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Henry Phoenix #4 - Regrouping
« on: September 3, 2006, 06:33 AM »
It's time for another Henry Phoenix photonovel...but after this, you're going to see something that's a bit better. Well, about that later.
But now, Phoenix presents:

Henry Phoenix #4 - Regrouping

The following takes place 1 year after the events of Henry Phoenix #3 - Game Over.

Jack Phoenix has been captured by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

Meanwhile, Henry Phoenix and some other staff members of the Order have been called to a secret meeting...

Felon Yorker: And then that moron fell over just like nothin'!
Gregor McRae: Hah, good one, Mr. Yorker.
Henry Phoenix: I wonder...who called us here?
Felon Yorker: Who knows? Somebody with knowledge of the Order, I think.

Xentor Helros: It was me.
Everyone: YOU?!

Xentor Helros: I was wondering...we should go to the HQ and find out where are other supporters of the Order, you know...
Teuvo: Well, why not.
Henry Phoenix: Yeah, agreed.

Xentor Helros: Then we should get going!

Order of the Phoenix HQ:
Felon Yorker: Uggh, what a mess!
Xentor Helros: Well, this is the only way to central computer room, so...
Gregor McRae: Sir, do you mean that we should clean this up?
Xentor Helros: Yeah.

Teuvo: I wonder what's under this carbonite slob...
Felon Yorker (thinking): Now or never...!

Felon Yorker: Nobody moves or this guy dies!
Henry Phoenix: ...!
Gregor McRae: Oh...
Xentor Helros: F...!

Felon Yorker: Hands up and get outside! NOW!

Felon Yorker: And now, you will die. Don't worry, it's quite painless...quite.
Teuvo: No way!

Felon Yorker: Arrghh!
Teuvo:  The Acolytes of Jack will never die!


Felon Yorker: Oh yeah? Watch!
Teuvo: head...

Felon Yorker: Gimme that!
Teuvo: No way, since you've been a bad, bad boy!


Teuvo: I win, you die.

Felon Yorker: No, no, no!


Teuvo: Arrgghh...

Felon Yorker: THAT was close...gotta be more careful.

Felon Yorker: Now we'll take you to your friends...hah!

Xentor Helros: What have you done to him?!
Henry Phoenix: Yeah, what?
Gregor McRae: Oh dear...
Felon Yorker: SHUT UP! All of you!

Felon Yorker: Now get in the godforsaken ship or your partner dies!
Henry Phoenix: You won't get away with this...
Felon Yorker: Shut up!

Felon Yorker: Now then, Gregor...let's go the Forest Moon of Endor...and no tricks or else...!
Gregor McRae: I understand, sir.

Onboard Executor:
Jack Phoenix: stomach...yeoww...
Admiral: Well, you're awake, Mr. Phoenix.
Jack Phoenix: Wh...?
Admiral: I saved you're life. You were poisoned.

Jack Phoenix: Get out of my way or I'll cut your throat...slowly and painfully.
Admiral: No! Please!

Jack Phoenix: Good boy, admiral. You're free to die now.
Admiral: *gag* Pleeea...*choke*

Soon after, on the Forest Moon of Endor:
Jack Phoenix (thinking): Now I need to find something...why else would the Force want me to come here?

Wicket W. Warrick: Gwwuuuh!
Jack Phoenix: Oh, hi there, furball.


Felon Yorker: Move it, you lazyabouts!

Henry Phoenix: This is not good...what would Jack do?
Xentor Helros: He'd kick that traitor's ass right now!
Gregor McRae: But sirs, he has a hostage.
Xentor Helros: Yeah...

Felon Yorker: Ok, stay where you are or know what happens!

Felon Yorker: Let's go...pal! Hah! Serves you right!
Jack Phoenix (thinking): Teuvo? He seems to be in danger...gotta act now, think later...

Felon Yorker: Hey! My syringe!
Jack Phoenix: Phew!

Teuvo: You're not going anywhere, "pal"!
Felon Yorker: Hey!

Henry Phoenix: What the hell...JACK?!
Xentor Helros: Master!
Gregor McRae: Sir!
Jack Phoenix: Yeah, kids. Were you gettin' worried or what? Ha ha ha!

Bright Tree Village:
Henry Phoenix: That little furball was nice since he invited us here.
Jack Phoenix: Yeah...
Henry Phoenix: What is it, Jack?
Jack Phoenix: I've come here to end the Emperor's reign of terror for once and for all...
Henry Phoenix: No! You're too weak!
Jack Phoenix: I know I will die eventually, so why not for something good?
Xentor Helros: Well...master has a point, Henry...
Gregor McRae: Sir, it's been an honour to serve under your command.
Jack Phoenix: Thanks, Gregor.
Henry Phoenix: Wait! Before you go...umm...could you tell me something about your life before the Order...since...I never got to know you that well...
Jack Phoenix: Well, okay bro, but just one story.


And as always, comments are more than welcome!  ;)
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