Author Topic: Previews Exclusive Death Star Briefing 7-Pack  (Read 52079 times)

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Re: Previews Exclusive Death Star Briefing 7-Pack
« Reply #195 on: April 16, 2007, 03:04 AM »
If you are still looking to buy this check out

Thanks for the tip on this, Justin.  I've been sitting on my lazy ass for months regarding this set, as well as the Republic Commando set.  So I hustled on over to Newforce after catching your post here and grabbed two of each, finally.  I barely snuck in there in time, as I apparently grabbed the last of the Death Star double-sets (though they're still available individually).  I stuck it in my cart, but when I clicked "Back" a second later to check the shipping quote, the "2-pack" was listed as sold out (the last one was sitting in my cart, apparently).  Fortunately, Rick at Newforce told me my order came through just fine, so I guess I'm in good shape.  For a change, I don't even have to pay the sales tax on these, as I would've at EE where I was planning on getting them.  I guess the shipping offsets that (since EE is 15 minutes away), but the prices at Newforce were obviously way better (saved just over $42 total), so I'm glad I popped in here and caught your post.  Thanks for the head's up!

I actually only saw the Death Star Conference room in person for the first time yesterday, coincidentally.  Nice looking set, of course, though an OT/better Tarkin would've certainly been a plus.  As would a real table and chairs, with articulated knees on the figures, which obviously goes without saying.  But with 4 all-new figures in one set, each at less than regular retail prices, how the hell can you go wrong?!  Excellent set, and excellent value.  I'll probably nab a third set at some point, if I see any for even cheaper later on down the line...
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