Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part 3  (Read 1371 times)

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Luke: it must have been rather lonely growing up on Gall, completely afraid of the forbidden power that was bestowed upon you. This I can understand, but your disrespectful actions of late are inexcusable vont.

Cas-Lo: (unhooking saber hilt from belt) it is my experience that when two fellow Jedi are in dispute over something of such importance. The best way to resolve the matter is for the Jedi to Spar.

Luke: (taking hold of saber hilt) you must be joking.

Cas-Lo: (igniting purple bladed LightSaber) and through such an activity the guilty party is always revealed, in our case you shouldn't be able to maintain your clouding of the truth during our practice session.

Luke: (letting go of saber hilt) I require no weapon to combat you.

Cas-Lo: I wouldn't recommend that, this chamber was designed by Gigin-Taue as he crafted new fighting styles. It is highly advanced to say the least.

Luke activates the chamber and jumps over cas-lo as the floor begins to rotate counter clockwise, the council leader pursues Skywalker as he levitates to the ceiling while igniting his green bladed lightsaber. Vont strikes at Skywalker and is quickly pushed backward via the force into a wall of pulsing spikes; cas-lo repeals back towards Luke and locks swords with him.
Sparking and humming sabers stand between the two whom slowly come back down to the floor as a series of pillars rise up. The two set foot upon the violent moving pillars and continue their duel while jumping from pole to pole striking at one another with flawless moves. Upon almost reaching a stalemate, Gigin-Taue Soear bursts into the chamber and deactivates the training session. Both Jedi return to the floor of the chamber while disengaging their lightsabers.

Gigin-Taue: Master Luke, I had hoped the senate would dispatch you.

Luke: I was already on my way, well before comm-scan took notice of the advancing fleet.

Cas-Lo: master soear, I can't believe it. I heard the entire countryside was in flames?

Gigin-Taue: and so you challenged master skywalker to a duel upon hearing the news of my possible demise.

Cas-Lo: it wasn't like that; Skywalker is clouding something from the rest of us. I was attempting to lower his concentration on the mental block.

Luke:  and as you can feel for yourself Master Soear there is no mental block being transmitted from me. I assume Master Vont is clearly attempting to continue his advancement in rank.

Gigin-Taue: I accept neither of your conclusions and wish that whatever ill tidings that exist between the two of you will go unsettled until the balance of peace and justice is restored to proloxis four. This is my first action as lord of the planet; I request the council be summoned master vont.

Cas-Lo: yes master soear I will do as you wish.

Master Vont Strides out of the chamber, slowly followed by Luke and Gigin-Taue whom are greeted by Mara holding Ben, Han, Jacen and C-3P0.

Mara: I can't believe the nerve of that guy, accusing you of lying about something.

Gigin-Taue: (patting Luke on the back) in my all journeys I've never met anyone more focused or truthful than you master Skywalker, I assure you that once his true motives are revealed Cas-Lo’s punishment will be strict.

Luke: (returning the gesture) I've never condoned capital punishment. But cas-lo is clearly under the false impressions bestowed upon him by his up bringing.

Han: I would've knocked his lights out if he'd accused me of anything.

C-3PO: Oh dear! General solo I do believe you shouldn't be so prone to react with violence.

Han: cram it threepio! Its bad enough I had to shut you down after you blathered the whole trip here.

C-3PO: Impossible man, master Luke is artoo with you?

Mara: (cradling Ben) yes threepio, He's on our ship conducting repairs. Please don't distract him; He's getting a little old.

     The Slightly rusted droid makes his way back to the landing pad.

    Han: do you think you guys could take him off my hands?
    I've been close to having him melted down.

Luke: sure, artoo has seemed a bit lonely without him.

Mara: and a bit hard to understand.

Han: well Luke are you going to need me to lead your troops any further? Or would you like to take command already.

Luke: I'm sorry Han I need you to continue leading the relief effort.

Han: (walking away) I don't know how many that is you owe me.

The aged general quickly departs the deep forest regions; the falcon speeds past several hundred battle damaged Transport vessels.

