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The Mammoth Armies of the Gogek’ra descend upon the beach surrounded by rock formations that conceal the vast valley. The tide comes in violently at the feet of Anakin Solo whom stands fully adorned in the gold Hastlo built Armor, which glistens in the sun.

Jacen Solo Hovers close to his brother while holding his saber hilt firm between his gloved hands.

The two stand looking out at the advancing armies which are followed by Dozens of Massive serpentine Vehicles, then from out of the mist rides Chi-Ro Rahem.

Chi-Ro pilots his speeder bike at full speed to the front of the advancing line to take control of the charge and personally handle the Jedi. From out of nowhere jacen solo chops off the front of the speeder bike causing it to wreck into the sand and send chi-ro hurtling through the air.

from where he curls up into a ball and rolls along the sand until he jumps to his feet igniting his concealed weapon of choice and flinging his torn up robe into the air as he engages Jacen Solo with his Deadly Light-Chukes. The hovering knight enters into a violent duel with the Teras Kasi warrior, whom displays a show of force against the knight by joining him in the air to lock light blades.

Left standing at the head of the trail, Anakin solo must wait for the advancing army to almost engulf him before gives the signal for the Hastlos to converge upon the Gogek’Ras.

Just as the advancing armies come within ten feet of the Jedi, he engages his saber and charges towards the gogek’ra army. As he ignites his saber the hastlos fly up from the vast valley and dive downward in front of him with their wings spread outward continuing their path across the beach and into the advancing army.

Chopping several dozen of the warriors down as they go with their knife-like armor.

as he steps into the violent sea four massive serpentine war machines emerge from under his feet causing Anakin to force jump  into the blood soaked ocean full of corpses. the Jedi wades his way over to the small island where chi-ro and jacen are dueling, only to find jacen being fought down to the sand as chi-ro pummels the disfigured Jedi with both light blade and teras kasi energy bombs.

Anakin brings his saber down on chi-ro, who takes the blow to his arm, which he protects by firing off teras kasi energy. Baffled at the sight of this, Anakin stalls in amazement only to be attacked by chi-ro rahem, who swings his light-chukes around at tremendous force powered speeds clashing with Anakin’s light blade with each swing. The completely overpowered Jedi is backed up by his floating brother from behind who speeds at chi-ro from the behind.

The hastlos continue flying through the gogek’ra wave after wave, the brutish warriors begin to start grabbing the hastlos out of the air and tearing them apart before they can decapitate them. The serpentine machine starts blasting flocks of hastlos out of the sky.

From out of the distance the millennium falcon ascends upon the scene firing all its weapons at the serpentine machines exploding three as the mighty vessel thunders across the sea.
Jaina:(in captain’s chair) this looks grim, dad keep your eyes open up in that turret!

Han: (within turret) don’t worry, about me you just make sure your brothers are alive via the force.

Jaina: I never thought you’d ask me to use the force, they’re alive. Not safe but alive.

Sliding down the side of a cliff while clinging to his ignited saber hilts keeping Zeb-Ska clung to the side of the cliff.

Coming to a stop on a vast expansive area overlooking the molten core of the planet Gurlituim. Just two hundred meters above the core resides a launch pad that has Maldini’s Assault cruiser and an Gogek’ra Serpentine fighter parked upon it, aside from the ship sitting at the center of an pillar is The Kaliber Crystal.

The young Jedi disengages his sabers and gets to his feet, only to be attacked by Pando Dranet from the rear again.

Reacting flawlessly the young Jedi proceeds  to stab Dranet through the head and decapitate him.

Out in Space the long awaited republic fleet blasts out of hyperspace above Gurlitiuim, the fleet is ambushed by the blockade of Gogek’ra Assault Cruisers.

Olop: alright rogues! Now we show our stuff to these bogeys.

Before his transmission can be heard, his vessel explodes in flames as the entire blockade opens fire on the advancing fleet detachment.

Jacen Solo submerges from the violent ocean, via the force he pulls a serpentine machine mid air and hurls it towards chi-ro rahem.

The teras kasi warrior reacts by using force push to blow apart the massive vechile so it crumbles to pieces around him. Not wasting the open window for attack Jacen.

Han: Here comes the Pain.

As Chi-ro goes to deliver the death blow the millennium falcon Fires its lasers at chi-ro, sensing the attack via the force. Rahem does a full body teras kasi power shield.

Down in the caverns, Luke begins to show weakness before his ravenously attacking Daughter.

Zeb-Ska force jumps down to the launch pad.

Luke puts in his last efforts to win the duel as maldini kicks him in the stomach and back flips over his head while stabbing her lightsaber into his left eye. Luke falls to his knees in pain cradling his smoking Ocular Cavity.

Maldini: (swinging saber and going to strike Luke) only now you will understand my purpose, to bring about the destruction all that exists in the eyes of the force, which will stop controlling the fates of all!

Maldini lets loose a volley of dark force lightening upon her father whom unwisely attempts to absorb said lightening with his prosthetic hand.

Luke: (cradling smoking ocular cavity) why!

Zeb-Ska: (jumping to the launch pad) get away from him!

Maldini: now it comes down to it. But neither of you know what is needed to enact the Prophesy, which is way you fail.

Zeb-Ska: Master Luke, don’t worry I’m here.
Maldini: (preparing to strike) it is only a matter of time now, he will die. And there’s nothing you can do about it Jedi.

The two lunge towards each other with sabers drawn, Luke springs to life and force pushes both in separate directions as he takes up his saber and holds it high above his head.

He brings the blade down upon the Kaliber Crystal, running it through and releasing an explosion of pure force energy.

The ensuing explosion happens in slow motion for all force-sensitive present that make for their escape routes as the destruction engulfs Luke Skywalker and splits the planet Gurlituim in half. Maldini runs to her Attack Cruiser and speeds away into hyperspace from within the planet; Zeb-Ska does the same from within a Gogek’ra Serpentine War Machine.

Chi-Ro Rahem leaps into another Gogek’ra war machine and speeds away as the planet explodes into two separate halves of burning rubble.

Closing shot of four vessels speeding away as the planet splits in two and explodes.

                      To be concluded in Star Wars Episode Nine: Reign of the Force
                    Set Twenty Minutes after events in Episode Eight and forty-six years after
                                                    Episode Four: A New Hope.
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