Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part 2  (Read 1567 times)

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The entire planet is engulfed in blinding light for a matter seconds, but as the beacon discontinues its
radiance the space raiders are met by the relief effort that arrived during the blast of light.

Han: blast this garbage! Groups three and four help me rescue to the procession.

Cef: copy general solo!

A group of V-wing fighters soar upwards and open fire on the lead space raider barge. The falcon speeds
down to the beacon where the Royal procession is under siege from hired mercenaries whom attack the highly trained Jedi with Vibro-axes and blasters. The ensuing firestorm rains debris upon the city; Chi-ro rahem ignites his Blue bladed lightsaber and decapitates four mercenaries lunging towards umble zarr.
Gigin-Taue and Jacen Solo use the force to smash a group of barges into one another as they attempt to
open fire on the beacon, the burning rubble rains down on the city crushing thousands of fleeing citizens.

At that moment the falcon extends its ramp and maneuvers itself between an advancing army of mercenaries and the royal procession.

Jacen: (deflecting laser bolts) get aboard everybody!

Umble Zarr: are you off your bolt jacen that has to be a space raider decoy!

Gigin-Taue: (igniting yellow bladed LightSaber) no my dear, that's his Father's infamous Vessel. It's more
than safe; now get zeb-ska and yourself to safety.

Chi-Ro: (running to Zarr’s side) just go! I've got your back.

Jacen: (absorbing laser blasts in his palm) everybody down!

As the young knight makes his warning a space raider barge takes a hit and crashes into the planetary
beacon causing a chain reaction of explosions along the coastline of Orran. The entire countryside bursts
into flames as the space raiders continue their bombardment. Citadels and mighty towers come crumbling
down on the citizens whom are running as fast as they can into Transport vessels, some vessels are knocked out of the sky as they lift off by laser blasts or falling debris. The royal procession quickly boards the falcon as Jacen and Gigin-Taue fend off the advancing mercenaries.

Gigin-Taue: (disengaging saber) there's nothing more we can do, let's go!

Jacen: (running up the ramp) Orran's fate now resides within the hands of the star fighters.

Gigin-Taue: (embracing umble and zeb-ska) may the force be with them.

Jacen rushes to the cockpit where his father sits alone driving the vessel, the young Jedi jumps at the
chance to assume the seat once frequented by Chewbacca as copilot.

Han: these Junkers didn't used to be this brazen.

Jacen:  the senate should have just paid them for collecting all the space garbage.

Han: how ironic, now were fighting off that same garbage.

Jacen: where are mom and Jaina?

Han: Jaina’s had enough of Jag so there going their separate ways, Damn shame too the kids would have been some great pilots. Your mother and I haven't seen each other ever since the Republic was reformed and the Yuuzhan Vong where sent packing.

Jacen: its amazing how spread out we've all been, I can tell were all trying to pretend Anakin is also
somewhere out there living his own life.

Han: I don't want to talk about it. That's another reason your mother and I are practically separated, she
can't move on or except He's gone.

Jacen: I feel sorry for you both, but we must get to the deep frontier council.

Han: jacen don't sulk. I'm sorry it's just…

Jacen exits the cockpit, Han turns to his controls and continues to shut out the reality of how broken his
family has become. The falcon speeds into the jungle followed by dozens of Transport vessels that depart
the Battle of Orran. The Space Raider Junk Barges surround the republic assault vessels and open fire.
Destroying most of the command ships and raining debris on the burning city of Orran, the jungle around
the city is engulfed in flame causing a charge of wildlife. The ensuing blaze creates a massive plume of
smoke that encumbers the countryside of Krushi, the sole inhabited continent of Proloxis IV. The space
raider fleet attempts to adjust their formation while evading the smoke.

The Jedi Escort Vessel piloted by Luke Skywalker emerges from the canopy jungle at the entrance to the
Deep Frontier Jedi Community of Lex’rer. A vast moss covered wood temple built into a massive tree, the
only technical looking part of the temple is a massive Landing Pad covered with vines.
The vessel lands and extends its ramp, Luke exits the vessel with Mara and Ben at his Side the three are
accompanied by a platoon of Republic Troops and fourteen Jedi Knights adorned in simple robes. The group enters the temple and is greeted by Jedi Masters Kyle Katarn and Corran Horn.

Kyle Katarn: Luke, this is a surprise.

Luke: (shaking hands) Kyle, I didn't expect to find you here.

Kyle Katarn: This place kind of just begs for you to stay once you show some of your skill, so don't go
exhibiting your teaching abilities.

Mara: (holding Ben's hand) what does somebody miss life out on the fringe.

Kyle Katarn: no, teaching and remaining somewhere for more than a lunar rotation is not something I'm used to.

Corran Horn: Do you know if Master Soear survived the attack on Orran?

Luke: I have no information on that; we came here to confer with him.

Corran Horn: you missed him; they had the coronation in Orran. I doubt you could have missed the shining
of the beacon.

Mara: my eyes are still recovering.

Luke: (picking up Ben) I take it Cas-Lo has been left in charge of the council.

Kyle Katarn: oh yeah, and this guy is a real piece of work.

Luke: what do you mean by that, I remember Master Vont having somewhat of an authoritative approach to his actions.

Corran Horn: He's just a little too eager to assume the title of senior council member in gigin-taue’s

Mara: (taking back Ben) Doesn't Gigin-Taue have to give up control of the council in order to assume
lordship of the planet anyway?

Kyle Katarn: true, but Cas-Lo’s already under the assumption that no one survived. He's acting as if old
imperial rank advancement where still in effect, it would also appear that the murder of Yap-En is being
swept under the rug.

Luke: are there any suspects?

Corran Horn: not at the moment, but were certain no one in the Jedi order possesses the skill exhibited
upon Yap-En.

Mara: (holding Ben close) what do you mean?

Master Cas-Lo Vont appears from out of the shadows.

Cas-Lo: Yap-En Soear was killed by extensively lethal focused energies expelled by a Force-Sensitive
practicing a mysterious form of combat.

Luke: Greetings Master Vont, I take it you came to that conclusion sometime before the coronation was

Cas-Lo: of course, I was in charge of the investigation. There was no reason for the senate to dispatch
you, I'm sure your attention is needed elsewhere.

Mara: (holding Ben) don't talk to him like that.

Luke: Mara, could you please stay out of this.

Mara: (putting Ben down) I think you need my advice in dealing with him; master vont like myself grew up
in a strict imperial environment.

Luke: nevertheless, could you return the ship and attempt to contact Han.

Mara: all right, but I'll be back.

Mara and Ben return to the ship as the four Jedi Masters continue the argument as they march Through the Temple which houses many ground breaking training facilities designed to sharpen a Jedi's Skills to
perfection in both lightsaber combat and force abilities.

Corran Horn: your disrespectful actions towards Luke Skywalker are inexcusable Master Vont.

Cas-Lo: he may have saved the galaxy on countless occasions and personally restarted this order, but I do not have to like someone who I can sense with every once of his power is hiding something from the rest of us.

Luke: how dare you accuse me of such an act?

Kyle Katarn: I knew you'd like him.

Cas-Lo: Master Horn, Master Katarn I believe you have students to teach. Luke and I have matters of great importance to discuss.

The veteran Jedi depart the arguing masters who enter the lightsaber training chamber. The doors shut.