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MOAWP S1/E7: "The Fantastic Fall of the Galactic Empire"
« on: August 13, 2010, 10:39 AM »

Imperial Enclave-Gall-4 years after the battle of Yavin IV

A young child carefully enters a darkened room to find a solitary figure slumped over the edge of a bunk bed regarding a unique vibro-axe of gungan design. The older man takes notice of the child.

Dilbun Vont: why ainít you sleepin runt.

Cas-Lo Vont: I wasÖgoing to play with myÖ

Dilbun Vont: wit ur kriffin dollies huh? Shouldnít you be messin wit lil strums yet?

Cas-Lo Vont: father, Iím only nine.

Dilbun Vont: (standing up from the bunk with the axe) nuthin but excuses outta you ainít dare?

Dilbun abruptly exitís the room in a hurry almost knocking his nine year old son to the floor with his motion.

The child regards the back of his father with glassed over eyes. The elder Vont exitís the abode without even looking back. The young child settles on a divan and activates the holofeed.

Pundit: in a shocking turn of events there is wide spread revolt on Imperial Center following the morbid events over the Sanctuary moon of Endor. Word has it that Grand Vizor Sate Pestage promises the citizens of the Empire that he will not rest until the Rebel Alliance is utterly crushed for the heinous acts of this past night. 

Suddenly the holofeed is interrupted and the entire abode is rattled to its foundation as blasts strike the enclave. Explosions rock the entire country side as blaster fire is rained down from orbit.

The entire enclave is blasted to rubble. Within the Vont Apartment, young Cas-Lo rushes to the aid of his mother. He finds the turncoat padawan Cittro buried under a support beam.  Amidst the flaming wreckage young Vont attempts to physically lift the bulk head to no avail.

Cittro: (under rubble) those blasted rebel scum!

Cas-Lo Vont: mother, there was no air raid signal, it cannot be the rebelsÖ

Cittro: (under rubble) who told you the procedures?Öthen it could only beÖwhereís your father!

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Gall-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

The insectoid Gaff storms onto the bridge of the star destroyer to find Commander Vont standing at the main observation area with a smoking blaster in his left hand.

Gaff slows his heightened pace at the sight of the captains dead body at vontís feet.

Gaff: so the captain started the bombardment before they could be evacuated?

Dilbun Vont: naw, you gots it all backwards gaff, that kriff head wasnít gonna start it till all those parasites had gotten aboard the ships. Donít need anymore mouths to feed in this fleet.

Gaff: but sheís down there tooÖsoís lil cas-loÖ

Dilbun Vont: with olí augie blasted to stardust I donít need em, either of em. Bein slowin me down far too long already as it is. Get the fleet to hyperspace, the kriffin rebels might be coming this way after they get done moppin up at endor.

Gaff: yes, commander.

The entire Gall defensive fleet of Six Star destroyers blasts into hyperspace.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) oh, so much fur da loving family crapÖ.

Imperial Enclave-Gall-4 years after the battle of Yavin IV

The rubble ridden room begins to cave in on the surviving inhabitants, as the ceiling comes crashing down Cittro grits her teeth and accepts the unpleasant death.

Young Cas-Lo instinctively raises his arms in defiance of the death his father called down upon him. Via the power of the force the wall is not only stopped from crushing the two, it is sent collapsing in the other direction. With sudden glee the child turns round to regard his mother.

Cittro: (coughing blood) who you..think youíre saving you little bastage!

Cas-Lo Vont: I used it to save you. What can be so wrong about using it for that?

Cittro: (dying) just tryin to get me to keep playin motherÖ.

The turncoat padawan succumbs to her wounds, leaving the nine year old to fend for himself amidst a bombed out untamed world. The child sets out into the wilderness with only the force as his ally.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Hyperspace-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

Gaff strides into the late captains lounge to find Dilbun studying a holographic star chart amidst a gathering of smashed valuables and broken furniture.

Dilbun Vont: not a kriffin drip of reserve on dis tub.

Gaff: I have some membrosia in my cabin if thatíd be of any help?

Dilbun Vont: neva touched the stuff.

Gaff: so what is our heading, mission, scheme?

Dilbun Vont: if ya hadnít noticed there Gaff, Iím whut youíd call something of a softie when it came to olí augie. He wuz the only person I neva double crossed, truth.

Gaff: but hive mates and hatchlings are of no concern to you?

