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Zipp Minnia: Master Vont, I will not take any more of your disregard
For my office!

Cas-Lo: A Jedi cannot let himself nor his order in this case; be swayed by the political movements of a traitor.

Cas-Lo: Your deployment of this fleet detachment on behalf of Luke Skywalker is an act of treason. Therefore it is within my authority to have you removed from power.

Zipp Minnia: Iím Sorry to inform you of the fact that your scope of power was just recently downsized via a motion passed in the senate this very night. Due to your continual neglect of galactic law; the grand master of the Jedi order may no longer deploy Jedi without the express permission of  this office. Iím also calling for the disbandment of the Jedi Crusaders.

Cas-Lo: I hope you understand the blow youíve inflected upon the Jedi Order this day! When you where appointed Ambassador to the Jedi Order it was your duty to defend our interests!

Leia: what Iíve done is exactly that Master Vont, youíve disgraced the order my brother restored for too long. It is time for the Jedi to unite and defend the Republic!

Zipp Minnia: Therefore Master Vont; I believe you have a great number of Jedi to recall from crusader actions. And under the new guidelines, your prescience is no longer required in these functions.

Meanwhile Anakin and Prag the hastlo historian look through the hastlo relics.
Anakin: Iím finding it hard to believe this Jedi knight could teach you his ways, but not his name.
Prag: yes I too have ventured to find his name, but that part has been lost to time.

Anakin: well at least you chronicled his exploits in this temple.
Prag: Iíve only been able to read half of the rooms halls in my lifespan, still thereís more to read. And learn.

Anakin: did he leave any instructions of what to do if this kind of thing should happen?
Prag: many instructions where left, but there actually written in prophesy form.
Anakin: has everything he predicted gone to plan?

Prag: yes, so far at least. And thatís why were down here. He predicted a historian would give the new protector of my kind, the scarred armor in which my fore fathers constructed from his wrecked vessel.
Anakin: Iím only here to stop my cousin, not become the protector of your kind.
Prag: (placing helmet on Anakin) the choice is not yours, it was written and now it will happen. This helmet forged from the knightís vessel will protect you in battle as you save whom you can from the impending catastrophe.

Anakin starts putting on the Hastlo built armor. Then the hovering Jedi knight Jacen Solo floats into the badly lit temple.
Jacen: oh no, theyíve conned you into dressing like them.

Anakin: shut up, this is the armor of the knight whom brought the crystal here.

Jacen: I have to admit Iím curious if there is anything foretold about us.
Prag: just that great destruction will befall our planet during the dooming war.

Anakin: dooming war?

Prag: yes it is foretold the planet will face its darkest hour in this generationís life span. But it Is my opinion that not everything can be foretold.

Luke stands at the edge of a cliff meditating, as the spirit of Anakin Skywalker Appears.

Anakin Skywalker: son, listen to me.

Luke: father, all this has transpired and you never came to offer me council. Why?
Anakin Skywalker: you never required any council from me, now you require my insight. And approval to go through with this.

Luke: should I continue on this course?
Anakin Skywalker: yes, it is the only way. Be sure to inform the others to be wary, your adversaries are closer to achieving their fiendish goal than they may appearÖÖ..

Anakinís grim sprit starts to slowly fade away looking down as he does so.
Luke: you must explain, donít go yet father!

Anakin Skywalker: itís not my choiceÖ..Let go of your failures and prepare for the coming conflict by accepting your pathÖ.or you may continue wallowing in this despair that has dulled your connection to the will of the force.

A Hastlo flies over head, camera pans down to reveal a beachside fire where Luke, Han, Zeb-Ska, Anakin, Jacen, Jaina, C-3p0, R2-d2, Fectro, Atapi Powrarry, Prag and Payma sit plotting.

Atapi Powrarry: their migrating our way and they have left the colony unprotected.

Fectro: how large are their ground forces?

Atapi Powrarry: their are many soldiers riding upon the backs of dozens of Metallic Serpents.

Luke: are your defenses strong enough to withstand their attack?
Atapi Powrarry: strong enough to withstand the warriors, but not there mechs.

Luke: has the fleet arrived yet?
Jaina: still en route to this system.
Han: well I guess were going to haft to make this happen without them.
Zeb-Ska: are you all insane, what about the massive blockade in orbit up there. Even if we win this somehow theyíll still descend upon us with more troops.

Atapi Powrarry: our army even in its strongest formation and best flight patterns could only hold them off for a short while. but the death toll would be rather large.

Luke: well you must face the fact that in any such conflict their will always be causalities.

Zeb-Ska: but what would be the benefit of fighting a losing battle?

Luke: Han will take you and I to the colony. Iím certain maldini would be there safeguarding the Kaliber.

Han: then you want me to return to the battle.
Luke: correct, from there the two of us will rely upon our own skills to fend off whatever defenses she has awaiting a break in.

Anakin: and I take it were to remain here.

Jaina: maybe youíll be of some help to the greatly outnumbered hastlos.
Prag: youíll save whom you can, says the prophecy.
Anakin: I have not forgotten.

Fectro: so we may yet have a glimmering chance at this battle.

Meanwhile Jaina Pilots the falcon over the landing platform of the Gogekíra Base, the ramp opens as Luke and Zeb-Ska jump out and run towards the guards whom attack both Jedi with body sized clubs. The falcon speeds away.

Zeb-Ska: (igniting both lightsabers) only in knowledge or defense.

Luke: (igniting lightsaber and cutting off the arm of one guard) yes my apprentice.

The two Jedi are quick to dispose of the guards, and make their way down the stairs to the Command center.

Upon entering the vast room Pando Dranet attacks zeb-ska from the rear igniting his Red bladed Saber. His feeble attacks at the fully trained boy are effortlessly fended off.

Luke struggles to catch the ensuing duel. just before he reaches the two, Maldini emerges from force cloak and force pushes Zeb-Ska and Pando, sending the two down into the excavated caverns that lead to the core of Gurlituim.

Luke turns and blocks a salvo of force lightening from Maldini.

Maldini: (advancing) how easily you fall into my trap.

the sith mistress springs forward via the force while firing dark force lighting upon her father. Who absorbs the energy via the force.

Luke: (sliding backward) predictable.
Unable to repel all the force lightening; Luke releases it causing several rock slides in the process and unstable rock formations to give way beneath their feet. The sith mistress hurls herself at her father whom is backsliding down an rock formation, Luke force pushes Maldini from the boulder they stand and dropping her on the ground at lukes feet where he lands with his saber extended towards the momentarily defeated sithís throat.

Luke: what is the purpose of this maldini! What are you attempting to achieve by inflicting this conflict upon the galaxy. If itís your mother, she requires no vengeance. You where nothing more than a token of our indiscretion to her.

Maldini: (pulling her saber back) donít lecture me!

Luke: I recognize the fact that this is all youíve been trained to be, but did you ever wonder why you had to be evil, why you had to remain in the shadows, why you where left alone with nothing but a holo-cron and a saber to train with since birth. Why you where being molded to destroy such a beautiful thing as the galaxy.

Maldini: (stumbling to her feet) I never had a choice, but if I had. I know deep down in my soul that I would still hate you and this reality.

Luke: (raising saber for death blow) Iím sorry.

Maldini ignites her saber and advances once more. The two lock swords.
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