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Umble Zarr: it was nothing more than a little hero worship Mrs. Skywalker, I longed to question the man who had risen to the challenge of Dethroning the Emperor and vanquishing his own father.

Mara: you must be Mrs. Soear, a pleasure.

Umble Zarr: (shaking hands) no, the pleasure is mine. Mara Jade, the woman who once could hear the emperors command from anywhere in the galaxy. Another champion I have longed to question.

Gigin-Taue: hello my dear, where is Zeb-Ska?

Umble Zarr: Asleep, Luke it has been far too long since our last meeting.

Luke: (clearly annoyed) yes umble, it has.

Gigin-Taue: well master Luke, the council will convene within the hour. Umble what are the cooks preparing for our fest tonight.

Master Soear and his wife make their way back towards their chamber as Luke and Mara are left to share an uncomfortable silence.

Mara: (walking away) I wonder how disruptive you let you get.

Luke: (attempting to follow) whatever youíre attempting to accuse Umble and I of is unthinkable and falsely based. I will not be condemned of actions that I did not partake in! Do you understand me Mara.

Mara: (turning around) youíre scaring me Luke. Iíve never seen you like this.

Luke: (stomping past) I donít have time for your acquisitions. I must meditate before the council convenes.

Luke storms off back towards the landing pad where the Jedi escort is landed, Mara is left standing in the middle of the temple completely dumbfounded. Skywalker boards the ship and confines himself within his meditation chamber. Suddenly the spirit of Yoda appears within the chamber.

Luke: master yoda, I thought the distances where too great for obi-wan to communicate with me.

Yoda: too far for obi-wan they have become. But not for me.

Luke: masterÖ

Yoda: come to chat I have not, things you have done that are questionable. Lies that remain hidden from those dear to you, will only awaken more dangers.

Luke: itís too late for you to lecture me, I cannot tell them.

Yoda: the longer you cloud those around you; the harder will it be for them to trust you once more.

Luke: I will not let it be known. Thereís nothing you can do.

Yoda: under its will, the dark side has you. Corrupted you are Luke, redeem yourself you must if any progress is to be made.

Luke: I need no redemption master yoda, I have everything under control.

Yoda: so certain are you? Your attempts to control are blinding the truth. Until you see the truth then useless you are to the forceÖ

The spirit of Yoda disappears while looking down in shame. Luke continues his meditation. On the other side of the planet Han Solo leads the entire Relief Effort in battle against the Space Raiders base of operations in a steep valley, the republic fighters rain laser blasts on the highly defended base which is heavily fortified and guarded by massive junk barges.

Han: jacen, stop only aiming at the turrets take out those troops!

Jacen: (from within turret) Iím not going to murder those mercs dad. Its goes against my training as a Jedi.

Han: forget your training and help me win this battle!

Jacen: (from within turret) I canít concentrate on this with you yelling at me.

Han: All right, concentrate. Groups seventeen and nineteen move in on my course and eliminate those turrets. Bombers I need a hole in that front gate ASAP!

Bomber: I copy general solo.

The millennium falcon as followed by a muiltude of V and X wing fighters dive low and open fire on the base, exploding the entire front gate sending the mercenaries on the wall flying in every direction.

Han: call me crazy or is that base empty?

Jacen: (sitting in co-pilots seat) this kind of trick requires the power of the force.

Han: what are we dealing with here? Pissed off garbage collectors or force-sensitives?

Jacen: We need to contact Gigin-Taue, with this base empty that means their forces are mobile.

The relief effort speeds away from the disserted base. Meanwhile in the deep forest regions The Jedi Council convenes.

Gigin-Taue: Iíve summoned you the leaders of this Jedi temple, to debate the disturbing chain of events of late. That started with the murder of my father. And now have led to the complete invashion and destruction of our community at the hands of the space raiders.

Cas-Lo: I for one would like to welcome the insight of our revered guest Luke Skywalker.

Corran Horn: were here to discuss our reaction to the invashion, master Vont. Not witness your further attempts at belittling the image of master Skywalker.

Luke: thank you master Horn, I believe a one-time pupil of mine is leading the Space Raiders. But I cannot testify as to whom as completed his training or pointed him in this direction.

Mara: the beast montagra doesnít have the wits to come up with an invashion of this scale.

Luke: Nor does he have the force potential to cloud the intention of this invashion from us.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) these Junkers arenít this brazen, this is too bold for them.

Cas-Lo: nevertheless they have invaded, they have destroyed most of our cities, they have set flame to the jungle, and they will find this temple. What are we to do wait until they find us before we act?

Tenel Ka Dijo: I agree with master Vont we must stand up for the destruction of natural life. This has already gone too far.

