Author Topic: Looking for Topps Heritage Promos P1,P2,P6 Have Vintage Topps 4 Trade  (Read 1705 times)

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Looking for the following 3 Topps Heritage Promo Cards and various other cards:

P1: Kenobi vs Maul (Retro SW Red Card)
P2: Yoda (Retro ESB Yellow Card)
P6: Leia Sail Barge (Retro Red ROTJ Card)
Vintage ESB Sticker #25
Vintage General Mills SW Stickers (Oversized Cards) #10
Vintage General Mills ARPAC Stickers #1-16


Vintage ESB Series 2 Set EX-NRMNT
Vintage ESB Series 2 Stickers (all) pack fresh
Vintage SW Series 1 Stickers (all) GD-EX
Vintage SW Series 2 Stickers (all) GD-EX
Vintage ROTJ Series 2 Set pack fresh
Vintage King Kong Set (Topps 1976) pack fresh
Vintage Battlestar Galactica Cards + Stickers (various) EX-NRTMT
Vintage Jaws 2 Sticker Set pack fresh