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Comic-Con: Overall Impressions
« on: July 26, 2004, 01:13 PM »
So, after a weekend of toys, movie information, title announcements, giveaways, etc., what do you think of the future of Star Wars after what we have learned at Comic-Con?  Once again, I'd like to commend Matt, Jared, and the staff here at JD for great coverage of the event, and delving deeper into things that weren't covered at the Q and A.  What are your impressions?  Anything in particular stand out, or that you were disappointed with?

Hasbro Basic Figures
Well, unfortunately it looks like the OTC is officially done (for now) after the 39 figures.  Kind of disappointed there weren't anymore new figures going to be included in this line, but it has been a pretty good year all said.  The VOTC figures shown continue to look great, although there are perhaps a few shortcomings on our favorite droids.  Overall though, I think I'd say that the entire VOTC line looks great, from sculpting standpoints.  Disappointing to hear that they won't be repacked (at least by what Matt was told), and even if that isn't the entire truth, I don't think we'll be seeing anything any time soon.

Good to see a few new waves are coming next year, prior to Episode III.  The Cantina wave is especially welcome, although I'm one that would have liked to see Hem Dazon included as well.  The waves do seem to be filled with figures many people have been jonesin' for though, which is great.  The Cantina and Jedi Council packs kind of seem like a joke to me.  I want to the get whole council circle, but these sets are really seeming like ripoffs to me now at $20.  Blue Snaggy is cool, but we don't have any K-Marts in town, and the other figs don't make it worth it anyways most likely.

IG-88 looked nice, as well as the other previously announced figures (Bossk, Tusken, Aayla).  I've really been enjoying this line overall, and I hope it continues.  I've only been collecting the OT ones, but some of the others look nice too.  Too bad they take up too much space, or I'd probably get them all.

Galactic Heroes
This is another line I really enjoy (and also go OT only on, except maybe for that Yoda/Clone pack).  Glad to see a few more 2 packs announced, and I hope that this line continues in some fashion as well.  Just a neat little collectible, and great for your kids, nieces/nephews, or even just yourself :).

Miscellanous Thoughts
Some of the other lines represented looked very nice as well.  Gentle Giant obviously does wonderful work, and the new collectibles coming from Sideshow and Master Replicas look spiffy as well.  If I had the budget for these areas, I'd be all over it.  The Bust-Ups (at their lower price point) are awfully tempting.

The Episode III title...I like it.  Maybe not a huge surprise, as this has been one talked about for quite some time it seems, but I like it because it seems to fit in more with the titles of the OT movies.  Mirrors ROTJ nicely as well.

The packaging (well, this has its own thread), but it is something like we've never seen before.  I don't know what to think of it for sure, but it does seem to be a little more visually interesting than the POTF2, POTJ, and Saga incarnations.  I also like the inclusion of the character pic on the bubble, stands out nice and will make figures easy to find on the pegs.  I also really like the Vader helmet (and silhouette), as well as the lava.

Kind of disappointed with the Hasbro reps (well, at least one the way it sounds) treatment of Matt when he asked them a few questions.  I don't really care for the collecting community as a whole being looked down upon, especially when we readily support their line for a number of years.  I think we all know (and they do, deep down), that without us, they wouldn't even be in the stores anymore.  I do hope that kids like and buy Star Wars, and lots of it, because I hope that another generation can experience the magic of this great Saga...but don't disregard us just because we're adults.  Disappointing news about items such as the VOTC availability as well.  Otherwise, it was a nice show, good to hear some new Episode III news, see a few figures for the first time (VOTC Wave 3, 2005 figures) and get a glimpse of what is to come.  Overall, what are your impressions of the show, what we've seen, and what is yet to come?

Just realized, maybe this doesn't fit in the OTC thread, if not, feel free to move it and/or delete it.  Sorry :).

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Re: Comic-Con: Overall Impressions
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2004, 05:48 PM »
Good topic:

Basic Figures

Too much rehashes, but some nice new waves are on the horizon thank GOD for that!  I am really stoked about the VOTC Stormtrooper, I am praying that they will re-release it in a less expensive and easier to acquire way, and am pleased that it looks like it will blend in well with the CT version.  I also wanted to see more vehicles/playsets.  Oh damn.  But I do like the new Y-wing look, especially since I do have the POTJ one.


I'm with you, these take up so much space!  I do like them a lot more than the 12" line though.

Galactic Heroes

I don't collect them, but they are definitely fun looking.

