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Re: ARAH Vehicles/Playsets
« Reply #15 on: October 21, 2017, 03:25 AM »
Since the last time I posted in this I've picked up a few pieces including an APC, Desert Fox, and Whirlwind at the 2013 Joe Con in Indianapolis. And a couple summers ago I hit up the Steel City Con in Pittsburgh and replaced that X-19 I sold with one in almost as good of shape, and for a great price.

I also added a Tomahawk and Bridge layer from a buddy. I had a shell of the Shuttle Launch Complex that I got from the same person, for free, with the intention of picking up parts and building it. But it was too big of a task so I ended up giving it back.

I've picked up a couple vintage figures since last posting also but I think that was it on the vehicles.

One reason I've hesitated on vehicles is because of what Scockery mentioned, too brittle on the plastic. Not sure I want to invest too much in toys that could easily break. SW stuff doesn't seem to be quite as bad but I've seen some discoloration on things like the B-Wing so that's also a factor.

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