Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part 8  (Read 2252 times)

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Aboard the Millennium Falcon, General Solo attempts to contact his estranged wife Leia who has settled back into the life of an ambassador for the New Galactic Republic. 

Han: leia come in!

Leia: (thru intercom) well howís it going stranger?

Han: not so good, proloxis four was evacuated. Weíve come to the first refuel station and found the transport vessel carrying Lukeís family and the royal procession is missing.

Leia: (thru intercom) Missing?

Jacen: yes mom, gone.

Han: it would appear their ship fell out of light speed somewhere between Cinnagar and Koros Minor.

Jacen: the sith home world of old is the only planet where they could have landed.

Han: so were going to need a search party.

Leia: (thru intercom) I donít know if I can arrange that on this short of notice. But Iíll meet you guys at the refuel station with whatever I can manage, plus thereís someone Iíve been keeping to myself for far too long. Who can more than help us in this situation?

Han: what? Could you please explain this?

Leia: (thru intercom) hopefully he can help you as heís helped me.

Leiaís transmission fades away.

Jacen: I donít know, but she sounds like sheís finally gotten over Anakinís death.

Han: that would really help things between us.

The two family members sit dumbfounded as the ships continue to refuel and the remaining republic troops are removed from the transport vessel for the formation of a search party. The refuge vessels go back into light speed.

While Journeying through the sith temple, the group stops to drink water and montagra becomes an increasing threat to Mara and Ben.

Montagra: (speaking ecado) strong boy, very stronger than mommy and daddy.

Mara: (holding Ben closer) and what would you know of the matter.

Montagra: (speaking ecado) just something that comes and goes thru me as master pushes me towards its goal. A ringing in my ears that turns into visions of the future, constant change of course. But the boy grows into strongÖforce sensitive.

Mara: (holding Ben closer) your intellect is too simple to know such things. It always has been.

Montagra: (speaking ecado) Doubt me and doubt the path that we walk, were on the steps towards your doom.

Luke: (striking montagra) shut up! Stop tempting me towards the dark side!

Montagra: (speaking ecado) I only speak the truth!

Mara: (holding Ben closer) Luke stop it, I started talking to him, and itís not his fault.

Luke: (kicking montagra in the stomach) is this where you start the end of the galaxy beast! Tell me before you die!

Montagra: (speaking ecado) just the beginning! There is much to be done and sacrificed!

Luke ignites his lightsaber and goes to kill montagra, but is stopped by Gigin-Taue and Chi-Ro who physically pull him back from the beast.  In the may lay montagra breaks the chains and regains his saber hilt via the force from chi-roís belt. The beast ignites the weapon while running into the catacombs reciting a mantra.

Montagra: (speaking sith)

Upon finishing the recital all mummified sith lords of past are brought to life by their roaming sprits which are channeled back into the mummies with pure force energy igniting their sabers. The mummies advance upon the surrounded Jedi whom begin running and fighting millions of the undead.

Cas-Lo: (defending with saber) this is impossible!

Mara: (holding Ben in one arm and fighting with the other) no, just never been done before!

Saba Sebatyne: (force pushing mummies and defending with saber) we must stay together!

Luke: (slashing mummies) Mara stay with me!

Putag: (speaking ewokese and fighting with saber) montagra will pay for this!

Cas-Lo: (force crumbling a mummy) master soear watch out!

Gigin-Taue: (defending umble zarr) thank you master vont, my dear donít you carry a saber hilt.

Umble Zarr: (holding zeb-ska) how am I supposed to defend myself and carry this child!

Gigin-Taue: (defending umble zarr) Mrs. Skywalker seems to be doing a good job of it!

Tenel Ka Dijo: (swirling saber as she takes out six mummies) thereís too many of them!

Putag: (speaking ewokese and fighting with saber) Iíve got your back!

Saba Sebatyne: (force pushing mummies) many they are, but not indestructible!

Tenel Ka Dijo: (swirling saber) master Sebatyne no!

Luke: (striking mummies) we must keep going!

At that moment four sith mummyís quarter Master Sebatyne, Saba falls to pieces as the fleeing Jedi continue their way down the massive hallway while fighting off numerous sith mummies as they run.

Amongst the stars Han and leia embrace for the first time since Anakinís death, a clone of Anakin Solo adorned in an advanced space suit stands before the broken family unsure of what to think of such open shows of affection.
While his sister Jaina is too emotionally bankrupt to become attached to this clone and lets everyone know it, troops and droids are left dumb founded, as they arenít related to the broken family. Her twin brother Jacen feels the exact opposite and is brought to tears at the sight of his dead younger brother standing before him.

Han: oh leia, Iíve missed you.

Leia: Han, itís ok. Iíve come to terms with his death and given him new life with the help of Luke.
Han: what do you mean new life?

Leia: within this clone of our son resides his sprit.

Han: Isnít this usage of the dark side, how could you let this clone come between us leia.

Jaina: how is this possible?

Leia: Anakin Solo lives again. Greedily Iíve kept him to myself for all these years.

Jacen: so this is what uncle Luke was clouding from the others.

Jaina:(standing away from both the clone and her mother) and why do you think were going to accept him.

Leia: Aside from my ambassador duties Iíve been re-raising our son, with growth acceleration heís almost to the age at which he was taken from us.

