Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part11  (Read 1459 times)

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Aboard the falcon.

Han: this is great!

Leia: I wonder if this is it.

Han: donít say that.

Jaina: (from within turret) Iím getting targets everywhere, I canít lock them all in  at once.

Han: we have to try!

Anakin solo stands up and runs to the airlock near the front of the vessel, buckling up his space suit as he exits the vessel and uses the force to fly through space.

The Jedi ignites his lightsaber upon reaching the hull of the command barge, he runs along the center of the canons chopping them off as he goes. Until from out of the barge pops Montagra clad in a special space suit with his saber ignited.

Montagra: (curses in ecado)

Anakin: not good!

The two engage in a dizzying zero gravity lightsaber duel on the hull of the junk barge in the midst of the massive garbage filled space battle .

Jacen solo aboard the escort useís the force to guide the vessel down lightly to the gates Outside of Zarrís castle. Jacen Solo, Chi-Ro Rahem, Putag, and Cas-Lo Vont jump the within the walls of the castle to only find that zarr had brought a legion of sith mummies with her.

Jacen: (taking battle stance) I have a very bad feeling about this.

Chi-Ro: (defending) I thought we got rid of all these guys!

Putag: (speaking ewokese) not all of them.

The four Jedi charge slicing thru the clothed army of bones and sabers. Chi-ro bends downward while reaching upwards and jumps up, as he jumps the mummies lift up. Once he hits the ground so do the mummies crumbling as they hit.

Chi-Ro: (landing) watch yourself putag!

Putag: (speaking ewokese) here goes nothing!

Putag back flips over three mummies only to land on six extended lightblades, the Ewok Jedi screams out in horror as it is run through.

Jacen: (smashing thru mummies) no!

Cas-Lo: (force pushing) thereís no time for that right jacen!

The three remaining Jedi proceed up the lengthy stairs of the castle fighting off mummies.

The high tech V-Wing Fighters find themselves outnumbered by low-tech piles of garbage, still out gunned but classically trained for aerial combat.

On the command barge Anakin and Montagra lock swords constantly, but in zero gravity a lightsaber duel is near impossible to finish.
Especially with these opponents: A clone of a high-powered Jedi and a simple minded Ecadogren who uses his feet and tail to negotiate his saber hilt.

Montagra: (speaking Ecado) taste my blade boy!

Anakin: (levitating overhead) no thanks.

In the castle Luke and Umble are fighting a battle with force energies rather than sabers, Luke is commanding the fight until he over estimates a blast.

Luke: (taking hit) ahhh!

And is left open for a Teras Kasi power bomb knocking him backward to only watch as umble zarr summons her power and spreads her arms wide moving the moons of Goígek far apart from each other.

Umble Zarr: watch as I kill them all for our love!

Luke: no donít do it!

Then she slams her hands together smashing the moons together creating a massive global disturbance not to mention a disruption in the space battle.
In the may lay of the moons smashing together the space raider garbage fleet is scattered along with the v-wings and sent spinning out of control. The falcon speeds to Anakinís aid, only to find he and Montagra fighting space garbage to moon debris.

Han: Iím tired of maneuvering through this garbage!

Leia: just turn on the tractor beam, Iíve communicated to Anakin. Heís well on his way to the airlock.

The falconís tractor beam captures Montagra, where the beast is left within the cargo hold, where the beast collapses. Anakin re-enters the ship and is warmly greeted by jaina.

Jaina: well I canít believe you did all that, you are my brother.

Anakin: thank you for recognizing me.

The ship speeds to the surface as Luke looks on in horror, Zarr relishes in the moment.

Umble Zarr: your time has come Luke!  Now you will expire in the same fashion as Yap-En soear! Taken apart at the particle level.

Luke: you may destroy me but the Jedi will outlast you! You cannot undo the freedom weíve spread to the corners of the galaxy.