Author Topic: Chewbacca Collection, ROTJ trash can, and ROTJ album  (Read 1304 times)

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Chewbacca Collection, ROTJ trash can, and ROTJ album
« on: September 1, 2008, 12:17 PM »
I hate to part with this, but I need the funds right now. All are moc unless otherwise noted. asking $50 plus shipping.

12 back vintage chewie bubble raised on lower left corner was resealed back down
TAC Mchewie
POTJ Dejarik champion
Saga 02 escape from hoth
Otc chewie #8
ROTS wookie rage
Shadows of the Empire Chewie bounty hunter disguise
Potf2 green card hoth chewie some wear to card
POTF2 orange card signed by Peter Mayhew
Galactic heroes single pack otc chewie
Saga 02 mynock hunt
Saga 02 cloud city capture
Potj millennium falcon mechanic
Potf2 green card boush’s bounty
Potf orange card chewie


I also have a vintage ROTJ metal trash can for sale in pretty good shape, minor rust. One side shows empire the other has the rebels. asking $15 plus shipping. Here are photos of both sides:

And finally the ROTJ soundtrack album still in it's original cover. light wear. asking $15