Gigin-Taue: now now, tenel your dathomir instincts are not to be misread as the will of the force.

Tenel Ka Dijo: Are you willing to sit here as the jungle burns around you, I will not allow it.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) I too will not sit by as the jungles are burnt!

Luke: the foliage will grow back; the people of this planet will not, there have already been heavy losses on all fronts.

Saba Sebatyne: how many more must we allow to be lost in vain, before we act?

Corran Horn: this council is unbalanced without the presence of Yap-En Soear.  But a decision must be made.

Lowbacca: (speaking wookie) were not senators, this should be left to Gigin-Taue to decide!

Cas-Lo: I agree Lowie, but this council is the only ruling body capable.

Gigin-Taue: Iím sorry that Iíve imposed this upon you all, But my fathers aids where lost at Orran.

Saba Sebatyne: my knights are more than capable of protecting the temple.

Tenel Ka Dijo: Iím prepared to call upon my sisters on Dathomir, if this council is incapable of coming to a decision on this matter.

Gigin-Taue: I will not accept the aid of the Witches of Dathomir that is out of the question!

Mara: youíre already turning down the aid of outsiders.

Luke: Master Soear our relief effort has already sustained heavy losses.

Clighal: and my healers arenít quite up to the challenge yet.

Cas-Lo: we need to come up with a solution before the space raiders can claim this planet.
Putag: (speaking ewokese) my apprentices arenít capable of defending themselves against ion canons.

Gigin-Taue: may I suggest we attempt to gather our collective force energies and generate a rainstorm strong enough to extinguish the raging fires?

Luke: with our combined energies we can also attempt to stop the space raiders.

Clighal: Cunning plan, but what if were unable to stop them all.

Lowbacca: (speaking wookie) their junk vessels wonít be able to withstand the           kind of weather we will summon.

Corran Horn: what of this Montagra?

Saba Sebatyne: Ecadogrenís arenít exactly known for their wits.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) He has displayed unusual intelligence.

Gigin-Taue:  no matter, we must do this for the sake of a peaceful resolution.

Cas-Lo: unless anyone else has something of importance to add to this session. Then I believe we may get started on focusing our energies.

As the nine council members start meditating, Han and Jacen Solo bust into the chamber bearing bad news.

Han: weíve lost all trace of the space raiders, their base was deserted and there is zero visibility out there due to the smoke.

Jacen: have you come to a decision on how to deal with this invashion?

Gigin-Taue: weíve decided to focus our energies on causing a planetary rainstorm capable of putting out the fires and crashing the junk barges.

Han: what of the merc army, I doubt these guys are afraid of getting a little wet.

Luke:  I will deal with Montagra, alone.

Mara: as you wish.

Jacen: uncle Luke are you sure, I would like to accompany you.

Luke: no jacen, I can handle this by myself.

Cas-Lo: Montagraís capture means more to this council than whatever personal reasons you are harboring, master Skywalker.

Gigin-Taue: I insist that your nephew and Chi-Ro Rahem accompany you; they are this temples best students. 

Luke: very well, but I wish for my wife and child to remain here.

Mara: I wouldnít ever take Ben into harms way and you know that.

Han: my troops need to rest and I doubt this place is big enough for all the survivors.

Cas-Lo: they may take refuge in the lower levels.

Han: great. I have to go work on my ship.

The general leaves the room as the council members scatter in different directions to prepare both themselves and their students.
Jacen approaches the three with C-3PO and a hulking bodyguard droid.

Mara: (cradling Ben) whoís the can?

Jacen: this is Acheff-9; heís a new standard issue bodyguard droid. Mom sent him here to watch my back. Iíve reprogrammed him to guard you in Lukeís absence.

Luke: thatís nice of you jacen, but you know Mara can take care of herself.

Mara: yes, but I welcome the droids help. It doesnít hurt to be too careful these days.

Jacen: exactly.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Iím here to protect, go about your regular routine. There is nothing to see here.

Mara: well heís certainly covert. Is this fastest he moves, or is he pretending to be a piece of junk.

Jacen: Iím not quite sure, but Iím certain heíll keep Threepio Company.

Luke: oh yes, Iím sure but what exactly makes him a bodyguard droid is he outfitted with any weapons?

Jacen: letís hear it Acheff.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Iím capable of dispensing nine thousand laser bolts per seconds via my built in blaster modules. I can generate a protective energy shield for a period of fourteen hours. Iím also well versed in physical forms of combat.

Mara: thatís great, but how do you shut him up?

C-3PO: Oh my! An advanced bodyguard unit.

Jacen: like most droids their vocal transactions are vital to their other functions.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Cybot Galactica Protocol Unit. Is your prescience required at this moment?

C-3PO: (cowering) no I believe it isnít.