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Re: CW Republic Swamp Speeder
« Reply #75 on: December 27, 2010, 02:01 AM »
For fans of the movies, I guess this was a bigger hit...  for fans of the cartoon and this as part of that line instead, I guess maybe not.

To me, it's an accurately detailed/scaled movie vehicle...  No different than the Cloud Car really.  Maybe some opening panels would've been cool to show electronic gadgetry inside, but beyond that I really felt it's accurate in every way so why gripe, ya know?

The vehicle's dullness is undeniable though...  Then again, so is/was the Cloud Car.  I guess this is maybe the Clone Wars equivalent of a boring vehicle like that.

For me, this just was like getting the AT-ST, Snowspeeder, Cloud Car, Landspeeder, or any other film vehicle they've done and "gotten right".  A speederbike with a sidecar just wouldn't cut it since I was anxious to get what was actually on-screen...  not to say I don't like a Speederbike with a sidecar as a concept.  I think that's pretty neat in its own right.  ;D

The missles fire with a little pressure so they unhinge from the spring.  Basically they push into the hole, a spring inside is compressed, and they "hook" over a lip of plastic.  When you give the missile a push up in the back, the spring releases it.  It's just like the original Hailfire's design and eliminates the need for a button mechanism where one is more noticeable and more difficult to put into the guns without increasing their size.
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Re: CW Republic Swamp Speeder
« Reply #76 on: December 27, 2010, 09:03 AM »
Thanks Jesse, I fired them once or twice accidentally, so it figured it must be something stupid like that.

I'll co-sign Greg's comments...this thing is just boring to me. I'm not saying it's not a well done effort, I just think it is completely underwhelming. Even the "distressed" paint apps just seem sloppy to me.

Anyway, it's a good lesson not to buy any more vehicles to open. I'm definitely going to try and return this and get my money back.
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