Dilbun Vont: (slamming vibro-axe on the desk) stay on subject! Although the rebels carried out the deed that done in ol augie I personally hold the bothan spies accountable for his bein dead.

Gaff: Koth Melan was slain by a Barabel hit squad a month ago Dilbun. Who you gonna kill now?

Dilbun Vont: yea, yea. I know dat. He wasnít the only bothan wit hiz fur in that mess. Bein scanning the imperial network, those kriffers neva stopped working the original slice trail where the plans where obtained.

Gaff: I follow so far.

Dilbun Vont: good, the bothan spynet tried to bribe a highly placed imperial officer into placing a slicer droid into the coruscant computer network, dat failed but they obtained the plans anyway.

Gaff: so weíre going to imperial center?

Dilbun Vont: oh no, we go there this whole fleet gets absconded and redistributed into the war effort. Dis is my kriffin fleet gaff. They ainít gittin it back.

Gaff: so were still goin after bothan spies?

Dilbun Vont: you betcher arse we are, gonna toast those furbags myself!

Rooftop-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

A platoon of imperial storm troopers march down a overly crowded street carrying the solitary banner of the Empire. On the rooftop of a building overlooking the scene a pair of Bothan spies sympathetic to the rebel cause keep a proton canon locked on a central power line right above the intended direction of the imperial demonstration.

Tani Abíyla: you sure we should still be carrying out this strike?

Utric Sandov: last time I checked, no imps arenít throwing down their blasters  in the name of peace. This neat little civil war just turned into a sectarian mess tani. Be lucky if the new republic or alliance of free planets or whatever catchy little tagline they settle on; is set up within a thousand years.

Tani Abíyla: so were gonna murder that whole street of people down there for a cause that by your account is just hopeless, correct me if Iím wrong.

Utric Sandov: we take out that batch of non-humanoid hating imperial zealots and we may not hafta..

Tani Abíyla: face it, you cannot condone this. itís a act of murder plain and simple! Nor is a cry of aríkrai being let out towards all imperials is there?

Utric Sandov: we both know if endor had been a defeat neither of us would be up here with doubts itíd be pop goes the imp.

Tani Abíyla: see you have doubts too!

Utric Sandov: (disengaging canon) no, you just drive a hard bargain. Iím sold. So now where are we letting off this payload? Got any legit, morally acceptable targets for me?

Tani Abíyla: (slicing computer socket) ok legit targets; storm trooper barracks, morally acceptable; negative they let families bunk together on this Podunk rock.

Utric Sandov: (compressing rocket launcher) what about that karkin airfield?

Tani Abíyla: watch your language!  Weíd cut off their supplies. But not all the livestock in these waters are inedible to humans. We could also sever their link with the rest of the imperial network.

Utric Sandov: fine, but what are we gonna do about this kriffin..excuse me lovely proton missile of my mine and donít say just fire into the sea.

Tani Abíyla: thereís a comm-tower in the northern hemisphere, we blow it and they canít build another without supplies they canít call out for since were cutting them off for the duration of hostilities.

Utric Sandov: fine. Troops learn to fish, and rough it out for the next twenty years.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Hyperspace-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

an insectoid rushes down a corridor to a storm trooper guarded door which hisses open upon his approach, Commander Vont exitís the room with a blood-soaked gungan vibro-axe. Gaff follows the commander down the corridor he just came down.

Gaff: what happened to the fleet captains dinner?

Dilbun Vont: lets just say; dare wonít be any contention for the title of fleet commander, now will dare?

Gaff: but what of mutiny? The sub-commanders will drop out of light speed and defect from your command.

Dilbun Vont: kriffin fleet is slave rigged to da ravager, so wuts our statusÖwhat title you want gaff?

Gaff: I work best from the sidelines, commander. Were en route to the Aquilae system, but there appears to be a planet wide infection warning faintly broadcasting.

Dilbun Vont: that sounds like a slicer fur sure. Get some bright guy on a formation or what have yea, and keep our shields up. And keep our tractor beams at the ready. These furbags are bout to bounce.

The two briskly march onto the bridge of the vessel, only to be greeted by a chorus of status updates.

Imperial Technician: before the quarantine went up; warrants and bounty hunter assistance summons where issued for Jaxxon and Amaiza Foxtrain. There was even mention of an unauthorized landing of one YT-2400 and a WUD-500 class vessel in the northern hemisphere.

Dilbun Vont: could be the kriffin outrider, and perhaps even the rabbitís foot.