Misc. Thoughts

I love the EP3 title!  I want to see some EP3 figures!  No action features damnit. >:(


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Re: Comic-Con: Overall Impressions
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2004, 07:08 PM »
My cousin said today Hasbro is like the lover who keeps leaving you for a younger, flashier person, only to come back, for a while, before leaving again.   :P

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Re: Comic-Con: Overall Impressions
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2004, 10:04 PM »
Basic figures: Hasbro, you just as well not bother releasing any waves between January and April 2005. No stores are going to order them, and we'll have another Endor Generals problem on our hands, and I'll bet you ten dollars they won't be repacked in the Episode III line.

And take your $10 VOTC and shove 'em. Don't ever try it again.

Unleashed: If I could find Princess Leia, I'd really be happy, but I can't. Ffft.

Galatic Heroes: How many kids lines do you need? IMO, if there are two of these kiddie lines, why the hell would the basic 3 3/4" line need action features to attract the kids if all their parent's money is going to be spent on these? Methinks it's a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.

Thoughts: I'm beginning to get disgusted with the whole toy collecting thing in general, and a return of the loathed action features to my favorite line has me contemplating why I bother putting up with this ****. Add to it chases and shortpacks in other lines I collect, and it's just stupid. I might stick with Buffy and LOTR, because those two lines have something new to offer, which Hasbro and Star Wars cannot.

Anyway, enough of my complaining, back to your thread.
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Re: Comic-Con: Overall Impressions
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2004, 09:06 AM »
Galatic Heroes: How many kids lines do you need? IMO, if there are two of these kiddie lines, why the hell would the basic 3 3/4" line need action features to attract the kids if all their parent's money is going to be spent on these? Methinks it's a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.

Good thought regarding the return of action features, I never thought of it that way.  Although I know we're never ones to say "stop making all this Star Wars stuff", it does seem kind of excessive in some ways.  They are bringing action features back to the basic line because "the kids love 'em", so that is something they consider a "kids" line....we have Galactic Heroes, which is a "kids" line, and now they are introducing those Jedi Force figures (although they weren't shown at Comic-Con for some reason), and those are also a "kids" line.  Might be spreading it a little too thin here pretty soon.

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Re: Comic-Con: Overall Impressions
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2004, 02:07 PM »
Action features SUCK and make me SICK I would like to SOCK whoever came up with them right in the SACK.


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Re: Comic-Con: Overall Impressions
« Reply #6 on: July 28, 2004, 06:45 PM »
Good topic as always Mosnab...  

Basic Figures:

Loved the news here...  3 awesome waves left before E3 (at least) and all pretty solid figures.

3 Cantina Aliens in a year alone is enough to go apecrap really.  3 in a wave?  WOW!  Can't ask fr much more than that, plus one of them just happened to be one of my most wanted Cantina Aliens (Dannik Jerricho).  Great choice IMO.  I'll be happy to get Myo too since he's one of my favrite in weirdness factor.

The other 2 prequal sets weren't high on my list, but Yarua's great wookie fodder (much needed for customizers) and Pablo's looking like he MAY be poseable in a neutral fashion and action pose.  I can't argue with that in the slightest.  I'm not as big on the final figure f the wave, or the Naboo wave, but I'll not turn my nose to them either.

The other thing about basic figures I liked hearing was the "Super Articulation" word uttered about army builders, and that this trend WOULD continue to some extent.  I think it should to a great extent, but at least to some extent.  That was definitely a high point for me personally.

VOTC Figures:

AWESOME!  Simply perfect Stormtrooper and Boba Fett.  OK, perfect's perhaps a bit overboard, but they're really great.  I loved the looks of Chewbacca as well.  Awesome.

3PO and R2-D2 are disappointing to say the least.  Very upsetting that these two are this mediocre when compared to the rest of this line.  Even LUke's growing n me, and Obi-Wan is superior to 3PO and R2 which, to me, is surprising.  Obi was a disappointment, but 3PO and R2 took the cake really.  :(

Also, speaking of VOTC disappointments, the way Matt was treated when he mentioned VOTC reshipments (and the way he was treated in general by the one schmuck) is sad.  Very bad business etiquette, which SDCC is basically the equivalent of a public Toy Fair at this point.  I'm disappointed in the company overall due to the behavior of an individual.  

I hope LandoScoundrel's and Scott's opinion that they're just not "tipping their hand", so to speak is the truth and that the guy Matt talked to was merely a simple ******bag among the more "cool" folks.  We'll see I guess.

The idea that there's smeone looking out for "us" is there in my mind too, I just hate hearing what I heard this past weekend.  


