Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part 7  (Read 1513 times)

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Saba Sebatyne: master soear, master skywalker, master jade, master dijo! They’re unconscious. Help.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) we require a medic.

Chi-Ro: master Putag; help me revive them via the force.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) there coming around.

Chi-Ro: master Soear, did you learn anything?

Gigin-Taue: no, what happened.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) were spinning out of control!

Tenel Ka Dijo: where has solo led us?

Luke: (grasping his head) the dark side encumbers this space, it pulls us down to the surface…
Gigin-Taue: there’s only one place in the galaxy capable of such an act….

Umble Zarr: the graveyard of the sith: Korriban.

Saba Sebatyne: we are too few to survive on the planets surface.

Mara: (rushing to Ben, who’s in tears) I have a bad feeling about this!

Luke: I think we may yet have a chance if we survive the landing.

Cas-Lo: pilot, do you have any control of the ship!

Republic pilot: none strap yourselves in! It’s going to be a rough landing.

Mara: (cradling Ben) perhaps we can guide the ship down to safety.

Chi-Ro: (strapping in) impossible the dark side overpowers this space.

Luke: (assuming seat next to Mara) he’s right. Were too weak when compared to the aura of this place.

Gigin-Taue: dearest hold zeb-ska close, we may yet survive this.

The Transport vessel is pulled thru the planets atmosphere at tremendous speeds, the ship breaks thru only to fly straight into the constant orange lightning storms that rattle the fragile tombs and ancient temples of the long ago abandoned planet. The vessel spins out of control as it comes crashing down upon the valley of the sith, a mighty canyon filled with pyramids and temples. The ship touches down upon the rocky surface exploding as it skids down the skeleton ridden landscape, until it smashes to a stop into a mammoth statue of an ancient sith lord. The vessel begins to burst into flames as the refuges of proloxis IV exit quickly with montagra en toe; the ship explodes as Aceff-9 leaps with threepio in his arms.

Cas-Lo: well were here to stay.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) droid secure, vessel destroyed.

C-3PO: no one has ever rescued me like that before.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) it’s my program.

Lightening strikes loudly in the distance.

C-3PO: oh dear how horrid!

Mara: (cradling Ben) we can’t stay in the open like this, the ghosts will drive us mad in no time.

Saba Sebatyne: How do you know so much of this place Mrs. Skywalker?

Mara: (cradling Ben) I was once in the direct service of the emperor, this was his so-called “place of power”.

Gigin-Taue: (holding umble zarr close with one arm) I believe we should take shelter within one of the temples.

Luke: it’s probably worse in there than out here.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) the storms are increasing by a margin sixteen percent.

Cas-Lo: one things for sure, were here for a reason. Now will either montagra or master Luke wish to explain it to the rest of us?

Putag: (speaking ewokese) this is not the time master vont!

Umble Zarr: yes, isn’t it a bit ironic that while attempting to delve into Montagra’s mind we’ve been sent here.

Luke: this is the work of the beast’s unknown master.

Tenel Ka Dijo: yes I reached its will before we where knocked backwards, it needs something from the surface of this place.

Gigin-Taue: protocol droid; question the beast as to where his master needs us to go!

C-3PO: Oh dear oh dear.

Montagra: (speaking ecado) master requires an inscription of a Prophesy in which supreme power can be bestowed upon its enactment.

C-3PO: (repeating in English) master requires an inscription of a Prophesy in which supreme power can be bestowed upon its enactment.
Mara: (cradling Ben) oh is that all?

Montagra: (speaking ecado) No fire haired woman, your doom awaits in the catacombs!

C-3PO: (repeating in English) No fire haired woman, your doom awaits in the catacombs!
Luke: (igniting saber) enough threats montagra!

Mara: (cradling Ben) Luke! Stop. His words are meaningless.

Chi-Ro: (holding Luke back) his threats are empty, please stay focused master Skywalker.

Gigin-Taue: Luke, we need you.

Luke: (disengaging saber) I’m in control, do not worry.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) we must be going to these catacombs.

Saba Sebatyne: I sense a mass of negative energies coming this way.

Cas-Lo: (taking montagra by the throat) where do we go!

Montagra: (speaking ecado) follow me!

C-3PO: (repeating in English) follow me!

The beast leads the charge of the fleeing Jedi whom ignite their sabers.

Luke: Acheff bring threepio!

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) I copy.

C-3PO: watch your hands, you could break something. And slow down I could fall apart!

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) I’m not programmed to take orders from you.

Montagra: (speaking ecado) we must go to the deepest levels, the oldest of the old. The writings of the first dark siders are required.

Tenel Ka Dijo: Move faster, the energies are closing in all around us!

The group flees into the temples of the sith, lighting the way with their lightsabers, the infants begin to cry out as the sith sprits pursue the bunch howling and screaming curses in ancient tongues.