Gaff: I highly doubt your bothan spies could afford transport from the likes of either of those parties.

Dilbun Vont: yea and nobody took solo but nuthin for a kriffin nerf herdin smuggla now did they? Get up a couple wings of ties. 

Gaff: perhaps the launch order should be rescinded until we come out of light speed?

Dilbun Vont: (preparing backhand) Iím in charge of disÖyeah but git your arses ready! All ships git your ties ready to dismount when we reach Aquilae. itís a kriffin order!

Vont quickly leaves the bridge in a hurry, Gaff looks back at the commander while retracting his deadly stinger.

Communications Tower-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

A pair of vessels make their landings atop a large landing pad in the midst of a vast ocean teaming with large predator creatures clashing with one another. The shielded structure Is continually challenged by a group of such titans. The crew of The Outider consisting of bothan spies and their pilot Dash Rendar frantically rush to greet their temporary allies; the crew of Rabbitís Foot .

Jaxxon: we should really just scratch dis karkin plan and dust dis soggy hell hole!

Dash Rendar: please tell me you didnít get fingered for anything you shouldnít have been doin on this trip?

Amaiza Foxtrain: I didnít get the death mark on six systems for jaywalking there flyboy.

Tani Abíyla: this was an Alliance funded mission outlaw! There was to be no unwarranted theft of property!

Rianna Sarin: unless of course the proceeds where donated to the rebel alliance?

Jaxxon: better check the reception on that lekku there yum yum, ainít gonna happen. Our loot will make up for the peanuts you rebels pay to ride the rabbitís foot.

Rianna Sarin: and how much does Zeeo get for all the repair work heís bein doin to keep your tub in the sky?

Utric Sandov: ok stow it all! Where you being chased over here or not I smell burnt hull?

Amaiza Foxtrain: knew we couldnít fool a bothan spy, might have been a few ticked off imps gunnin for us down in the south isles.

Jaxxon: oh and that bookie we cleaned out in the eastern block..shoulda bein there it was priceless.

Dash Rendar: Iím sure it was, well Iím leaving in as long as it takes to get the outrider primed. Anybody goin with her had better be aboard by then.

Tani Abíyla: weíll be there, come on Sarin.

Rianna Sarin: here we go zeeo.

The hovering droid accompanies its master gleefully as Rendar goes back up his ramp.

Utric Sandov: alright you two tossers,  fork over the creds.

Amaiza Foxtrain: you think were actually donating our haul!

Jaxxon: you chubba rebels just offed the emperor, what the kriff you need with outlaws plunder anyhow?
Ainít it all ticker tape parades for solo and the other guerilla heroes.

Utric Sandov: that holovid of the uprising on imperial center is real heart warming ainít it?  Soís a kriffin blaster bolt in your gut. The imps ainít licked yet, so if you please the alliance would greatly appreciate the funds to make the empire truly; history.

Amaiza Foxtrain: (tossing coins to the ground) whose to say your little alliance can even manage this galaxy? Think its gonna be a lot harder than blastin a bolt through a two meter gap. Huh?

Utric Sandov: (collecting coins) with minds such as these to save, why do we continue?

Amaiza Foxtrain: oh and with such brigands to serve.

Jaxxon: look there sugar; yesterdays freedom fightin Insurgent, tomorrows money grubbin Bureaucrat. Ainít it a sight!

The outlaws walk back towards their vessel as the bothan continues to collect their imperial currency from the floor of the platform.

 Meanwhile Tani Abíyla, Rianna Sarin and Zeeo make their way into the depths of the ocean world via a force field shielded lift with a panoramic via of the life rich sea.

Rianna Sarin: just to think one hiccup in the power relay and we get crushed to death by the depth before the predators can even make a snack outta us.

Z-58-0: in that case why didnít you just send me in your places? I can survive the depths of space.

Tani Abíyla: a sentient slicer has something you just canít program. No offense Zeeo.

Rianna Sarin: youíd be amazed at the amount he can achieve with that processor.

Z-58-0: whats that supposed to mean?

Tani Abíyla: oh its just that arakyd industries isnít known for producingÖ

Rianna Sarin: donít mind the bothan, zeeo. Sheíll learn.

The lift comes to a stop and opens onto a deserted observation deck, the droid flies to its task as tani and rianna set about their own duties. Topside; Dash Rendar rapidly exitís the ramp of his craft.

Dash Rendar: we got six victory II class star destroyers entering orbit!

