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MOAWP S1/E6: "Sinister Agents of the Empire"
« on: April 27, 2010, 12:59 PM »

Drive-In Holoplex-Gall-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

A holodrama projected against a Cliffside comes to a glorious end; as the credits begin to roll the gathered land speeders veer off in separate directions.

A rusty speeder does a barrel roll against the holodrama itself and makes for the imperial enclave.

Dilbun Vont: wut we gonna eat?

Cittro: not really into that fodder we got in the freezer either?

Dilbun Vont: I wuz till I found out those kriffin cliff wampas where engineered.

Cittro: considering how late it is; were gonna hafta be another one of the billions served by olí ďBiscuit Baronď.

Dilbun Vont: hopefully dat borkin manager gots some sliders on the grill.

Biscuit Baron Speed-Thru-Gall-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) they call em sliders causeía how fast they work their magic on your digestive tract.

The once garish land speeder sits in a crowded three Decker speed-thru line wrapped around the grease pit. Cittro attempts to sit closer to Vont, but the older man edges the younger woman away.

Dilbun Vont: told ya it ainít happenin partna.

Cittro: then why em I still with you? We act like were together, and you never let me get closeÖ.

Dilbun Vont: kid, you could find yourself a kriffin moff or some other high muckety muck imperial and have a little marriage.

Cittro: ainít bein a kid for sometime now vont! And why canít we have that?

Dilbun Vont: I know disíll only end inÖ.

The speed-thru line is broken up by the sudden arrival of a Tie Berserker which catches Vontís speeder in a tractor beam. And speeds towards the enclave with it in toe. 

Upon landing the Tie Berserker disperses a squad of storm troopers whom pull vont from the speeder violently.

He is thrashed to the ground as the troopers assume a position around him.  Armand Isard, Sate Pestage and Zsinj stride towards the encircled vont.

Stormtrooper: this the scum?

Armand Isard: well done sergeant. Stand him up, he has a bit of explaining to do before we proceed.

Dilbun Vont: betta be a kriffin world exploding izard, this ainít gonna be yourÖ

Armand Isard: silent! The charges are severe to say the least.

Dilbun Vont: augieís gonna have your kriffin headsÖ.

Sate Pestage:  seditiousness only arouses our emperors wrath!

Armand Isard: now where is that turncoat padawan youíve sheltered for these past seven years? I hear she is intended for death.

Stormtrooper: sir! Sheís gone.

Armand Isard: pay it no mind; a mere girl is of no concern to us. Bring him.

Vont is herded into the Tie Berserker, Cittro watches from a ridge as the vessel reaches orbit.

Landing Field-Niollipa-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

An imperial landing craft sets down across from a small gathering of enforcers of the Neimoidian gangster Big Galgu; whom is surrounded by a motley crew of beetle droid mounted repurposed battle droids. Commander Zsinj leads a platoon of stormtroopers whom kick the captive Dilbun Vont down the ramp into the mud.

Zsinj: thanks to your continued assistance our emperor has agreed to your compensation.

Big Galgu: well thanks to the emperor following my advice we caught ol kriff hed here with his hand in the imperial cookie jar.

Dilbun Vont: dats what this is about! Trust me, I ainít the only imp on the take or takin a bigger slice for demselves.

Zsinj: youíve offended the emperor for the last time vont! Count yourself fortunate enough that galgu included your personal demise as a condition in their dealings.

Big Galgu: I believe your stay in my system is over commander zsinj?

Zsinj: my how the recently elevated love to throw their weight around. Troops, remount.

Big Galgu: and donít let me catch any picket ships tooling round the sector or the deal is off get me?

Dilbun Vont: whut bout the kid, zsinj?

Zsinj: donít worry yourself Vont, way I hear it not even the real Jedi are much opposition these days. Iíd be more concerned with the slavers getting a hold of her.

The craft lifts off temporally causing an updraft, the light around vont is obscured by the form of Big Galgu whom picks the human man up by the neck.

Big Galgu: I always expected this moment would include a pile of fodder plummeting towards my boots, guess you grew a pair after all these years eh?

Dilbun Vont: so guess the fromm gangs problems stem from you as well?

Big Galgu: Iím flattered, naw lil tig carbon flushed their holdings and jabba ainít a kriffin credit union. End oí story.

Dilbun Vont: so why ainít I gargling my own teeth galgu! Wut you playin at here?

The massive Neimoidian breaks vonts neck and drops him to the ground.  Within a second his neck heals.

Big Galgu: something on this rock causes humans to regenerate.

Dilbun Vont: wuts the drawback aside from the pain!

Big Galgu: its gonna collide with its star after a couple rotations. No regeneration from dat. Oh and the imperials ainít got a clue as to why I arranged for them to drop you here, my sector and all you know.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) still no fodder on his boots.