I have to say I'm indifferent, but yet I'm goinog to break and buy an IG-88 and Bossk if I can find them.  Both just look that great.  I'm not into separate lines like this, but I'll definitely bite on these two if they're not a royal pain to find, such as this Leia supposedly is.

Looks like Unleashed's getting a beefed up distribution too from what we've heard.  All good news I suppose.

Galactic Heroes:

This is a great concept, and I hope it diverts SOME of Hasbro's obvious "Kids are the line" attitudes towards this line instead.  That's my only opinion on it other than I'm sure it's a cute line for someone with kids that are budding Jedi.

Myself, I have no kids, and I have no kids in my life that wuld be into Star Wars and want these.  Since I've narrowed my collecting habits down dramatically I won't be buying these at all, save for perhaps a Bossk figure should it come out or Tarkin (My only character focuses).

Cute though if youo're into them.


Sucks?  What more can you say?  

Hasbro can't do this line justice ever.  THey never will I don't believe.  It's not even VAGUELY close to being on-par with even G.I. Joe or even knock-off military companies like Soldiers of the world.

I'd not give a care if this line went the way of the do-do actually.  I think it'd divert more in the business year budget towards the basic line.  If that were the case, I'd actually be campaigning for 12" to be a cancelled line all together.  

There's the old saying, "If anything is worth doing, it's worth doing right", and that saying is apparantly one the 12" designers at Hasbro just never got.  Even the "better" figures are still lame.

I'd only buy, at this point, a nice Imperial soldier type figure (any type), or a Rebel Hoth or Fleet, or Endor Trooper.  And those would all probably get customized intoo something actually GOOD by myself, using a new Dragon body, and sewing new clothes for him (or fixing Hasbro's).

Otherwise, let it die...  Hasbro does nothing to give it true life.

"High-End Collectibles":  

General crap like MR, Code3, Sideshow's new 1:4 statues, etc...

Not my cup of tea in general.  I find Code 3 to be a company lacking the quality they say justifies their pricetag.  I'll judge new stuff as it arrives, but I just can't fathom how they're improving, as they claim they have top-notch stuff already.

MR's just too expensive for me.  God knows if I were rich I'd own 2 or 3 of that AT-AT if I could, I'd love to own some of the blasters (STrmtrooper and Fleet Trooper specifically), and I'd likely pick up other items as well.   Unfortunately that stuff's too big, too expensive, and just too beyond me at this point.

I mean, I've owned cars that cost less than the AT-AT.  That makes ya think on this stuff.

I loved those blinds debuted, but damned if they're not outrgeously priced too.  :(

Lucasfilm Overall:

I like the movie title...  I like that Lucas gave us that.

I'm disappointed with Lucas's incessant changing of the classic trilogy however, and despite how hyped I am for E3, I'm somewhat let down with Star Wars at the moment.  For every cool thing there's at least a single craptastic uncool thing that comes down the pike.  

Lucas is the monster Southpark made fun of in an episode about he and Speilberg changing their previous blockbuster films.  I wish he'd be catering the NEW trilogy to the old rather than vice versa.

We'll see...  My biggest fear is the Stormtrooper voice change in the classic trilogy.  If that's nt changed, I'm much MUCH more relieved.  That's me though...  Everyone has their personal beef on this issue.  Some it's the Boba voice, some it's the Sebastian Shaw replacement...

We'll see I guess.

Episode 3 News:

Tons of goodies overall, but the packaging shown between our style guides here at and Hasbro's packaging debut shown at the Con all were sparks of goodness I thought.

As a non-packaged collector I'm probably a little looser with my opinion on that though.  I think it looks good enough...  I'm not sold on the card style's change though.  I think I like the more squared packaging of previous lines better.

Still, I'm looking forward to a change, and hopefully Matt's suggestion to the Hasbro reps to reuse the OTC packaging later is heeded.  It's sound, SOLID advice. Coverage:

Top notch I feel.  I again want to thank Jared (Tydirium) and our own Matt Colman for their hard work.  I think these two really busted ass over yonder, and they made a great showing for

Also thanks to Scott, Chris, Dave, Brad, and Jeff because they were right there, Johnny-on-the-spot with news for our readers.  Top-notch work by them all.

And with that, I think SDCC was overall great.

With very minor issues like the guy Matt ran into, things were really a bright spot in a rather dull year.  I'm pretty happy and excited about Star Wars.  I just hope things continue to go up, and that there was some serious bluffing by some Hasbro reps there.

Here's to '04 I guess!  And bring on '05 and beyond already!
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