Utric Sandov: (passing coins) how much for you to delay taking off just a bit longer?

Dash Rendar: (accessing the loot) umm, what domination are they? Thousands huh? a handful for ten more minutes.

Jaxxon: (sticking blaster in sandovís back) Iíll have whatever he leaves behind for added fire power, show me six imperial classes and Iíll start carbon flushin myself.

Utric Sandov: go ahead ya kriffin varmint. Take it all, only feed a spy net for three weeks in the bush.

Amaiza Foxtrain: (pocketing loot in a boot) not like it takes any skill to stare at a target for that long eh?

Utric Sandov: we let two smugglers into the rebellion and now all the dregs mean to bled our funds.

Jaxxon: cry me a river.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

From the viewing port of the Ravager, Commander Vont watches an entire bombing run of Tie Fighters speed to the surface of the ocean world. 

Gaff: all wings are away, is all as you wish it to be..fleet commander?

Dilbun Vont: betta be.

Suddenly a storm trooper charges toward the viewing station firing at vont; whom effortlessly draws his own blaster pistol and lets off a string of bolts at the ensuing mutineers.

Without hesitation the insectoid Gaff draws his own blaster and enters the fray on vontís behalf. The fire fight is short but not without consequences.

Dilbun Vont: tell me we gots nuff shock collars aboard this tub to rig us a new bridge crew!

Gaff: I always travel with  at least a platoons worth in my shuttle.

Dilbun Vont: have em brought up with another crew and a case of detonite. Dis happens again heads are poppin.

Gaff: agreed.

Communications Tower-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

The floating platform is attacked from above by a swarm of tie fighters, the vicious sea life plucks unlucky pilots from the skies at random as blaster fire reigns down.

Dash Rendar: (hiding under vessel) ainít getting paid enough for this!

Utric Sandov: (firing blasters) canít hit a target rendar?

Jaxxon: (firing blasters) címon killing imps is fun!

Utric Sandov: (firing blasters) just gotta hit that cockpit andÖ

A well aimed shot ends in a fighter careening out of control and crashing into the platform nearly sinking it. As within the returning lift, vibrations from above are felt. The view is that of complete and total havoc in the sea.

Tani Abíyla: canít be good.

Rianna Sarin: hereís hoping the power holds.

Z-58-0:  we are well above the decompression limit of sentient beings.

Tani Abíyla: yeah well not above the food chain wire brain.

Without warning the entire lift looses power and is flooded by the oceans around it, rianna latches onto zeeo and motions for Tani to do the same.

Upon making her connection the droid races to the surface and avoids the jaws of every predator on the way.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

A platoon of stormtroopers attach detonite rigged shock collars around the necks of all the replacement bridge technicians.

Dilbun Vont: aight kriff heads, anybody try and pull another mutiny on me is gonna end up a job for the cleanin droids get it?

The entire technician staff agrees in unison.

Dilbun Vont: guud, now it would appear our tie wing is provin a bit useless down there wouldnít you say gaff?

Gaff: probably too much biscuit baron.

Dilbun Vont: agreed, tractor beam control! I want that entire comm-station brought up into our docking bay!

Imperial Technician: but sir, we cannot divert that much power to..

The technicians head is exploded by a trigger in vonts hand.

Dilbun Vont: another opinion, can id be done!

The remaining technician staff agrees in unison.

Communications Tower-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

The tie fighter swarm begins to loose numerical superiority and give way to the raging sea monstrosities as the energy field protecting the landing pad shimmers out of existence. Causing the lesser sea monsters to slither on deck towards the outnumbered band of freedom fighters.

Jaxxon: (firing blasters) outta power packs!

Dash Rendar: (pulling blaster) good thing I didnít waste mine.

With one shot the smuggler braggart fells an advancing sea beast as it falls dead Zeeo emerges from the depths with Rianna and Tani still attached.

The droid settles near the two vessels and depositís the sentient beings on the deck.

Before the gathered party can check the status of their comrades a great silhouette is cast upon the platform, both Rianna and Tani regain normal breathing habits at the sight of a Victory II Class Star Destroyer descending upon the ocean planet belly first.

Two mixed parties of three members each split up and run up the ships ramps. As the vessels begin to fire their repulsor engines, the entire comm-tower is caught in the pull of a tractor beam; immediately the bulky station is brought into the skies shedding mammoth predators as it makes its ascent.

The beam also catches a mighty submerged beast of the abyss.

Cockpit-Outrider-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Tani Abíyla: whats the problem get us outta here!