Regional Naval Supply Area-Gall-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

A string of blaster bolts fly at random past the turncoat padawan Cittro as she makes her way towards the flight deck of what was once Vontís Imperial Garrison.

Stormtrooper sergeant: (firing blaster) thought this was supposed to be a Jedi!

Stormtrooper private: (firing blaster) maybe its another drill. Huuh

The agile young woman ignites her ashen bladed light saber and slashes the brace to a wall of crates loaded with highly explosive Baradium canisters.

Having cleared the blast doors cittro leaps from the two story platform paying little attention to the massive explosion. 

She lands across from the prototype of Cygnus Spaceworks: Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing. Long rumored to be the first in a line of hyper drive equipped fighters.

The fighter lifts into the skies of Gall and blasts towards space as fast as it can. As the vessel reaches space, a cloven yellow hand grips Cittros shoulder lightly.

The turncoat padawan lets out a bloodcurdling scream as the fighter blasts into light speed.

Thorn Forest-Niollipa-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

Big Galgu stands at the edge of a skiff watching as Dilbun is chased by a overgrown Snare Beast through a densely packed forest of sentient thorn trees.

Vont is continually stung by the snare beast and slashed at by the thorn trees. Only to regenerate for the wounds to happen again.

Dilbun Vont: Iím gunna run outta blood galgu!

Big Galgu: better run faster then vont, never seen anybody actually regrow whole limbs on this rock, kriffin snare beasts gittin hungry.

Vont is chased to the edge of a cliff overlooking a series of bioluminescent waterfalls. The snare beast closes in for the kill only to be impaled by a thorn tree, which proceeds to devour the creature.

Big Galgu: never a creature more wild than you vont. Get up here, gotta feed your keester, otherwise there be no more fun eh?

The bulky Neimoidian hefts Vont up onto the skiff with one pull, he lands adjacent to Galgu whom glowers down at his captive. He launches a vat of chum at Vont.

Big Galgu: dats the trouble with being held captive by a fellow ex-con, Iís know whut we got fed on desolation alley as well. And that there ainít even as good as what they feed the scum in isolation.

Dilbun Vont: sure its betta then wut they heap into a communal hive, ya kriffin grub.

Big Galgu: (punching vont in the face) neva seen a spineless purse worlder do dat eh?

Dilbun Vont: you tell me, I neva had to guard those treasure nests with my life.

Big Galgu: well afta naboo we both had a few profitless years now didnít we?

Dilbun Vont: oh old times, last I herd olí augies still trying to recover all the missin loot from the purse worldsÖ..

Big Galgu: that kriffin bastage ainít ever gonna get ahold of dose creds believe me. And heíll neva get his stormies all the way inta the corporate sector either.

Dilbun Vont: historically speakin sith never touch it, its da the underworlds that I hear bein dryin up a bit lately. Canít even siphon imperial credits without ending up like dis.

Big Galgu: dis ainít bout no kriffin credits Vont, youíre here because of a deal I made with the emperor. Best part is, I didnít even give him a head start to whose behind that fiasco seven years ago.

Dilbun Vont: (choking down intestines) oh the hush hush hit attempt on triple zero or the hush hush planetary bombardment? Or the fall of the republic proper? Lotsa poodoo hit the fan seven years ago pal.

Big Galgu: oh yeah, been great out on the outer rim. Profits are abound to anyone able to churn the urns right if ya get me.

Dilbun Vont: bein kinda stuck in a kriffin post with myÖwith a kriffin turncoat padawan learner. Most ill gotten gains Iíve been able to sniff out where what got me sittin across from your kriffin arse.

Big Galgu: oh it was bout something very hush hush.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) nevea pay a grub what he asks, let him lower his price after you threaten to buy elsewhere, dhey always want repeat business to pay for that first deal.  Or so augie once said.

Hyperspace route connecting the Zhar system to the Mid Rim-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

The turncoat padawan awakes in the cargo hold of the prototype vessel and finds herself within the salivating thrall of the insectoid Kobok: Gaff.

Cittro: what is the meaning of this!

Gaff: oh my lovely awakes, I must excuse the spines on my arms. they pack quite a punch for your types.

Cittro: lovely yourself pal! Where em we bound!

Gaff: I seek your hive mate; Vont.

Cittro: were notÖlike that.

Gaff: good, good. So does it trouble you to know he may not make it outta this predicament. Or can we point our ship towards the unknown regions and form a human/kobok hybrid colony?

Cittro: (igniting light saber) not even if that genetic combination where possible, buddy. Now get your lust toad kester back into the cockpit!

Gaff: ok, so we are intended for vont then? Quite the age difference between you?

Cittro: remember yourself in my prescience. Where is the ship headed?

