Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII: A DARK FACADE-Extended Edition part12  (Read 2435 times)

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Umble Zarr: (raising energized hands over head) so be it my love!

Before she can pull Luke apart at the particle level Chi-Ro Rahem, Jacen Solo, and Cas-Lo Vont slash umble zarr into three separate halves. Luke stands up as the pieces hit the ground and holds out his hands to be bound.

Chi-Ro: (disengaging saber) now what?

Luke: take me away. My life is in your hands.

Cas-Lo: I won’t allow you to be executed master Skywalker. You must raise zeb-ska. It was gigin-taue’s last wish and I will grant it to my dead master.

Jacen: come on uncle, she can’t hurt you any further.

The four board the falcon with Umble’s remains in a box and Luke in energy manacles, the falcon and the v-wings leave the system.

Once on Yavin IV, Cas-Lo calls a grand hearing of the Jedi council to come to a conclusion on the matters of Luke Skywalker’s crimes and the placement of Zeb-Ska Soear.

Luke: I willingly submit myself this council’s ruling on my behalf.

Cas-Lo: after long deliberation the council has decided master Skywalker is to be exiled and not to interfere with Galactic Rule unless called upon by any member of this order.

Lowbacca: (speaking wookie) we have also agreed with master Soear’s dying wishes to have master skywalker raise Zeb-Ska Soear.

Corran Horn: the beast Montagra is on the first transport ship to the newly founded prison for dangerous force-sensitives as we speak.

Lowbacca: (speaking wookie) it is in the interest of this council that the possibility of Maldini’s existence remains a secret to the public.

Luke: (taking zeb-ska from cas-lo) May the force be with all of us in these dark years to come.

Cas-Lo: Luke Skywalker is here by exiled from the Jedi order and its ruling body over galactic affairs, if he attempts to return from this exile upon his own accord he is to be executed. He is not allowed to train any more apprentices after the completion of his work with Zeb-Ska Soear; young soear is to be allowed back into the Jedi order upon completion of his trail to knighthood.

Luke walks down the vast hallway of the temple of the Blue Leaf Cluster holding Zeb-Ska Soear, filled with thousands of knights and masters all looking down in shame at their orders restorer and all around savior as he is exiled for his crimes.

Closing shot of Luke’s back as he walks down the massive hallway.

To be continued in Star Wars Episode Eight: The Volatile Vision

Set Sixteen Years after events in Episode Seven and forty-six years after
Episode Four: A New Hope.