Jacen: (Rushing to the clone) Iíve longed to see you again little brother and Iím sorry to report the death of your first love Tahiri.

Anakin: I have no memories of this previous life led by Anakin Solo, only his abilities.

Jacen: how can that be?

Han: you said Luke channeled the sprit into him, then why does he not remember his life?

Leia: because Anakin did not chose or know how to retain his identity in death, his sprit does not know its past or personality. Luke has suggested that bits and pieces will return in time.

Jacen: heís connection to the force is intact, maybe greater than before.

Jaina: uncle Luke has gone too far, this betrays all trust he may have garnered in the eyes of his knights.

Han: Jaina, if this helps your mother I suggest we allow it.

Jaina: mother, just the act of coveting Anakin this much is a turn to the dark side!

Leia: canít you just accept the fact that Iím attempting to bring us back together, like the old days?

Jaina: those days are ended, you cannot bring them back. And besides I have my own life to live, we all do.

Anakin: I do not understand your anger, momÖ.

Jaina: (storming out of the room) I will not accept this clone as my brother. Thereís no bringing him back!

Han: do you think cloning chewie would chill her out?

Leia: oh Han, youíre too much.

R2-D2 follows Jaina Solo to her star fighter as her parents embrace once more; Jacen begins to instruct the clone of his brother in the ways of the Jedi. 

Back in the caves of Korriban, our heroís run up a massive flight of stairs with thousands of Sith Mummies following them into a massive chamber. Upon entering it the mummies retreat and go around the chamber.
Gigin-Taue shouts curses as the others catch their breath and tend to wounds from the sharp rocks protruding out of the temple walls.

Gigin-Taue: (holding saber over his head) cowardly sith incarnate!

Unsatisfied with the retreat the Jedi Master lets out a Proloxian battle cry awakening a greater evil, the temple guard a massive Gorax called Banaí Ka.
The mighty beast stumbles to its feet and ignites itís two hundred foot tall LightSaber, the Jedi engage their saber hilts and stand ready as the beast falls back down to its knee under the weight of the behemoth crimson light blade which lights the entire chamber. Umble Zarr and Mara Jade-Skywalker hold their children close while walking back towards the staircase, Acheff-9 throws C-3PO down and extends its ion canons. The droid approaches the Jedi who stand ready for the attack.

Cas-Lo: at least we can now say the proloxian battle cry can wake anybody up.

Gigin-Taue: (engaging saber hilt) cut the chatter vont.

Luke: Putag I thought Goraxís where native to Endor?

Putag: (speaking ewokese) so did I.  Iíve never seen one this big before.

Luke: trust in the force my friends.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) here to assist in destruction.

Chi-Ro: great.

Tenel Ka Dijo: (swirling saber) itís completely enraged.

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) subject is vulnerable in three unprotected locations.

Chi-Ro: (holding saber over head) and those would be?

Acheff-9: (simplistic voice) one being the neck, two being the growing, and three being the eyes.

Tenel Ka Dijo: (swirling saber) shouldnít three count as two separate weak points.

Luke: save it for later master dijo.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) if there is a later.

The beast stands up and brings its saber down upon the temple where the Jedi where standing before they took to the air via the force, the droid Acheff-9 fires itís canons at the specific weak points repeatdly enraging the beast all the more. The Jedi defend them selves against the massive light blade as it strikes the temple walls randomly, they fly about stabbing BanaíKa with what to it would be pin pricks. Master Dijo miscalculates one levitation and is struck with the massive light blade; the Jedi masterís death is signaled by a flicker in the blade and a pile of burned corpse plummeting to the temple floor.

The others attempting to continue stabbing the beast to death are tossed about via the force by banaíka as it swings randomly bringing down massive parts of the temple, one chunk of rubble smashes Acheff-9 as the droid fires at BanaíKaís left eye. The beast lets out a cry of pain, the Jedi attempt to follow Acheff-9ís last effort but BanaíKa swats Chi-Ro, Putag and Cas-Lo back towards the staircase, the three Jedi nearly smash into threepio.

Luke and Gigin-Taue double team the gorax with a last effort but are taken into the beasts hand and thrown violently towards the ground as banaíka goes to strike them with its saber in the other hand, the Jedi speed to the floor of the temple attempting to deviate via the force but are overpowered by banaíkaís will to kill them. The two are almost killed by the impending light blade as a burst of force power is directed at BanaíKa from the staircase. The burst of energy encumbers the beast killing it as the Jedi use the force to land softly, upon landing Mara, Ben, Threepio, Zeb-Ska, Chi-Ro, Putag, and Cas-Lo stand away from Umble Zarr whose hands are still glowing.

Luke runs past Umble Zarr to comfort Mara and Ben, while Gigin-Taue picks up Zeb-Ska and places him on his shoulders he goes to put his arm around Umbleís neck. Sensing the movement whilst glaring at the Skywalkerís, she strikes Gigin-Taue with a distinctive Teras Kasi attack knocking young Zeb-Ska to the ground and Paralyzing Master Soear. Before the shocked group can react to Zarrís bloodthirsty habits, the sith mummies bust into the chamber pouring over the dead gorax in droves, Umble floats to the ceiling as Cas-Lo and Chi-Ro pick up wounded Gigin-Taue, defenseless Zeb-Ska and oblivious Threepio. They make for the tunnel with the rest of the shocked group. The sith mummies chase after the fleeing survivors.