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Han and Jaina pilot the millennium falcon with remnants of the relief effort en toe to Korriban in hopes of rescuing the missing transport crew. While they make their check of calculations before coming out of light speed, the two discuss the clone.

Jaina: how can we accept him or her after she’s kept herself away from us to raise him again, can’t you see the steps towards the dark side she’s taken?

Han: I’m more than aware of the transgressions of your mother and uncle. But you forget Jaina I have no force flowing thru me. I can only love your mother for what I see in her, and if this is what she has to have around her to re-enter our lives. Than I accept him as Anakin, my son.

Jaina: once the others hear of this, there will be horrendous charges to be answered upon for these crimes against the ways of the Jedi.

Han: I thought you thru down that sword long ago to purse your career as a member of rogue squadron?

Jaina: yes I did father, but I still maintain the practices of a Jedi in my spare time.

Han: if we are to reform this family Jaina, I expect you to be there with us.

Jaina: I can’t promise I’ll always be there, but I will do this for you father. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to forgive mom for this deception.

Han: well you better plan on that, I’m at least twenty years older than your mother, I won’t be around forever.

Jaina: yes you will. Dodging in and out of space lanes wearing bottle-lens glasses complaining about how slow these kids fly nowadays.

Han: maybe I should go out and get myself killed in battle before that happens.

Han pulls the drive clutches backward bringing the ship out of hyperspace within a safe distance from Korriban, the fleet does the same. The ships speed past Korriban’s seven moons only to find the massing armada of Space Raider Junk Barges awaiting them, immediately rogue squadron engages the massive junk vessels.

Jaina: I should be out there with them!

After making their way out of the Caves of the Korriban, the group of survivors break into argument over the actions of Umble Zarr.

Cas-Lo: (setting down Gigin-Taue and Zeb-Ska) it is now clear that Umble was the murderer of Yap-En, the mysterious master of Montagra, and the reason for our being stranded here. But what of this prophesy is known to you master Skywalker?

Luke: (catching breath) montagra claimed when we ran into him in wild space a year ago, that he had stumbled across a sith prophesy capable of destroying the galaxy, the force and bestowing upon its practitioner ultimate power.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) any ideas about what is needed to enact this atrocity?

Gigin-Taue: (dieing) this is not my life…. how could she after all…. I’ve done to…. appease…. her,

Luke: (comforting the master) It’s not your fault master Soear, don’t think about it right now. Try and project yourself onto your power, remember your ways.

Gigin-Taue: (turning white) I…do. Not wish to…linger.

Cas-Lo: you have too much knowledge to let it die with your body, project yourself please master Soear.

Gigin-Taue: (dieing) master…. of what…. leading you all down …a clouded path into…the web of…my…my. I have no pearls of wisdom to bestow upon the…

Cas-Lo: (holding Zeb-Ska) please for your son’s sake, so he may hear your words when he reaches manhood.

Gigin-Taue: (reaching for zeb-ska) master…vont leave my prescience, Luke…will you raise my son…make sure he doesn’t…. become like his…mother…

Luke: (holding zeb-ska) I can’t be afforded this opportunity, if only you knew the truth about umble and I. You wouldn’t be giving me your son.

Gigin-Taue: (dieing) I have…some…idea of what she…longed for…. but what of…the past…it is. Clear that she meant to save…you…not I... that she lov..ed.

Gigin-Taue Soear dies and does not vanish. But remains a broken corpse. Mara stands behind Luke and Zeb-Ska cradling Ben having heard the entire conversation. Cas-Lo Vont frowns in disgust and Luke looks down in shame.

Chi-Ro, Threepio and Putag start to build a fire, Mara walks away from the makeshift camp carrying Ben with Luke trailing behind her.
Cas-Lo covers Gigin-Taue’s body with his robe and mediates beside his dead body as the sun starts to go down.

Within the sith temples, montagra attempts to copy the entire prophecy from the walls onto an empty holo-cron.
Umble Zarr suddenly joins the beast, montagra ignites his Saber hilt. Zarr ignites hers as well. The two lock swords.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) this prophecy is my master! Back Jedi wench!

Umble Zarr: (speaking Ecado) have you ever seen master? You’ve only ever heard the voice dictating what you where to do.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) How can you be the voice?

Umble Zarr: (speaking Ecado) you first heard my commands on Haducu after Luke abandoned you as he had done the same to me. Now finish copying the prophecy, there is vengeance to be taken.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) yes, I finish in fear of pain.

They disengage their sabers, montagra finishes copying the prophecy the two exit the sith temples as the sunsets.
As night falls on Korriban, Mara confronts Luke after sensing the truth of his relationship with Umble Zarr.

Mara: (cradling Ben) how could you carry on this façade for so long, did you not think something would come of your clouding of the past and truth?

Luke: please forgive me Mara, this all happened long before we where married. It was during my last days of teaching at the academy.