Dash Rendar: let me know when I start givin you tips on  how to slice. Jaxx ol buddy you ready when I am?

Rianna Sarin: get this bucket moving flyboy.

Cockpit-Rabbitís Foot-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Amaiza Foxtrain: everythingís almost primed!

Jaxxon: (punching accelerator) donít listen to the broad, follow me!

Both vessels blast off of the platform and fire their canons at the underside of the star destroyer as it continues diverting all of its power to the tractor beam. Massive explosions rock the destroyer as it pulls an entire comm-tower into itself; the tower explodes upon impact.

Both vessels escape into the upper atmosphere as the tractor beam pulls a mighty sea beast onto its hull, all flaming portions of the vessel are extinguished by the accompanying wave of fluids.  The mighty beast wraps its many tentacles around the entire hull of the star destroyer as it lifts into the air. The remainder of the tie fighter swarm comes to the mother ships defense, but is of no use.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The bridge of the Ravager is in complete panic as the mighty sea creature attempts to grapple its foe to shreds, technicians are burnt by exploding consoles and overloaded circuitry smokes.

Dilbun Vont: kill the kriffin tractor beam! Git us back into orbit! Goto hyper speed if we got itÖ

Gaff: no itíll survive the jump, we need to burn it off with the atmosphere!

Imperial Technician: we have a plethora of hull breaches, we run the risk of burning up and total decompression even if we reach space!

Dilbun Vont: (holding remote) power rerouted? Punch it!

The star destroyer rockets towards space at full repulsor speed as the beast continues to cling tightly to the hull. Klaxons scream themselves out of function as the vessel reaches space with a mighty flaming carcass still attached to the hull.

The fire dies as the vessel leaves the upper atmosphere of Aquilae, and the mammoth carcass crystallizes.

Dilbun Vont: somebody tell me one of the five otha ships in this kriffin fleet got those two!

Imperial communications officer: sir, it would appear the other portions of our fleet where all attempting to flee the system. But ran into the fact of there being slave rigged to our command console.

Gaff: we might need a whole silo of shock collars.

Dilbun Vont: we got any kriffin trackin sigs on the ships where after?

Imperial Technician: half of the ship is without power, venting oxygen or aflame! We where lucky to make it up the gravity well in one piece let alonÖ

Vont shots the tech in the face with his blaster.

Dilbun Vont: keep in mind, shock collars just became a commodity aboard this fleet and Iím not at risk of running outta spare bolts. Now track the kriffin ships!

Cockpit-Rabbitís Foot-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Utric Sandov: why arenít we in hyperspace!

Amaiza Foxtrain: because the professors managed to fry both of their hyper drives by gunnin it outta that tractor beam on full repulsors.

Jaxxon: hey atleast we arenít down on that sponge of a planet no more.

Utric Sandov: if only we had atleast one slicer with us.

Jaxxon: you missin your slicer for five minutes and you wanna cry?

Amazia Foxtrain: one of em, could hook us up on a secure channel to da other ship. Heck even listen in on the impÖ

The console of the rabbitís foot flares to life with the voice of Dash Rendar.

Amaiza Foxtrain:  like that.

Dash Rendar: (via comlink) this is rendar on a secure channel, come in rabbits foot.

Jaxxon: burned out hyper drive too?

Dash Rendar: (via comlink) you bet.

Jaxxon: great, you stowed on one of the destroyers also?

Cockpit-Outrider-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dash Rendar: ya the one on the left. Comm-chatter suggests all six are slaved to the one that tried to capture the whole ocean floor down there.

Jaxxon: (via comlink) so thatís how we got in unnoticed.

Tani Abíyla: a little holovid scrubbing and theyíll never know that we where here.

Utric Sandov: (via comlink) great work tani, how bout the imperial network any mentions of..

Dash Rendar:  oh yeah they got our ships tagged, and are specifically after you bothans.

Jaxxon: (via comlink) ok. get the kriff outta my ship!

Rianna Sarin: the dear old commander has us all lumped together after that little exercise in what not to do with a tractor beam.

Amaiza Foxtrain: (via comlink) whole kriffin galaxies against us.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

Within the late captains lounge, Commander Vont throws a veritable tantrum and smashes a chair against the desk. The insectoid Gaff stands at attention awaiting an end to the chaos. Suddenly a hologram flares to life within the lounge. Vont is caught off guard and fires off a round at it.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) of course the absence of a fleet guarding what was once the gall conclave is your fault vont.