Meanwhile in the burning countryside of Krushi, the space raiders deploy their Ground troops that are made up of several different races of hired guns. Including Sanyassan Marauders, Gamorrean Warriors, Tusken Raiders, Weequay Vibro-Axe men, and Rodian game hunters. The indifferent troops march into the jungle in groups of twenty per platoon, overseeing the advancement is the scurvy simpleminded Ecadogren: Montagra.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) show them no mercy, destroy everything you find.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

The mercenaries charge into the jungle screaming various battle cries, as the Gotal space raider commodore attempts to consult Montagra.

Commodore Doo Haffa: we've lost several barges, and their too blasted to repair. So far I still maintain this will be the end of us.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) I've been commanded to lead you Junkers to victory over Proloxis Four no matter what the cost.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: (swatting the floating droid away) no matter what the cost! How dare you gamble our junk fleet on this atrocity.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) You will not question what I've been told to command you to do or suffer with these people you will.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: (smacking floating droid) force enhanced mind tricks work only on the weak minded. Now you are under the control of someone who wishes us to commit this act of war upon a new republic founded world, I'm more than open to continue this if I can confer with your master.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) masterfully not comment, master has commanded me to do this. Master is a voice in my head that can hurt you if master wishes to.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

Montagra: (grasping head with feet) ahhhhh!

Commodore Doo Haffa: (cowering) the pain! My head it's cracking under the pressure of the voice! Stop! please I will do as you command.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) do you understand? If master is forced to comment once more I will kill you to stop the voice.

Translation Droid: (repeating Montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: (cowering) I will continue the invasion, without anymore question of you.
Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

The commodore quickly runs back to his command junk barge, the vessel speeds towards the newly rising plumes of a proloxian outpost. Montagra detaches his saber hilt from his belt with his tail and ignites the Red Bladed Lightsaber while running after the advancing troops. The translation droid hovers behind him at a safe distance.

 The Space Raider junk fleet and mercenary armies split into three divisions while clouded by the massive plumes of smoke. The junk barges descend upon the city of Velorp while firing ion canons blindly, the towering capital building splits in two and comes crashing down on the fleeing residents right as Republic Transport Vessels come smashing Through the canopy jungle.

The transport vessels deploy ground troops to protect the rest of the fleeing citizens whom run for their lives as laser blasts bombard the stone and wood built city, right as the population of the city makes their way past the main bridge. The junk barge piloted by Commodore Doo Haffa opens fire on the Dam that was keeping the Velk’lu River from drowning the vast canyon city. The entire the city is covered by the raging river as well as the four transport vessels. The junk barges continue on their path of Destruction.

Back in the Deep Forest Regions, Gigin-Taue Soear gives Luke and Mara a small tour of his Jedi Temple. The three walk past several training chambers where Jedi Masters give instruction to groups of ten apprentices per class, their studies range from lightsaber practice to meditation and levitation.

Gigin-Taue: as you can see master Skywalker my temple is the target of this invasion, my students are trained in methods close to that of Jedi whom served the old republic.

Mara: how do you know to train in the ways of old?

Gigin-Taue: with the help of your nephew Jacen, we attempted to mold a teaching guide based after the knowledge bestowed upon him by Vergere. As you can tell this is the best way to train Jedi. Your academy on yavin four stunted all of our growth Master Luke; it is more than clear to me now that you where trained at an alarming rate which to say the least has driven its far share of students to the Dark Side.

Luke: master soear, I find your methods to be astonishing and groundbreaking. But I do not agree with your observations on the training methods of my academy.  Besides you where briefly there and left before your training was complete at the whims of Umble.

Mara: who? I've never heard of Umble…

Gigin-Taue: that's strange; the one your husband speaks of is my onetime pupil and wife Umble Zarr.

Luke: she was a disruptive student at the academy; I assume she's blossomed into a fine mother.

Mara: I'd think you would have made mention of her before if she was such a distraction to the other students.

Gigin-Taue: she was more of a distraction to master Luke, constantly answering every question that he asked to our class before the other students could react.

Mara: nothing worse than an overly eager student.