Author Topic: Star Wars Visions - Clash on Kothlis  (Read 1117 times)

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Star Wars Visions - Clash on Kothlis
« on: March 10, 2010, 11:15 PM »
The artwork for the "Clash on Kothlis" book planned for Fall 2010 has me intrigued.  I'm not often piqued by upcoming EU, but this image reminded me of one of my favorite combat sequences in a video game, the assault on the downed Destroyer on Kothlis.

The Destroyer, as pictured in the image, is half submerged in the ocean, and it was a great mission...  As part of Rogue Squadron you were sent to cover a commando team being led by Crix Madine to recover the DS2 plans.  The first part of the mission downed the Destroyer, the second part was covering the troops and blasting a hole in the hull for them on the exposed surface.

All the while the surviving officers of the Destroyer had regrouped and gotten what systems they could operational, including the starboard ion cannons and various gun emplacements on the exposed parts.  The Empire also releases walkers through the belly and into the water (proving they can "seal" themselves and walk submerged.  AT-AT's begin appearing on the beach along with AT-PT escorts.  The infantry began setting up E-Web's on the destroyer's hull and on the beach to fend off the REbel Commando attack.

Really, overall, it's a fantastic mission and visually just too cool.  Watching the walkers appraoch the beach but submerged (you can see them pretty clearly though) is just too cool.  Seeing it depicted in artwork and I guess as part of a story of some sort due out in Fall is even cooler.  They've got me hooked on this already.

The game's part of the Rogue Squadron games on the Gamecube, for the curious.  It's a tough level, but not too tough that you can't enjoy the scenery. 
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