Author Topic: new endor rebels trooper question  (Read 3849 times)

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Re: new endor rebels trooper question
« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2007, 04:36 AM »
Bumping this...

Out of simple anger/depression this evening I decided to crack apart figures all night, so I busted out my Endor Rebels...  Interesting physical build to the new (Saga) ones.  The way the neck post is stuck in the torso makes it IMPOSSIBLE to pull out without breaking the post.  You must remove the arms, crack the torso, then remove the neck post that way.  Weird...

Also weird to me was the fact the torso's cracked relatively easily on the '06 figures.  I know the '02 figures needed their center post cut generally to crack.  Very strange.

Anyway, I also boil/froze legs into place so they were all now neutrally stanced.  Thank god.

Moving on, I also dyed a Han jacket to make my Commando Sergeant...  Cool ass idea, and it worked like a charm Dago-Bah, so thanks man.  I used some hunter green Tamiya in water, and just let the jacket sit in the concoction while I boiled/popped/froze figures... 

I also did a boil/freeze on:

-Holographic Cody (made his hips slightly loose at the lower torso, but it improved an attrocious figure, as did the same procedure I used on the original Cody some months ago.  F you Hasbro, you bastards, for screwing up the most demanded Clone in history, Cody).

-The Grey-haired officer from the DST Briefing pack...  It's the guy that came in to advise that Dantooine was an abandoned base.  My figure was leaning forward so much he couldn't stand up so I needed to do this fix.

-Moff Jerjerrod...  I hated that dumbass stance Hasbro gave him.  Gotta love their line about, "we thought it made the figure more dynamic" or whatever crock of **** they came up with in the Q&A...  Another figure they screwed the pooch on with just a bad sculpt choice.  This was the best boil/freeze of the day by the way.  Flawless, and he's 100% better.

-All 3 Republic COmmandoes (new ones) from the RC pack.  All mine were a bitch to stand up right so I boil/freezed the legs.  These were rough to do, lemme tell you.  The legs were very awkwardly positioned with the feet sort of outward.  I got them turned more inward and got the legs straightened slightly.  The ultimate goal was just 3 figures that could stand without the slightest fart crosswise causing everyone to topple.  I got them though after some work with very little hip loosening really.  Kudos to me.

And I popped apart a few random figures...

Midget from POTC, a Clone Pilot as I broke my first attempt's torso, a Scorch that my gf's kid broke (so I'm giving him one of mine to replace it and popping his apart for the pieces), an extra Jerjerrod, POTC Cannibal, and a couple other random things.

Now I gotta find a place to put these parts because my parts trays are overflowing.  Gah!

Also found some nifty pieces for a swoop I've had on my desk for about a year that I started but got bored with.  Might get back to it perhaps. 

Busy evening, and all started with me wanting to whip my Endor Rebels into shape.
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