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It's been two years since the VOTC figures came out, and as everyone knows, they've gone mostly without reprint; C3PO in the ROTJ commemorative DVD collection (which ironically, as a set, cost just as much as he did alone), R2D2 reprinted without his accessories and with a glued-on hatch, the Stormtrooper partially used then completely reprinted with modifications as the Evolutions and TSC Sandtroopers respectively, parts of Han reused/retooled for the VTSC Trenchcoat Han, and Luke's ugly head reused on the VTSC X-Wing Pilot Luke.

That said, people hoard these. Madly. Many people love to army-build with the VOTC Stormtroopers and it seems to be common that each one now costs $30, even loose- a 300% price increase over the original.

Looking around on ebay, as I have in the past, I find the prices to be consistantly high. VOTC Chewbacca is, at cheapest, $15- more commonly $20. Han, Leia, Obi wan, and Luke seem to  start out at some nice price like $7 and usually hike up to $15 (or more) by auction's end. R2D2 and mysteriously C3PO seem to hold similar prices to Chewbacca; high. Lando is usually about $12-$20, and he's supposedly still pegwarming (not anywhere that I've ever found, though sadly). Anything with Vader's name on it on eBay has an automatic excuse to charge $10 over anything that could ever sort of be reasonable. These are just my observations looking around in the past and recently.

So my question is, what should someone usually expect to pay? eBay is awful for ridiculously high prices- I see the DVD commemorative collections being sold for $30, POTF2s individually going for $15-$30 for stuff like a loose Jedi Luke- prices that are, frankly, ridiculous. Is there a better way or place to buy the VOTC figures? What's a good deal on any of these?

I bring this up because I'm contemplating buying a Chewbacca soon (as in possibly tonight/tommorrow, maybe) for $15.50 counting shipping- on "buy it now," at that. It's the best deal I've managed to find on eBay. I'm just curious to see if those who have more experience have any insights about buying these at this point in time, in general.

$15.50 shipped sounds like a good deal for Chewie. It's roughly retail + shipping. I don't think you'll find a better price, certainly not by "tonight/tommorrow". ;) If there's any figure worth $15.50 shipped, it's the amazing VOTC Chewbacca!

Yep, I haven't sent the money order yet (missed getting it out today.... really need to get it done tomorrow in time to go out with the mail that day), but I went ahead and did the "buy it now" thing last night. :) Really looking forward to it; my best-articulated/sculpted Chewbacca so far is still my Millenium Falcon Mechanic Chewie. Kinda sad, really...

I've more or less decided against buying an episode III Chewie unless I find one really cheap, and then I'll use him either for an episode IV Chewie or actually display him with prequel figures. I managed to find a single review, which basically said his articulation is okay (as it looks) but his head is super-loose because of the "wookie rage" action feature. What I really wanted was the VOTC Chewie anyway, so I think I've made the right decision.

It's also good to know that is the best price I'm likely to find him at. Thanks :)

So, what kind of prices do the others usually go for?

I don't know exactly what the others go for, but checking closed eBay auctions is about as accurate a gauge as any. I hate to even look at what the Stormtrooper sells for... You know, you might also be able to find someone who'll sell you an Early Bird Chewie pretty cheap, since the sets clearanced out real low. That's a wonderful fig, being the VOTC body and a new head (closed mouth, combed back hair). ROTS Chewie is horrendous. The articulation stinks, and the stance is lame.

Ah... okay, thanks :) I could never really tell from the pictures quite how good the figure would be in-hand.

I would love to get an early bird Chewie, but figured they were expensive/uncommon by now. Maybe I should scratch that bit about "leaving" and post a new, shorter wants list....


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