Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part10  (Read 1452 times)

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after receiving such ill tidings from her master, Umble rushes to the highest tower of her castle to her daughter Maldini who is the fruit of her passions with Luke Skywalker. Upon entering the chamber where the five year old practices saber techniques with a training droid outfitted with a sith holo-cron, the young girl bows before her mother in fear.

Maldini: (bowing) what is thy bidding, mother?

Umble Zarr: (quickly pulling her from the ground) our time together quickly comes to end!

Maldini: (standing scared) how can that be? You just barely entered my life.

Umble Zarr: (slapping the child) do not feel love or pity for those whom hate you child. You will live to destroy this galaxy! Promise me this!

Maldini: (glaring) yes mother.

Umble Zarr: I will soon be dead, take this holo-cron it contains your purpose. Continue your training while you travel the galaxy aboard the attack cruiser I’ve had built for you, it has a droid crew so you won’t be distracted from your studies.

Maldini: (glaring) where do I go from there?

Umble Zarr: journey to the gypsy moon of Nefta, there you will meet my killer. He wouldn’t pass up your allegiance, learn what you can from him. But don’t allow him to interfere with your purpose!

Maldini: (glaring) yes mother.

The young Sith Mistress lifts off of Go’gek within her new attack cruiser, Umble Zarr watches from her massive castle window as the vessel leaves the atmosphere and her evil mother. Montagra leaves the castle with Space Raider commodores all of which are dressed in space suits.

Aboard the Jedi escort, a trimmer in the force cuts Luke’s meditation short.

Luke: how can that be?

Jacen: what is it uncle?

Luke: I feel as if the force is attempting to tell me that two beings directly connected to me are in existence, but their auras are vanishing from my insight just as quickly as I’ve sensed them. But that’s impossible, my son is dead….

Jacen: I’m sorry.

Luke: dead, never to achieve his destiny.

Chi-Ro: may I take this opportunity master skywalker to request your tutelage in my master hood of the Jedi arts.

Luke: I accept chi-ro, but must curse you for interrupting my connection to…nothing its ok. I accept. If we survive.

Chi-Ro: thank you master Skywalker.

Rahem bows and leaves the cabin of the escort, Luke and jacen continue mediating. The Jedi escort and the millennium falcon as followed by a legion of v-wing fighter’s blast out of hyperspace, they run head long into a junk blockade. The Jedi escort speeds past as the v-wings as led by the falcon engage the junk fleet blockade. the escort charges past the blockade to only get shot down by the commanding barge and pulled down into the atmosphere of the planet by Umble Zarr. As the vessel plummets towards the rocky toxic waste filled surface, Luke is teleported out of the ship by umble zarr into an awaiting empty torture device.
A massive compound unguarded by any turrets or canons. Within the castle, Umble gloats over Luke.

Umble Zarr: at last I have you all for my own.

Luke: I’ve come to kill you umble! Nothing more than that.

Umble Zarr: a pity we could have restructured the galaxy together, set everyone in their places. Obtain the power for which no one can dream. Together we could take the void apart and form new worlds in which to gaze upon.

Luke: you can’t give back you’ve taken from me.

Umble Zarr: This is the torture of a Teras Kasi whom wants you all for herself.

Luke: (grimacing in pain) id that supposed to make it more painful and meaningful than a little dark-force lightning from the emperor.
To demonstrate she uses the force to quarter him and electrocute him with Teras Kasi bolts of defense. Upon completing this show of power, Luke uses the force to break free of the device and back flips into the air igniting his saber hilt before he lands locking swords with umble.

Luke: you’ve stolen from me…you’ve taken the future’s hope….you’ve awoken my Dark Side!

Umble Zarr: this is not the time to refuse me again, our daughter Maldini shall triumph over the force! There is no greater enemy, it uses me as well as you in this game it plays against time.

Luke gives in and expels force lighting countering her attack, the two start a mighty force power struggle while lightsaber dueling.

The republic fleet arrives, they immediately engage the space raider armada that is practically camouflaged in space garbage. The falcon races towards the battle’s main problem: the command barge a massive misshapen mass of canons firing randomly at every vessel.