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My turn to sell, lots of army builders
« on: May 2, 2009, 02:13 PM »
Just so you know, I'm in Canada.  Anything carded is marked whether it is US or Canadian card and I'll be completely up front about condition.  If you're really picky, tell me and you'll know in advance if it's worth buying.  I'm open to offers on stuff too.  I've got piles of prequel figures for cheap too, so if there's anything you want from the PT, ask and I'll probably have it.

Not really looking for anything in trade, though you could probably convince me on a Yavin battle pack or two.


Unleashed Shock Trooper $20

Target Clone Trooper $11
Target Utapau Shadow Clone Trooper $11 Covert Ops Trooper $11

30th Anniversary Collection (TAC)
Airborne Trooper UGH gold coin US $5
Galactic Marine UGH gold coin CDN $5
Animated Boba Fett UGH gold coin US $7
McQuarrie Snowtrooper US $7
McQuarrie Boba Fett US x2 $7 each
McQuarrie Chewbacca US $6
McQuarrie Boba Fett UGH gold coin US x2 $7 each
McQuarrie Boba Fett UGH gold coin CDN $7
McQuarrie Darth Vader US $7

UGH Boba Fett US $8
UGH Anakin Skywalker US $8
Darth Vader US $5
R4-K5 US $6
Power Droid US $5
Scorch US x2 $6 each
5th Fleet Security Clone Trooper  $5
Clone Trooper Sergeant x2 US $5
442nd Siege Battalion US $5
Kitik US $5
Yarael Poof US $5

Clone Wars animated
White Clone trooper first series US card $5

23 Red Royal Guard $5
45 Tarkin $5
45 Tarkin $5
    AT-RT driver  $5
47 Meena Tillis $5
33 Clone Commander red $5
50 Anakin Skywalker (krispy) $5
49 Commander Bacara $5
35 Palpatine US cards, one blue saber, one red saber sold as a set $15

Power of the Jedi

R4-M9 $5
Clean Biker Scout $5

Trilogy Collection
10 Darth Vader US (scuffed bubble) $5
34 Darth Vader US price sticker on card (goo gone is your friend) $5
16 Stormtrooper US x3 $5 each
25 Snowtrooper US $5
23 Tusken Raider US $5
11 Biker Scout x3 US $5 each
11 Biker Scout x1 CDN $5
38 Imperial Trooper CDN x2 $5 each
37 Gamorrean Guard US $5

Greatest Hits
Darth Maul US $5

Box Sets

Entertainment Earth Clone Trooper Builder Packs as a set $25 each
White clean
White Dirty
Colored clean
Colored dirty

ROTS Commemorative DVD 3-pack Clone Troopers $10

Republic Commando Delta Squad $30
Jedi Temple Assault $20
Skirmish in the Senate x2 $25 each

LOOSE FIGURES all $5 unless otherwise noted

Clone Wars
Obi Wan in snap-on battle armor from battle pack $5
Chameleon Droid (partial holo) from Ambush on Ilum battle pack $5
Durge with speeder bike $10 Shadow Utapau clone $7

Stap (1 missing missile) $5
R5-J2 $6
R4-I9 $5
Destroyer Droid with commtech chip $5
Red battle droid with blue blaster damage $4
Tan battle droid with blue blaster damage $4
Tan battle droid with blue blaster damage around face as well $4
Camouflage battle droid $4
Commtech battle droid clean $4
Red battle droid clean $4
Pit droid two pack orange with box $5
Commtech two pack pit droids $5
AOTC Spider Droid $8

AOTC clone pilot with turret x2 $6 each
ROTS white/gray clone pilot x2 $5 each
ROTS black clone pilot x2 $6 each
Cloud Car pilot (trilogy coll.) x2 $5 each

AOTC Clones:
White dirty lower legs (wide stance) x3 $4
White clean x2 (wide stance) $4
Blue (wide stance) $5
Red markings with large cannon $5
White kneeling non-articulated $4
Speeder bike and clone $10
Clone Trooper Training Fatigues $5

ROTS Clones
Holographic Commander Cody $5
AT-RT driver tan face $5
AT-TE gunner $5
Commander Bly $5
327th Star Corps trooper $5
Clone Commander Coruscant (grey) x2 $6 each
501st clone blue stripes on leg $5
501st TAC Ops $5
Purple clone (from box set?) $5
Utapau clone x5 $5 each
Airborne Trooper $5
Orange AT-RT clone $5
Shock Trooper (#6 sculpt) x6 $5 each
Shock Trooper commander  $5
#33 ROTS Clone Commander red $5 
#6 ROTS Clone white x3 $5 each
Elite Corps Trooper  $5
Republic Commando Scorch $5
Geonosians (2) from Republic Commando box set $9

Original Trilogy loose figures
Endor Soldier with beard $5
Rebel Fleet Trooper (from Tantive IV battle pack) x2 $5 each
General Veers $5
Admiral Ozzel $5

Paypal preferred, shipping is extra. 
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