without a doubt countless wars, some didn’t believe that it even existed, as it’s native species did not ever leave the planet until its later years. Slightly off of the Perlemian trade route, and with its neighboring planets, Mandalore and Obroa-Skai, many thought it was too close to the deep core to be a habitable planet. The humanoid, Centarens thought otherwise.

From time to time traders would be forced to make “pit stops” on the planet and would be stripped of their valuable items and killed. This acquiring of technology from many civilization’s led the Centarens to grow rapidly, not only by using the weapons or other items they had gathered, but by improving on them.  For many years, the Centarens advanced in technology, not only improving life in the dense jungle outskirts and City core of their planet, but creating a means to make a formidable army as well.  The Centarens became so advanced that it was questionable as to whether they would be able to stay unnoticed for very long. Cautious of the now emerging galaxy the Centarens formed their army and began to train for battle. By 3996 B.B.Y the Centarens had amassed a full fledged military and when war brought itself to the doorstep of Centare they were prepared for the burden it would be on their world.

-The Mandalorian Wars-

Seeking to use the planet as a supply and hyperspace jump point (unknowing as to how difficult hyperspace jumps from the deep core are) the Mandalorians arrived on the planet in force during what would later be called The Mandalorian Wars. Much to the Mandalorians surprise they were met with a military of great strength and the Mandalorians were driven from the planet, leaving some of their prized armor and weapons, along with many of their comrades. They vowed however, to return someday and conquer.  Little did the Mandalorians know, they would be caught on the planet of Onderon and devastated, by Republic forces just one year later. This would not stop the long feud that would later exist between the two civilizations.

-A time of peace?-

Years passed and peace had found itself on Centare. The wars of factions and planets had stopped and the Centarens began to again focus on technology and were not as cautious of other planets as they had been in the past. Centarens had perfected Hyperspace jumps in the deep core and with this discovery were not only able to travel, but were now able to use the close by Perlemian trade route, which stretched from Courscant, through Taanab and all the way past Felucia. As the hyperspace technology spread across the galaxy many different species came to Centare in search of goods and many of the usual shops and cantinas that were so popular on other planets began to open up. The planet of Centare gained massive wealth from this trade route, but peace could not last long. They began to swim in greed as the military generals wanted to use their newly gained power to conquer planets (namely mandalore) and the higher politicians seeked a partnership with the Republic in order to establish more trade routes passing through and around Centare. The Centarens began to destroy themselves from the inside as the civilization split into two factions, the Neshan and the Bosok. The Neshan which inhabited the jungle area of the planet used guerilla warfare to harass the Bosok city dwellers who were “too filled with pride to use what works” said the Neshan leader commenting on how the Bosok refused to use the Mandalorian inspired armor that the Neshan swore by.

-Unable to fight another war-

By 23 B.B.Y. the factions had crumbled and while the technologies they had established remained intact (both on Centare and off world thanks to the, its people were devastated. They began to rebuild. A year later the Seperatist movement had rose and little did they know all their reconstruction would be in vain as the planet of Centare would be host to many battles (most of which had no strategic significance) during the clone wars. By 19 B.B.Y. the Centarens were in dire need of assistance with rebuilding their planet and negotiatans were opened up with the Republic. Unfortunately, the Republic had sunk and the newly formed Galactic Empire was established too soon for the Centarens to get any real help.

-A Precious Commodity-

Under an Imperial rouse, Imperial Transports and StarDestroyers carried down stormtroopers as Centarens in complete disbelief were being gathered by the thousands and branded as slaves to the Empire because of their technological prowess. Grand Moff Tarkin spearheaded the campaign and said only this about the planet. “We have gathered a precious commodity on Centare, its people.”

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Re: Star Wars World - Background story thread
« Reply #18 on: June 28, 2006, 09:59 PM »
well the feedbacks been good so far. anyone else  ::)   :P

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Re: Star Wars World - Background story thread
« Reply #19 on: June 28, 2006, 11:04 PM »
Well, I've sent in about three now, only to Master Phurby, and one to Chewie. Here's one off the top of my head:

Planet name: Palacious

Capital: Phoxis

Population: 6.2 Billion

Species: Human, Rodian, Bothan, Zabrak(sp), Mon Calamari

Geography: a large continent of crystal covers half of the planet, several small islands dot the oceans

Climate: Average temp 35 degrees, farenheit, one snowy season(3 standard mos)

Planet history: In 1,682 BBY, a large group of scientists set up a laboratory on a large, cold, planet in an uncharted part of the Outer Rim. This planet they named Palacious for its large continent of blue crystal, on which the one of the planet's cities resides, its capital, Phoxis. The city cascades up as a cone with many caves in the wall where many homes and buisnesses are located. A large magnalev train carries the inhabbitants to and from the differnt caves. One of the smaller cities, Osharzin, contains a large group of the planet's wealthy reside. Phoxis was home of the scientist's main lab where they mined the blue crystals, known as Oceanisaas. These crystals were sold for great profit to the Core Worlds' wealthy for jewlery and decoration. The people of Palacious lived in peace until the Empire was formed in 19 BBY. That year, the Empire took over the planet's government and its miing buisness. The planet's poor and middle-class were plunged into poverty, while the wealthy sold their share of the mining industry. A tall, looming, Imperial base was constructed on the small island of Osharzin at the top of the crystal. over 1,000 feet of crystal on the top was blown off to accomidate a low alttitude base. Over 1,300 people were forced from the area. The Empire currently rules its wealthiest aquisition with an iron fist.
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Re: Star Wars World - Background story thread
« Reply #20 on: June 28, 2006, 11:10 PM »

Between Episodes III-IV

The Planet is under siege.  The Empire is gaining the upper hand during an amphibious assault on the beach of Kashyyyk, in the town, in the jungle.  Hundreds of wookiees have been taken prisoner, but some remain at large where they are ripping VOTC stormies arms from their sockets.  Decaying Kashyyyk clones and armor (Fritzkrieg  ;) ) and battle droid parts are still visible protruding from the sands on the beach.  An intense guerrilla style wookiee assault is being fended off by VOTC stormtrooper and Evo sandtrooper units in the streets of the Kashyyyk town (think Mos Eisley with more foliage).

Think of the raging war we could portray.

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