Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part 5  (Read 1438 times)

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Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) then depart this area or be dismantled.

C-3PO: (leaving area) over bearing brute.

Mara: ok heís more than useful.

Luke: is this Chi-ro going to be of any help to us?

Jacen: of course, chi-ro and I have been training for our master hood under Gigin-Taue. But heís a bit sure of himself at times.

Mara:  great, another hot head with a lightsaber.

Luke: letís get going to the escort.

Luke and Mara embrace, Umble Zarr glares in the distance while being held by her husband. Luke hugs his son and places him in the care of his mother and Acheff-9.

Elsewhere, Commodore Doo Haffa and Montagra survey a holographic representation of their invasionís progress.

Commodore Doo Haffa: the fires have concealed our ships so far, but I fear the republic may call upon the Jedi.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking ecado) master, commands us to remain within the plumes.

Translation Droid: (repeating montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: what of the Jedi, doesnít your master wish for us to destroy the temple?

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (speaking ecado) I dare not raise any issue with master.

Translation Droid: (repeating montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: perhaps youíre right, but Iím certain those Jedi will be plotting something.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (taking upward stance) do not force me to do anything rash!

Translation Droid: (repeating montagra in English)

Commodore Doo Haffa: Iím risking my fleet on this, if we donít take possession of this planet soon the republic will descend upon us before we can mine the ores and build new ships.

Translation Droid: (repeating Doo Haffa in Ecado)

Montagra: (igniting saber with tail) youíve outlived your usefulness!

Translation Droid: (repeating montagra in English)

The beast flies at the commodore with its feet out and takes hold of his neck with its jaws. While doo haffa goes to draw his laser pistol montagra stabs the commodore in the stomach repeatedly with its lightsaber, while chewing thru his neck. The commodoreís second in command exits the bridge of the barge. The beast is then bombarded by the voice of his master.

Montagra: (choking on neck bones) nooo! Master, he has become too questionful.

Imposing Voice: (coming from all around the beast) Your reactions to these situations have gone according to your witless perception. Stay where you are, do not attempt to move the fleet and dispose of all whom attempt to disobey my command!

Montagra: (spitting out neck tissue) yes master! I obey youÖ

The prescience of the imposing master vanishes, leaving montagra on the floor of the bridge.  The space raider fleet remains within the cover of the raging jungle fires as clouds begin to start rumbling. Lightning begins to strike rapidly, followed by a massive gust of gale force wind; the clouds begin to turn dark grey, as does the sky of Proloxis IV.

Within the Jedi Community of Lexírer: Gigin-Taue Soear, Saba Sebatyne, Putag, Corran Horn, Umble Zarr, Lowbacca, Cas-Lo Vont, Tenel Ka Dijo, Kyle Katarn, Clighal, and Mara Jade-Skywalker concentrate their collective force abilities to bring about a massive rainstorm over the burning countryside of Krushi. The eleven Jedi sit quietly meditating while the world outside is soaked in a massive monsoon like storm that spills rain all over the planet.
The Jedi Escort speeds thru the jungles as the storm engulfs the entire planet. R2-D2 drives the vessel from within a computer console while Luke, Jacen and Chi-Ro concentrate on locating Montagra via the Force.

Jacen: I donít understand how an Ecadogren can cause this much trouble, it just doesnít make any sense weíve overcome so many intelligent adversaries in the past.

Chi-Ro: Grand Admirals leading imperial remnants and the yuuzhan vong all had the same objective: control of the galaxy, were yet to learn what drove these Space Raiders to invashion.

Luke: are you condoning warfare if itís based on the purpose of conquering another civilization or continuing Jacenís observation of montagraís successes where so many others have failed?

Chi-Ro: neither master Skywalker, I just find it hard to believe that the old scrapper factions would venture this far from their outer rim piracy to invading an entire planet devoted to research into the force.

Jacen: this planet has nothing of value to them, and what of montagra? What would motivate a half trained Ecadogren beast to lead a planetary invashion? 

Luke: I agree this entire chain of events benefits neither party.

Chi-Ro: if were to unravel this mystery, we must capture montagra. What can you tell us about the beast master Skywalker? What exactly did you teach it?

Luke: (standing up) for a short time during the Yuuzhan Vongís invashion of the galaxy. Mara and I where stranded on a backwater planet called Haducu, oddly enough the planet was inhabited by a tribe of Ecadogrens. Montagra was the only one with enough courage to confront us, immediately I sensed the force was with him. I slowly befriended the beast, but its training was like pulling teeth from the start. I was never able to fully tame the beast. When our transport arrived we couldnít take him with us, whatever friendship we had formed during our time together was forever shattered. What little I taught montagra wasnít enough for him to cloud the intentions of the space raiders.

Jacen: did anyone else know of your interaction with montagra, beside the transport crew and Mara?

