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On Gurlituim, Maldini, Chi-Ro Rahem, and Pando Dranet confront Gatma Rade.

Gatma Rade: for the last time sith mistress! I will not release this gem to you unless you agree to relieve my people of our duties to you.
Maldini: I grow tired of having to keep you brutes in check.

Chi-Ro: you are foolish to deny to us.
Gatma Rade: donít threaten me, I greatly doubt you can back up anything .

Gatma Rade: Iíve noticed this all you force types, talk a great deal about how dangerous you are.
Chi-Ro: if you donít give us the crystal soon your going to know first hand how lethal we are.

Master Rahem steps closer to Gatma Rade, pando jumps in-between them. Attempting to stop a fight.

Gatma Rade: it would be in your best interest to step back boy!

Master Rahem steps closer to Gatma Rade, pando jumps in-between them. Attempting to stop a fight.

Pando: now, now letís not start fighting! Are all of your friends like this mistress maldini?
Maldini: no only the powerful and lethal ones.

Chi-Ro: donít make me tear you apart.
Pando: oh come on, knock it off. Were all on the same side here.

The two charge at one another throwing Pando Dranet out of the way. Chi-Ro strikes gatma with his already glowing fist with a show of Teras Kasi skill. Gatma Rade struggles to fight, as chi-ro kills the commander.

Maldini: did you enjoy yourself?
Chi-Ro: but of course, mistress.

Chi-Ro: and now pando your political skills are to be used.
Pando: I get to address the warriors before battle. Iíll begin work on my speech immediately.

Maldini: all is going to plan. Letís find Zug Yagima.
Chi-Ro: and inform him of his new rank.
Pando: as well as Gatmaís acts of treason.
Chi-Ro: very good dranet, you are a great propaganda writer I take it.
Pando: if you only knew.
The three exit the small tattered room, and enter a vast hallway.

Jaina: cutting the sub light engines. Reversion on my mark.

The Gogekíra Assault cruisers continue their orbit around Gurlituim. the millennium falcon blasts out of hyperspace continuing its flight pattern at tremendous speeds.

In the cockpit.
C-3PO: this is suicide!
Han: shut up threepio.
Zeb-ska: hey I think the droid is correct, there going to see us!
Han: donít worry.
Jaina: weíre in the hands of an illegal Cloaking Device.

Han: yet another one of the many advantages of having a wife in high places.
Luke: but maldini, can sense our presences. Weíve practically undermined any chance of the republic having a sneak attack.
Han: I detect a colony in the northern hemisphere.
Jaina: letís land in the caverns; maybe we can mobilize some troops.

Meanwhile Pando Dranet Addresses the Gogekíra Soldiers, while being accompanied by Zug Yagima. The Large tunnels and caverns are full of soldiers awaiting orders, Pando and Zug Stand at top of the large room

Zug Yagima: Well my comrades our trusted brother Gatma Rade, it turns out was a traitor.

Pando: both unwittingly and unwisely disobeyed Mistress Maldini, and was attempting to take the Kaliber crystal to use for his own foolish ventures.

Zug Yagima: in accordance with our own laws gatma rade has paid the price for his untrustworthy actions with his life.

Pando: remember the laws you live by, and youíll survive. But now save the anger you have for gatma rade, prepare yourselves for the fight. Gather your weapons, assemble your platoons on the surface.

The massive crowd of warriors leaves the caverns. pando and zug exit the podium, the two enter a large command post cavern where chi-ro and maldini stand around the glowing crystal.

Maldini: yes but we must save its power for our intended use away from here.
Pando: the warriors are making their way to surface.
Chi-Ro: good work dranet.

Maldini: you are to remain here at my side, protecting the crystal.
Zug Yagima: and what of me?
Maldini: yagima, join your brothers and command your kind to victory over the ways of  Galactic Rule.

