Author Topic: Angry People on TV Are Funny.  (Read 447 times)

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Angry People on TV Are Funny.
« on: February 12, 2008, 11:53 PM »
There's something about watching people get pissed off that I take sick pleasure in, and I've found a new way to get my jollies with this...  Watching TV tonight, A&E had some new show on (at least one I hadn't seen before) called Parking Wars...  If you haven't watched this before, I highly suggest you give it a whirl...

Basically, they follow around (like the show "cops") Parking Authority workers in Philadelphia...  It's great.  I thought the repo shows were funny, and they are in a way (and sort of action-ish, like cops is), however the Parking Wars show is much more light-hearted and just filled with people who freak out over parking tickets...  It's great!

It's extra funny too because getting parking tickets is usually something very avoidable, just that people don't give a **** at the time, so it comes back to bite them in the ass on this program and YOU get to be there! 

Maybe I'm sick, or easily entertained, or both, but I could watch this all day...  People threaten the meter people, people threaten the impound truck, people freak out at the impound office...  It's simply a fun time. 

Two thumbs up, all the way.
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