Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part 6  (Read 1314 times)

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Luke: threepio can you interrupt Ecado?

C-3PO: why yes master Luke, oh dear what a scurvy creature it is. Iíve never seen one before but oh my.

Montagra: (Cursing in Ecado)

C-3PO: how rude.

Cas-Lo: could we come to the point already droid?

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) master isnít telling what to do next, master is conflicted. Master is stuck in plansÖ. masterís voice is going silent.

C-3PO: master isnít telling what to do next, master is conflicted. Master is stuck in plansÖ. masterís voice is going silent.

Luke: thatís all heís been saying since we encountered him on the barge, I became furious due to his inability to answer who was controlling him.

Gigin-Taue: I understand your dislike of not receiving an answer, but this impatience is unbecoming of a Jedi.

Luke: (shouting) Iím really getting tired of being continually lectured on the rules I set in place and taught you all! Without me youíd all be at the mercy of the emperor. Some of you wouldnít even be here.

Cas-Lo: (waving arms frantically) yes master Luke let your clouding of the truth come loose and spill fourth your allegiance to the dark side and theÖ.

Luke: (force pushing cas-lo to the ground) do not accuse me of such acts!

Mara: (screaming) stop it!

C-3PO: oh dear.

Han: (running to Lukeís side) take it easy Luke youíre flipping out!

Cas-Lo: (swatting blood away) I forgive you, but not your actions.

Luke: (embracing Mara) somethingís pushing me out of control. somethingÖ

Mara: (Maraís gaze falls upon montagra as she embraces Luke) what is it? please tell me Luke.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) your time approaches soonÖ

Luke goes to stomp montagra but is stopped by Jacen and Chi-Ro, as Putag, Saba Sebatyne and Tenel Ka Dijo burst into the chamber as followed by republic troops.

Tenel Ka Dijo: master Soear, we must evacuate the planet!

Gigin-Taue: (springing to his feet) what? The space raiders have fled what danger could there be now?

Tenel Ka Dijo: the storm and the raging rivers are flooding the mainland causing the countryside to fall into the oceans.

Saba Sebatyne: we have two days until the entire countryside is beneath the sea.

Gigin-Taue: I order a complete Evacuation due to the impending devastation of the planet, and wish to have Montagra extradited and imprisoned.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) Iíve already sent the remaining transport vessels to pick up survivors.

Cas-Lo: but what of master skywalkerís use of forbidden practices!

Gigin-Taue: Master Skywalker and I will discuss these issues on the transport. That shall be enough for you master vont. Now rally all inhabitants of this temple.

Cas-Lo: yes master Soear.

The entire countryside of Krushi migrates to the Jedi community of Lexírer, as republic transport vesselís lift off. The landing pad in front of the temple is filled with refugees and transport vessels, the Millennium Falcon is chosen as the vessel to lead the evacuation to the nearest republic base. The Royal Procession boards the last transport vessel, as led by the millennium falcon with Han, Jacen, Lowbacca, Clighal, Corran Horn, Kyle Katarn, and Artoo-Deetoo aboard. 

Luke, Mara, C-3PO and Ben depart the planet aboard the same transport carrying Gigin-Taue Soear, Umble Zarr cradling Zeb-Ska, Cas-Lo Vont, Putag, Chi-Ro Rahem, Tenel Ka Dijo, Saba Sebatyne, and Montagra in chains guarded by twenty Republic Troops with Acheff-9. The vessel lifts off as Gigin-Taue looks upon his Temple for the last time thru the transport ships circular window.
Once in space the entire republic Relief Effort as led by Han Solo blasts into lightspeed leaving the countryside of Krushi to its fate on the once inhabited world of Proloxis IV.Gigin-Taue comes to visit Master Skywalker and family.

Mara: what are you going to do now?

Gigin-Taue: Iím not quite sure; personally Iíve had enough of the proloxis system. And the responsibility of ruling a planet never sounded that appealing to me.

Luke: a Jedi goes where the force leads him.

Gigin-Taue: I think Iím starting understand your little outburst from earlier.

Luke: the farther we get away from the proloxis system the better I feel.

Mara: itís really too bad, lexírer was a great teaching facility.

Gigin-Taue: it could have been better, no need worrying about it. Unless were going to start giving swimming lesions.

Luke: (laughing)

C-3PO: itís nice to see you in a jovial mood again master Luke.

Luke: thanks threepio.

Gigin-Taue: Master Dijo and I have been discussing the matter of Montagraís mental block.

Mara: have you come to a conclusion yet? Or is everything going to remain unknown until we land at the nearest star base.

Tenel Ka Dijo: no master Jade, we propose that the four of us should be strong enough to delve into Montagraís mind and find the answers.

Luke: that much pressure on his simple mind could split it in two.

Gigin-Taue: its worth the risk master Skywalker, that beast holds to keys to whom is responsible for this mess.

Mara: their right, if we donít get a name out of his head. Cas-lo is going to pin this all on you Luke.

Luke: All right, but the moment the beast begins to show signs of mental collapse we must cease our mental connection. Agreed?

Tenel Ka Dijo: Agreed.

Gigin-Taue: Agreed.
Mara: Iím pretty sure he can handle it Luke.

The four Jedi masters make their way back to the area where montagra is being kept. The beast is still in chains and lying on the floor of the vessel, Acheff-9 stands guard with its Turbo Laser Canons extended towards Montagraís head.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) Mrs. Skywalker shouldnít you be seated?

Mara: its ok, were here to interrogate.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) your time approaches soonÖ

Luke: could you shut up?

Tenel Ka Dijo: what did he say?

Luke: nothing, just empty threats. Letís begin.

The four Jedi sit around the creature Indian style, while meditating in unison. Montagra begins to recoil in pain as the mental connection is made. The Jedi delve deep into the simple mind of montagra, they are violently knocked backward by a blast of energy from the mysterious masterís mental hold on montagra. The blast compromises the transport vesselís engines and causes the ship to fall out of hyperspace spinning out of control towards the ancient Sith home world of Korriban.

Cas-Lo: where are we pilot?

Republic pilot: Iím not sure, but were spinning out of control somewhere between Cinnagar and Koros Minor.

Cas-Lo: the Horuset System! Oh no.