Author Topic: Changing the laying down clone into standing clone from clone 3 pack.  (Read 1150 times)

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Well, I finally got  the 3 pack clone troopers set today, and it is awesome, but I wasn't happy with the clone trooper that lay  face down and I wanted to have 3 clones standing up, not 2 standing and one laying down.  

so heres what I did:

Heat up the legs with hot waters. Wait until the legs are soft. Then reposition the legs that  I desired, held it the way I  want it as the cold water is running, so the legs can stay the way I wanted. After that, I threw it into the freezer, waited about a mintue or two(Do not wait, otherwise It'll break). I then took an ice pick, heated it  on a stove until it tunrs bright red/orange. then penetrate the ice pick into the bottom of the foot  so I can make a peg hole. i did this on both foot. I then placed the trooper onto the  clear realstand.  I previously placed it on a commtech, but it didn't work because it had one peg, which the realstand has two.

the clone trooper looks really awesome and has some kind of a matrix style pose, as if he is dodging the shot.

Hope this help for anyone who dislike the laying down on the ground clone.
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Do you have any pictures of this that you can share with us?