Luke: no, I chose never to speak of him again.

Chi-Ro: just as most teachers do of their abandoned pupils.

Luke: I didnít know you had experience in that area Rahem?

Chi-Ro: Iím sorry if Iíve over stepped my bounds master Skywalker, itís just something Iíve seen happen many times over. Students whom fail their master and are never spoke of again after they depart the temple or the academy; this same action is practiced at both training facilities. Abandonment is a pain that remains inside of us and constantly reminds us that they left us, they didnít want us.

Jacen: you assume montagraís turn to the dark side was caused by his abandonment on Haducu. How could you consider it abandonment if that was his home planet?

Luke: no jacen, I feel chi-ro has discovered a in which to ensnare montagra peacefully.

Chi-Ro: thank you, I have longed for the encouragement of master Skywalker.

Luke: I just hope the beast will take the bait; there is an open-ended possibility that heís too far-gone to react to an extended hand of help.

Jacen: if that fails my bond with nature and creatures could be of use.

Luke: have you ever seen an Ecadogren?

Jacen: no, but I doubt he could be more venomous than a pack of voxyn.

Luke: I never taught any voxyn how to wield a lightsaber.

The Jedi Escort emerges from the jungle and into a vast clearing of the jungle where once stood the city of Orran. The entire clearing is filled with the advancing space raider fleet, which upon taking notice of the escort vessel open fire blindly into the jungle. The gale force winds flare up as the escort takes a hit and speeds into the hull of a junk barge; the vessel tears through the raggedy ship as the Jedi aboard guide the vessel via the force.

The rainstorm violently starts tossing the junk barges around and bringing massive trees down onto the junk barges, the advancing mercenaries are bombarded by a massive mudslide caused by the overflowing rivers of Proloxis IV.

The junk barge with the Jedi escort wrecked into it slowly falls to the jungle floor as The Republic Relief Effort descends upon the downed junk fleet raining laser bolts. Within the junk barge Luke, Jacen, and Chi-Ro sense the prescience of Montagra.

Luke: I knew it was him, be cautious heís a biter.

Chi-Ro: (igniting saber and illuminating the area) great.

Luke: artoo you stay with the ship. Itís safer there.

Jacen: (igniting saber) I think I can handle one Ecadogren uncle Luke.
Montagra: (speaking Ecado) oh really boy!

The beast jumps out from behind a broken command console while igniting his saber, he locks swords with Jacen as he snaps his jaws at Chi-Ro who reacts by jumping backwards a foot.

Luke: (igniting saber) put down the weapon, youíve found me. We can end this together montagra.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) I donít need you! I need to obey the voice.

Luke: (assuming battle stance) voice? What voice? Whoís controlling you?

The three engage Montagra in a dizzying lightsaber duel, force jumping around the creature as it randomly strikes out at them passing the lit saber hilt from its tail to its mouth and its feet until it becomes short of breath, while once again locking swords with Jacen.

Chi-Ro: (assuming battle stance) I think heís lost it.

Jacen: (holding back montagraís blade) easy for you to say.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) master isnít telling what to do next, master is conflicted. Master is stuck in plansÖ. masterís voice is going silent.

Luke: (force pulling montagra by the throat to his grasp) what voice!

Jacen and Chi-Ro step away from the enraged master in astonishment.

Chi-Ro: the force choke is forbidden, thatís a sith move.

Luke: (holding the beast by the throat) I know arenít I the one who forbid its usage!

Montagra: (gagging in Ecado) I surrender the fleet, master has abandoned me like all the others!!

Jacen:(assuming battle stance) put the beast down!

Taking Noticing of his actions, Luke drops the beast and force pulls a cable from the ceiling while wrapping it around montagraís tail, feet and neck. Chi-Ro takes the chewed upon saber hilt from the tail which was grasping it tightly. The three Jedi with montagra being drug by artoo are taken away from the battlefield by a republic transport vessel as the remainder of the space raider fleet flees in the wake of the storm.
The transport vessel returns them to Lexírer where Gigin-Taue is informed of Lukeís transgression towards Montagra and his usage of the forbidden force choke. Luke stands in front of Gigin-Taue whom uneasily sits in his fatherís place Umble Zarr stands near by cradling Zeb-Ska; montagra is shackled to the ground and guarded by Jacen, Chi-Ro, and Kyle Katarn. Cas-Lo Vont paces between Luke and Montagra ranting his case. Han Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2, Mara and Ben stand together well behind Luke.

Cas-Lo: (waving arms frantically) master skywalker is clearly in league with this creature!

Gigin-Taue: (springing to his feet) you have no grounds to start accusing master Skywalker as the one behind this invashion, we have yet to even question the beast!

Luke: montagra cannot speak basic master soear.

Cas-Lo: luckily general solo brought a protocol droid. Can it be summoned?