Mara: (cradling Ben) you cannot be forgiven. She apparently must have meant something to you, but how could you pretend nothing happened between you, how could you carry on like that on Proloxis Four?

Luke: (looking the other way) please forgive me, I love you. I feel nothing for her and never did. She seduced me at my weakest and won out over better judgment, please do not hate me!

Mara: (setting Ben down and storming out the tent) I will never trust you again!

Luke: (running after her) no Mara! Please listen to me. This cannot be the end of us.

Mara runs away from the camp in tears, Luke follows but is too slow and only watch as Umble Zarr strikes down Mara Jade-Skywalker whom it would appear was cradling Ben in her arms. Zarr floats away to a junk barge overhead. Luke falls to his knees sobbing over Mara’s ashes for she was incinerated.

Luke: (on his knees) noooo!

During the may-lay of arguments, montagra sneaks into Mara’s tent and abducts Ben Skywalker whom is thought to be dead. Umble Zarr, Montagra depart the planet with Ben and the entire prophesy copied.

After the signal is given, the space raider fleet departs. Allowing the falcon to pick up the survivors whom are fighting off sith mummies once again as they run for the extended ramp.

The group of Jedi’s jump onto the ramp, Cas-Lo uses the force to pull Threepio and Gigin-Taue’s body aboard. The republic fleet and the falcon make the jump to light speed. aboard the freighter, acting as new council leader Cas-Lo Vont inquiries on the broken rules of Luke upon being introduced to the clone of Anakin Solo.

Cas-Lo: this is blasphemy! Work of the dark side. How could you do this?

Luke: (resting head in palms while sitting at holo-chess table) I assisted my sister in channeling the spirit of her dead son into an identical clone body, I clouded this fact and my past romantic involvement with Umble Zarr from the rest of you.

Cas-Lo: what was the extent of your involvement with zarr? How far did it go and who was the instigator?

Luke: Umble and I met sometime before the Yuuzhan Vong invashion, she was a sudden addition to the academy’s roster. A complete and total over achiever looking for complements at every corner, answering every question as if reading my mind.  She approached me at random in the beginning, from then on her skill at keeping tabs on me become a constant annoyance. I thought it was just a petty crush at first, but once I gave into her seduction it was clear she was obsessive on keeping me in her clutches and pushing me to her satisfaction. Desire was my crime.

Cas-Lo: no. treachery and blasphemous deeds are your crimes; you will answer for them all Luke. No matter what losses you’ve endured, you’ve broken the laws you set upon us. Sentry I require a pair of energy manacles, I place master Skywalker under arrest.

Republic Sentry: (reluctantly) yes sir.

Leia: I will not stand for this!, my brother personally restarted this order and saved the galaxy from the emperor.

Cas-Lo: you may defend him if wish during his trial, but I will not hear his many achievements right now. And ambassador you’re not exactly innocent in this matter either, so I’d mind my tongue.

Leia: you will not succeed in this venture master vont!

Luke: (standing up) I accept the charges and deny the right to be defended in a court of my peers the council under master vont’s leadership will know what to do with me! That will be enough leia.

Leia: (dumbfounded) are you sure?

Luke: (sitting) yes. I’m guilty and I deserve whatever punishment they think best suits me.

Cas-Lo: (in astonishment) you have redeemed yourself in my eyes master Luke, but I will remain stern on the matter of your trail. Sentry could you confine him to one of the engine rooms and give me his saber hilt.

Master Skywalker is taken away from the holo-chess table by a four republic sentries, Cas-Lo remains with Leia and her sons.

Cas-Lo: I had heard of the legendary strength of Anakin Solo, but being in his prescience is amazing.

Jacen: yes master vont, he is powerful. I have appointed him my apprentice in hopes of making sure he doesn’t become the same kind of arrogant person he was before.

Cas-Lo: please jacen you’re still only a knight, master soear didn’t finish you or chi-ro’s trial to master hood. Neither of you are fit to train anyone yet.

Jacen: I’m training my brother no matter what master vont. Besides I’ve reminded him of most of his skills, he catches on quickly.

Cas-Lo: I will allow it, due to your expertise. If it where chi-ro the answer would be no.

Leia: I’m ready to return him to the galaxy yet, he still has yet to develop his old personality.

Jacen: if you continue to covet him this much, the dark side’ll encumber you. You’re already walking a fine line towards it.

Leia: it will be his decision. Anakin do you wish to leave me and become a Jedi knight again.

Anakin: I remember much of my lifestyle involving the use of the force, my retraining would be short. You could move to coruscant and we could keep in contact with everyone.

Cas-Lo: it is possible the temple is nearly rebuilt.

Leia: the senate has a long ways to go though, I don’t know if we’ll be able to put up with the continuing reconstruction noise. But if this is your wish Anakin, I’ll follow you in hopes the rest our family come along as well.