Dilbun Vont: dats commander vont yea seat warmer.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) nevertheless, if you intend to keep that fleet youíve absconded from more capable hands then I believe you are more than fit to carry out a task for the empire. Are you not?

Dilbun Vont: Iím listenin.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) as the former commander of the garrison on Gall; all material passed through said port was under your express jurisdiction? Yes.

Dilbun Vont: (smashing rubble) reading manifests can git real dull.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) then you are well aware that the computer core of the recently demolished death star battle station went through gall a little over three standard rotations ago.  During said layover a certain droid downloaded itself into the computer core. Before the rebels managed to ignite the stations main reactor, this droid consciousness was on the brink of seizing complete control of the death star.

Gaff: very elaborate grand vizor,  smacks of Isardís intervention in the wording. Maybe even the set up.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) I can assure you that a droid called IG-88A managed to carry out this act and is currently reaching consciousness once more within a similar computer core.

Dilbun Vont: another death star? What a two fur the price ovv one deal?

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) in a matter of speaking yes. Now the empire needs you to make contact with a past relation of yours in what will hopefully be the successful destruction of said battle station.

Dilbun Vont: droid revolution might be just what ol kligson always wanted Sate, might be best to just send your kriffin fleet after dis ding.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) the station is located on the outskirts of the Annaj system in the Moddell sector. We believe the imperial network is greatly compromised at this time vont, a redeployment of that size could alert the rebels; Destroy the station and perhaps your rag tag fleet will be of no concern to the war effort. Do we have an accord?

Dilbun Vont: sure, just no more favors afta dis otay?

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) good luck. 

The already temperamental commander blasts the holoreceiving pad on the late captains desk to pieces. And begins a brisk jaunt from the lounge.

Gaff: (rushing to keep up) may I assume you wish all holo-receivers aboard the fleet dismantled and locked down?

Dilbun Vont: you bet, we donít need anybody leakin our location. We gotsa to get a lead on the current location of kligsonís moon or karkin droid world whateva heís callin his rusted out platform deeze daze.

Gaff: what about your bothan spies, are we to just give up on them?

Dilbun Vont: once we gots that kriffin station, Iím gonna toast the whole fur bag system. Not concerned bout those two anymore.

Gaff: you believe Kligson can rid the station of the Igís prescience?

Dilbun Vont: heís the maestro of slicing computers there gaff, were bout to be become galactic warlords. You feel it.

Gaff: I have a bad feeling bout this.

Cockpit-Outrider-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Tani Abíyla: everybody on the foot copy that?

Jaxxon: (via comlink) yea, thinking this should cost the alliance a pretty penny if we can limp our way to them in time to use it.

Dash Rendar: we ainít sellin this out there lepi! We six have gotta deal with this one. skywalker would expect that or his kriffin force would make him think that.

Amaiza Foxtrain: (via comlink) this isnít our fight rendar, neither is it yours. Were already being under paid for the poodoo weíve bein through as it is.

Rianna Saren: you think a nutcase like vont should have his hands on a death star battle station! This ones for the good of all living beings you fluzie. No price tag on that.

Cockpit-Rabbitís Foot-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Amaiza Foxtrain: hope you enjoy what time you have left saren.

Utric Sandov: enough bickering, Iím the closest thing to a senior officer we got here, and Iím committing this entire six man..person unit to whatever subterfuge that leads to the destruction of that station. Now radio silence, while we affect repairs to these vessels. Slicers keep your ears stuck to the comm-stations. We need to know everything.

Jaxxon: better be a karkin planet in it for us after this sandov.

Rianna Saren: (via comlink) sure thing Sandov. I got zeeo on it.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Droid World-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Six victory II class star destroyers encircle the mammoth station. All six are caught in droid worlds tractor beams. Aboard the Ravager XIII; Commander Vont stands with Gaff awaiting an answer to his request to interact with Kligson.

Dilbun Vont: címon yea kriffin tin lovin bastage, just answer your summons.

Gaff: perhaps he despises being called upon when only needed to perform a task.

Dilbun Vont: jus the nature of things there gaff.

Without warning a holographic representation of a fully cybernetic Kligson appears on the bridge of the Ravager XIII.

Kligson: (via hologram) turn back, intruder, or Iíll blast you out of space! This is kligson. And I donít want any dealings with you human life forms. Iím a cyborg-half machine, half man. I surround myself with nothing but robots.