Zug Yagima: (saluting) yes my mistress.
Zug exits room.
Chi-ro: I thought you wanted me here as well at your side to help you control the fate of the battle via the Kaliber.
Maldini: it is of no concern to you and your untrustworthy actions on Coruscant. The young sap Zeb-ska didnít need to know our true lineage.

Pando: what are you not telling me, you had better not be planning to double cross me.
Chi-ro: for once I can have something in common with the living embodiment of ignorance that is you.

Maldini: (igniting lightsaber) donít let those last cries of redemption tempt you into sabotaging the prophecy.

Chi-ro: then donít rely on him to go about procedure and act according to the code. He too has had tendency to act out with emotion.
Pando: alright its starting to get hostile in here. We donít need word of a mutiny being afoot in the compound.

Chi-ro: yet again politics are restraining my insight. You had better be leaning towards a plan that is equally beneficial for both of us.
Maldini: (disengaging saber) I have foreseen it, report to the hastlo drifter camp and see to the Obliteration of the Predestine Martyr.
Chi-ro: yes my mistress.
Chi-ro exits the room. Maldini goes back to meditating.

Meanwhile the Falcon lands in the caverns near a Hastlo Drifter Camp.

Luke: well it would appear theyíve been awaiting a savior.
Anakin: speak for yourself, Iím not here to become the demi-god of some dependent tribe of slackers.

Jaina: threepio, we might need your skills.
C-3PO: Yes I am fluent in over ten thousand more forms of communication, due to my last upgrade.
R2-D2: whistles in anger.
C-3PO: you watch your language.
Zeb-Ska: you two act as if your at constant war with one another.
Luke: Anakin and I will handle this.

Luke: Quite organized. so this is what your types do with galactic aid.
Payma: you republic people should look a little closer before you send the credits. we hastlos have lived off the spoils of this planet for eons; weíve pretty much saved up the aid and invested in armor for such an event like this.

Luke: Iím Luke Skywalker, Jedi master.
Fectro: your help is greatly needed.

Prag: our ancestors praised a single Jedi Knight, who crash landed here way before our time. He told many tales of his exploits, and even fought off a group of invading soldiers whom had only come for him.

Fectro: we need you to take back the crystal.

Prag: it must be lost is all our fore fathers said the knight requested. But instead it was encased in a statue by ignorant artisans.

Luke: I agree with this knightís decision. What was his name?

Prag: We lack that vital piece of information, since it was he whom instructed our ancestors in the mechanics of this language.

Luke: of course, Iíll inform my group.

Jacen: whatís the verdict?
Luke: they require our help in a last ditch effort to retake the planet.

Han: oh. Is that all?
Luke: no, they also need you to help.

Jaina: Iíll be your co-pilot.
Han: I wouldnít have it any other way.
Zeb-Ska: and what are we to do master?
Jacen: yes what is our mission.

Luke: Were to retrieve the crystal andÖ. destroy it.

Zeb-Ska: destroy it? Upon orders from whom?
Luke: upon orders from the knight whom I believe was one of two knights charged with the task of taking both crystals far away from the Jedi temple during the rise of the emperor.

Zeb-Ska: it makes sense, they probably feared the emperor getting his hands on it and ruling the galaxy until the collapse of the universe. But whereís the other crystal?

Luke: my sister and I found the other in the temple of pomojema while stranded on mimban. I had thought the gem powerless away from the temple, but I would venture a guess that with the finding of its twin, the kaiburr is probably recharged and Baffling Master Vont.

Zeb-Ska: but wouldnít destroying the crystal in essence destroy the force itself.
Luke: thatís a risk anyone of us going to be faced with, if we steal it back from maldini.

Zeb-Ska: (in child-like sarcasm) but what are the penalties of such an ATTACK!
Luke: yes young soear, the sacrifice is just. And an honor to protect the force.
Jacen: itís suicide and becoming a sith by your birthright.
Anakin: if you turn, weíll be unable to combat you.

Luke: exactly, that is why it is my initiative to be the one whose fate will be ended abruptly.

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