Gaff: so you donít even want to know who I em? Most are at least peeved at the sight of an unrecognizable insectoid.

Cittro: most arenít me, did my formative years with the kriffin Jedi. where are we bound!

Gaff: we seek those whom detained vont, since they know where he would be held.  My status as an imperial agent requires a bit of time in processing. Time enough for you to gather the data. No matter how well your objectives are achieved, I still retain my status.

Cittro: how exactly does a non-humanoid hold any status in the galactic empire these days?

Gaff: one would also venture a query regarding the shelf life of a turncoat padawan as well?

Docking Bay-Victory I-class Star Destroyer: Iron Fist-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

The insectoid marches down the ramp of the Star Wing and is met by a platoon of storm troopers accompanied by Zsinj.

Stormtrooper private: (leveling blaster) hold it right there bug!

Zsinj: at attention troops! This is no mere non-humanoid. What brings an affiliate of Admiral Screed to my vessel?

Gaff: nothing out of the ordinary I can assure you. I was in pursuit of an enemy of the empire departing the Zhar System, namely the moon of Gall. And was hoping to gather support from you in this matter.

Zsinj: Gall, you say? Then might I ask why you couldnít obtain support from Commander Vontís garrison?

Gaff: it would appear from the comm-static that vont was either unavailable or deliberately avoiding the imperial channels.

Zsinj: well I can tell you on good authority that Gall is off limits to most imperial traffic these days. Its all classified. As for assistance I have none to offer, my tasks are of the highest importance.

Gaff: then hopefully I will regain her trail.

Zsinj: happy hunting.

The insectoid scuttles back up the ramp of the star wing. The troops march back down the docking bay following Zsinj.

Bridge-Victory I-class Star Destroyer: Iron Fist-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

Commander Zsinj strides down the walkway of the bridge towards the windows, the crew immediately begins to shuffle about their tasks in a more efficient manner. The commander stops atop the post of a swarthy imperial comm-officer.

Zsinj: is that my code cylinder there? Milton.

Before the flop sweat ridden officer can begin a series of half witted rebuttals; a light saber pierces the window and causes it to give way to the recesses of Space.

The bridge is instantly caught in a decompression updraft as the crew is sucked out into the void. The turncoat padawan storms into the scene with magnetized boots and makes for the computer console while brandishing a slicer tool.

The commander grips a bulk head tightly as Cittro fetches his code cylinders from his breast pocket. With the intel gathered she releases  the magnetrons and drifts into space before the window is replaced by a transparisteel panel.

As gravity is restored, zsinj plummets to the deck of his bridge and immediately shoots upwards barking orders only to find his entire bridge crew was lost to space. In the distance cittro can be seen boarding the star wing before it blasts into light speed.

Zsinj: Gaff!

Landing Field-Niollipa-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

The hulking Neimoidian drags vont by a chain towards his craft.

Big Galgu: so wutcha know bout some ďgrand equalizerĒ that olíaugies building? And donít play dumb, I gots word from the top brass bout the imperial fund allocation bureau being slapped down bout it being over extended lately. So any peep?

Dilbun Vont: for ffibs sakeÖgo kriff yourself!

Big Galgu: (dropping chain) kriff me?

Galgu lumbers towards Vont with murderous intent, as he comes within six paces of the human. Dilbun snaps the chain upwards and around Galgus neck with one motion pulling him face first into a knee. Bones crack as the impact is made, but Neimoidians donít regenerate on the penal moon. With another motion vont shatters Galguís hand and cracks a rib with a well placed kick. The Neimoidian takes the beating without a single noise. Before he can right himself vont jumps atop his back and tightens the chain round the Neimoidians neck.

Dilbun Vont: youíve had your six, now its my turn. Whose laughing now!

Big Galgu: how long have you bein puttin this together ya kriffin sleemo?

Dilbun Vont: jus had to waste the beetle droids and here we are.  First ovv; whose the leak in the imperial court!

Big Galgu: wuz dis whole thing set by olí augie!

Dilbun Vont: duh. Lil tig fromm managed to brag to the wrong people bout his dads dealings with you and that whole trigon mess. Augie never believed jabba would snuff out Sise Fromm over insults nor kriffin credits, so that leaves you the smallest pup on the list of Mafiosoís.

Big Galgu: so giving you up to me was just to get you close to me and try gittin me to spill my guts? Dats the plan!

Without warning the hulking Neimoidian breaks the chain with his teeth and wraps his legs round vont and tosses him backwards.

Big Galgu: before I smash yur head with a rock, it was Mas Amedda. Kriffer got edged outta the inner circle not even a day into the new order, nuthin worse then guys like izard,pestazz, dwebiana and you taking a seat at the table in place of him.