Gaff: (turning to vont) Iím insulted.

Dilbun Vont: calm down, pretty sure even ur stinger couldnít penetrate that chrome dome. Its vont, never hit coco town did we? After that whole mt. tantiss affair eh? Accept this file transfer and speak of only actions, git me?

Kligson: (via hologram) what is it you ask of me, old friend.

Dilbun Vont: thee elimination of said parasitic.. programming. Can id be done?

Kligson: (via hologram) you are very well aware of how morally disgusting I find your request. But you assume my human half might see that concisenessís future actions as a hindrance to my own endeavors.

Dilbun Vont: such purty words, so will you snuff him out fuur your old buddy or not?

Kligson: (via hologram) what you ask is purely a moral quandary; do I  destroy an artificial maniac only for a biological one to seize power in its place. Do you see my problem.

Dilbun Vont: dis maniac wonít make ur kriffin droids into his grunts, plus last time I checked you donít care bout us biologicals. So what I do with said prize is meaningless to you eh?

Kligson: (via hologram) I cannot journey from the confines of droid world and I will not permit biological beings aboard. Therefore my holographic form will accompany you as my proxy.

Dilbun Vont: I canít afford to have your hologram being traced, dare no way you can haul this tub wit us?

Kligson: (via hologram) I assure you, this isnít a hologram along the lines of your limited technology, itís a pure electronic entity sprung from my own being imbued with all my expertise in slicing. You may now depart my space.

Dilbun Vont: well nice to have you wit me, in whateva form.

The electronic entity marches down the bridge with Gaff and Commander Vont as the six destroyers blast into hyperspace.

Cockpit-Rabbitís Foot-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Utric Sandov: (speaking into comlink) alright, tani all clear on deck?

Tani Abíyla: (via comlink) Rodger.

Utric Sandov: donít go turning into a clanker on me, have you made contact with red squadron?

Tani Abíyla: (via comlink) there standing by and detached from command structure as per your orders.

Utric Sandov: (speaking into comlink) great; credit the outlaws accounts before Rianna sets them about their next task.
Star Speeder 3000-Endor Express-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

RX-24: Welcome aboard! This is Captain Rex from the cockpit. I know this is probably your first flight, and it's...mine, too. (chuckles) Well, it looks like we're going to have a smooth flight to the Moddell Sector, so I'll go ahead and open the cockpit shield.

As the droid turns round it finds a total of four blaster pistols pointed at it and an empty cabin.

Jaxxon: (pointing blasters) thereís to be a change in our flight path here today.

RX-24: what happened to the passengers, you filthy rebels didnít shoot them out the air lock did you!

Dash Rendar: too bad those kriffin bothans where so morally against involving the innocent passengers in this suicide run.

RX-24: do whatever you rapscallions want to the ship, but leave me out of it. 

Amaiza Foxtrain: (pointing blaster) sorry, need you to confuse a fellow droid for awhile, Saren get your droid over here.

Rianna Saren: zeeo, enlighten your comrade as to the plain.

 Z-58-0: (extending slicer tool into Rexís mainframe) this is so wrong.

Dash Rendar: what hijacking a common vacation linear or programming a fellow droid for this kinda mission.

Z-58-0: (extending slicer tool into Rexís mainframe) all of the above.

Rianna Saren: guess its back to the fringes for you three then?

Amaiza Foxtrain: (lowering blaster) there, easiest credits ever earned in the employ of the Rebel Alliance.

Jaxxon: (lowering blasters) you said it, love to say its been a good time workin with the lot of you. But I ainít no kriffin phony.

Dash Rendar: my favorite part has to be them holding our ships as chattel while we carry off this part of the plan. Take it easy.

The three leave the reprogrammed star liner pilot and exit the craft via the airlock as the bothan spies enter.

Rianna Saren: here we go again, zeeo.

Death Star III-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The star speeder 3000 reverts from hyperspace and finds a clash of imperial forces above the battle station, right on cue the fighters of red squadron also revert from the infinite tunnel of hyperspace.

Yap-En Soear: this is red leader, whats with this? Comm chatters is static and my instruments are abuzz? Care to confirm any new intel bothans.

Star Speeder 3000-Endor Express-Death Star III-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Utric Sandov: Iím sorry your eminence, but this is all new to us as well. But I believe we can use this to our advantage, Iíve plotted a hyper jump around this little imperial slap fight.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) too bad this is all confidential, would love to see the look on those rogues faces when we tell them we hyper jumped into a death star trench.