Anakin: then it’s settled.  I’m more than capable to do battle if it’s needed.
On the surface of a large planet that glows toxic green from space called Go’Gek, Umble Zarr keeps a castle where she confers with Space Raider commodores whom argue their fears of Proloxian and Republic attacks.

Commodore Grug: what of the Jedi and the republic? There sure to avenge the proloxians and who ever else has suffered due to this atrocity.

Umble Zarr: I can assure you we need not worry about retribution from the proloxis system. The planet, the kingdoms all lie in ruins as we speak. if all goes according to plan, we will soon have a man within in my grasp capable of reforming the galaxy to his liking. A man who if pushed in the right direction would have enough power to topple the republic. And with him and me in command of this galaxy, there would be no need for the stumbling Jedi. A new order shall be erected in the place of this fragile collective of planetary systems, my love and I will have the Overlords of the Teras Mundri beg for mercy at our heels.

Commodore Grug: and where would we figure in this new order?

Umble Zarr: where ever you think best suits you. Now leave me, deploy your fleet.

The commodore exits with his captains, Umble peers out the window of her massive castle. Montagra playfully juggles Ben Skywalker between his feet and tail  only to be suddenly stopped with a gust of force energy by insect-like Teras Kasi master Zett’alk, who takes the child by spinning around the infant fast enough to form an energy ball of protection around him.

Zett’alk: (in a thousand hissing whispers) your plans are folly and always have been umble!

Umble Zarr: (igniting saber) I need that child for leverage!

Zett’alk: (in a thousand hissing whispers) ever since you where a child you’ve endangered me to the overlords, how dare you attempt to make their secret wars known to the galaxy! my fight for survival is also endangered with this foolish plot hatched in the pursuit of desire!

Umble Zarr: (swinging saber) that boy has power like his father, whatever you mold him into would be even more dangerous to you than I. But his sister will be quite the sith well before he’s ready to combat her.

Zett’alk: (in a thousand hissing whispers) your days are numbered Umble! Your arrogance has outweighed your senses as predicted. You know nothing of my other agent amongst the Jedi!

Umble Zarr: (swinging saber) impossible! How could you undermine my abilities with such disrespect!

Zett’alk: (in a thousand hissing whispers) improbable not impossible! I’ve instructed this agent to dispose of you and take over the tutelage of your offspring with Skywalker he will meet her on Nefta! Your service to me turned ill long ago. My greatest student, my greatest disappointment. May you not suffer me anymore.

Umble Zarr: (disengaging saber) farewell, you had better hope your double agent succeeds.

Umble Zarr bows before her master as it leaves the planet with Ben Skywalker.

Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Luke convinces Cas-Lo, Jacen, Putag, Chi-Ro and Anakin that they must deal with umble zarr before the council convenes.

Luke: we must deal with umble zarr before she can regroup her armies and march upon the worlds of the galaxy.

Jacen: together I believe we can conquer her.

Cas-Lo: this is suicide jacen, you saw the corpse of Yap-En her power is too great.

Luke: I will face umble, alone.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) arrogance and ignorance walk hand in hand master.

Chi-Ro: Are you sure master Skywalker, we all saw the ease at which she dispensed the temple guard.

Luke: it was my force potential that drove her to save gigin-taue and I from that beast. I know I can fight her, my survival is not of any concern to me.

Jacen: you mustn’t act out in vengeance uncle.

Cas-Lo: yes you have Zeb-Ska to raise upon gigin-taue’s last wishes.

Luke: we’ll see.

Jaina enters the engine sector.

Jaina: the scout ships have reached the location  the junk barges went directly after Korriban. It’s a toxic planet in wild space and it appears to be heavily guarded, rogue squadron is speeding to meet us there.

Anakin: I will not waste my self in battle on the planet’s surface I choose to remain aboard this ship brother.

Jacen: I understand, don’t worry I’ll be back to complete your training.

Jaina: well even if you didn’t make it back I’m sure uncle Luke and mom would cook up a clone to replace you in our hearts.

Anakin: jaina, I am your brother. Mind body and spirit. You must accept me.

Jaina: I accept you under the circumstances that would continue my relationship with our mother. But only to those terms clone!

Anakin: I will prove myself to you sister. It’s just a matter of time.

Jaina exits the engines as the Jedi start to re-enter the galley of the ship.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) filled with worry for her future, do not worry Anakin she accept you in time.

Anakin: I hope so.

Cas-Lo: the five of us will depart this vessel, I would not like to endanger the rest of Jacen and Luke’s family. Are we agreed.

Jacen: of course master vont.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) we must mediate, before battle it was gigin-taue’s way.

Chi-Ro: I’ll be right there, I’m still not quite over his passing.

Putag: (speaking ewokese) understandable.

The five Jedi leave the engine room for the docking ring between the falcon and the republic high liner containing a standard Jedi escort vessel.