Vont lunges towards Galgu at full speed. In a blur of motion he runs up the Neimoidians brutish form and performs a spinning round house kick to galguís face mid air. Only to land on his ribs as he falls to the ground after the facial abuse.

Without pause vont attempts to stomp Galguís rib cage, but is suddenly stopped by the crushing power of the Neimoidians hand around his foot.  Vont looses balance due to the severity of the pain and falls as the wound is rapidly healed by the moons regenerative properties. The heavily wounded Neimoidian staggers as he attempts to regain his footing, vont also languishes in the dirt.

Big Galgu: so wuts the big plan if I just kill your keester here vont! Huh whats the emperor gonna do without the intelligence he sent you in after? thatís the problem with this empire. Full of nuthin but slime balls looking to keep olí augie content in his palace. Funny thing is all us gangsters cannot be erased vont, dis empire would find itself a thousand of upstarts carvin out territories for themselves.

Dilbun Vont: dats why it was you he targeted galgu, you ainít got no future. For all your boasting and showboating, you have no holdings nor any rackets going. Just a thug that thinks heís his own boss. Pathetic really.

Big Galgu: (thrashing vont with his boots) I command whoevers I pay! I got three sectors worth of profit! And unlike the other gangsters I ainít lame enough to have a soft spot palace to get hit in! dats why they sent you!

Dilbun Vont: (catching and twisting foot) donít make me laugh! Three sectors full of non-sentients laboring under the worship of you. A kriffin false idol. We did our homework on you pal. Oh an the lost purse world funds where actually left there as a means to fund your little organization.

Big Galgu: (catching vont in a upper cut while standing) spare me war profiteer!

As vont uncermonelisly lands a few paces away from Galgu an concussion missle makes its mark between the two. From out of the dust lands a Star Wing prototype vessel.

Its ramp extends upon landing, the turncoat padawan sprints down onto the scene. She settles near vont, and ignites her light saber as galgu regains his stance across from them. Cittro attempts a non-force assisted a saber throw, but a lone blaster bolt catches her saber hilt wielding hand causing her to drop the weapon.

The insectoid Gaff enters the fray with a smoking blaster leaveled at the two humans. Cittro springs towards Gaff whom lets off a string of blaster shots at the girl, the bolts are dodged gracefully.

Only for the girl to be caught on the Kobokís sleep serum filled elbow spine. Cittro falls to the ground.

Gaff:  gee if only Longo Two-Guns could be in attendance weíd have ourselves a full reunion eh?

Big Galgu: oh and lil miss Mahwi Lihnn, canít forget bout her gaff.

Dilbun Vont: that little minx sure loved playin us ovv one another, probably a good thing ol augies pet zabrak took her out.

Big Galgu: she wuz my dame vont, wutca you talkin bout her playin us all? You wuz just a young pup back then.

Gaff: oh havnít gotten any brighter with age have we?

Dilbun Vont:  so whuts your angle gaffÖ.

The insectoid tosses a blaster each to Vont and Galgu. Both assume gun fighter stances. The three start pacing in a counter clock wise circle.

The wind picks up some dust as the sunlight begins to fade. Without a seconds notice, Gaff opens fire on Big Galgu whom attempts to unload his chargless pistol on vont whom sprints up to the Neimoidian and fires off a bolt between the eyes. Galgu falls to the ground.

Gaff: so trusting, always was his weakness.

Dilbun Vont: wuz Mahwi really cavorting with Galgu?

Gaff: real hive like being was she. Galaxy be better without her. So whose the next target?

Dilbun Vont: Amedda apparently. Thinkin augie can sort it out on his time though. After this nightmare, Iím thinking bout Letting cit have her way and settling into a quieter life back on gall.

Gaff: there room for another imperial agent over there?

Dilbun Vont: of course, as long as the kid here doesnít kill you for shootin her in the kriffin hand. I know just the way to cool her jets.

Crimson Casino-The Wheel-Besh Gorgon System-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) always wanted a Gammorean binding ceremony, but hell a kriffin night on the wheel is just wut a nerf herder like me needs after gittin the snot beat outta him by galgu.

Cittro and Dilbun stand face to face while a Ffib Priest places both his hands on their shoulders while uttering an binding incantation.

Ransel Sac: without compromise do you Cittro accept Dilbun as your partner till you may both enter the nether realm?

Cittro: of course.

Ransel Sac: and do you Dilbun, without hesitation accept..

Dilbun Vont: sure dingÖ.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) priest neva said anything bout a kriffin kid.

The Ffib Priest is taken aback by the sheer rudness of vonts acceptance of Cittro and walks away shaking his head in disgust. The newly bound couple share a bottle of Whyrenís Reserve as Gaff looks on.

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Re: MOAWP S1/E6: "Sinister Agents of the Empire"
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That Blade Runner text in that one slide is really cool.
"Really?  Sorry."