Author Topic: Your 30AC Shopping: Retail or Online?  (Read 6659 times)

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Re: Your 30AC Shopping: Retail or Online?
« Reply #45 on: October 17, 2007, 05:50 AM »
Retail.  Always retail.  I live for the "thrill of the hunt", so shopping online is basically "cheating" to me. ;)  Of course, I have the luxury of being in SoCal, where there's about 30 Target stores within an hour of me, and another 20+ WMs and TRUs, so I'm lucky in that respect.  However, I can see how folks in other areas that have only one or two (poorly stocked) stores nearby would definitely want to go with the online route instead.

I do shop online whenever there's an online exclusive (like at EE), of course.  Maybe an eBay purchase from time to time as well, but that's about the extent of online shopping for me.  Of course, with gas prices surging way over $3 a gallon again, and traffic being as ****** as it is in L.A., I may need to start rethinking my shopping methodologies soon here...  :-\