Rianna Saren: gonna be alotta scared people if we do that captain. But I feel yea on that front.

Tani Abíaya: alright course locked, here we go.

The entire fighter wing as led by the vacation linear blasts into a short hyper jump and reverts from hyperspace within the trench along the surface of the enormous battle station. The small force speeds towards the oddly placed exhaust port.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) alright keep us blank on that sensor screen or this whole parties kriffed.

Tani Abíaya:  were three slicers strong over here, your eminence. This things never gonna know what hit it.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) gonna be easier than skinning Ibma Cratis on Lorrbeqi.

The small armada rockets past non-responsive turbo laser turrets on their unchallenged run towards the unprotected exhaust port.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Death Star III-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Gall fleet takes heavy firepower and looses entire tie fighter wings in the blink of an eye. Commander Vont stands alongside the insectoid Gaff and the electronic representation of the cyborg Kligson.

Gaff: we cannot survive this battle, one imperial class star destroyer is more than a match for this fleet.

Dilbun Vont: didnít come dis far to get blasted outta the kriffin stars, why the kriff ainít you telling the infected computer cores over dare to destroy those other ships!

Kligson: processing. Connection trace unsuccessful; the intruder is no longer separate from the core. They are one and the intruder lacks the programming to operate said hardware.

Dilbun Vont: break id down to basic for us aight!

Kligson: the station is without an operational system for its main functions. Without said programming itís a useless lump of hardware. This ig-88a conciseness requires a great deal of time to adjust to the tasks of functioning within these confines.  Put simply an assassin droids programming cannot stand up to the riggers of operating an entire battle station. 

Dilbun Vont: so why the kriff donít you override that things control and implant urself! You could run that thing.

Kligson: I will make an attempt. There appears to be a crude array of sliced protocols in place, I will suspend them.

Death Star III-Trench-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Without warning the turbo laser cannons open fire on the advancing armada, several X-wing fighters erupt into massive fire balls. The rear wing breaks off and attacks the turbo laser cannons while the front wing continues down the trench following the now battered star linear.

Yap-En Soear: all wings break off and regroup for another jump at the port.  Spies get your zero gee gear on and prepare to eject, my boys will get you.

Star Speeder 3000-Endor Express-Death Star III-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

RX-24: Iím sorry to inform you; that due to our excellent flight record. We only carry one zero-gee suit aboard. Standard procedure.

Rianna Saren: great we gonna draw circuits?

Utric Sandov: no the suit is yours, you and Zeeo can skim the surface and get out of the line of fire faster than any of us could in an escape pod.

RX-24: Star Speeder 3000ís do not contain escape pods either. Standard procedure.

Utric Sandov: be sure to inform the outlaws of how badly their assitance was needed.

Rianna Saren: (attaching breath mask) Iíll give them an apprioate response, good luck.

The Twiílek and the droid launch out of an emergency hatch and veer off into space. The two are picked up by an observant X-wing. The fighter flees the scene once the two are aboard.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) Iíll guide you in as best I can, perhaps, I can still fire off a shot at the port and deny you two martydom.

Utric Sandov: thanks for the thought, but youíre shields arenít gonna make it three more klicks. Might as well save your power sir.

Tani Abíyla: keep your silence in our memory, your emience.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) very well.

The Lorrbeqian king veers off and blasts into light speed as the star linear continues its suicide run towards the exhaust port while getting battered by turbo laser fire.

Utric Sandov: so is this the morally acceptable solution tani?

Tani Abíyla: whatís two more bothan spies beneath the foundations of galactic peace.

RX-24: thank you for flying star tours.

The star speeder 3000 smashes into the exhaust port at full speed igniting the pipeline to the main reactor, the ensuing chain reaction complety destroys the galactic albatross.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Kligson: (transmission blurring) a pair of bothan slicers piloted a star linear into the exhaust port, the ig had its turrets attempting to destroy it. Unsuccessfully Iíd might add.

Gaff: you donít think it wasÖ

Dilbun Vont: oh yea it wuz them, Iím as good as off da hook with them vapped.

Gaff: youíre the one they bribed!

Dilbun Vont: not my fault they aactually got the actual plans from that attempt! Ol augieíd neva shoulda been on that kriffin thing anyways! Not my fault.

Gaff: (releasing stinger) you pathetic excuse for a being!

Kligson: (transmission bluring) the death star plans where actually absconded by rebels aboard a fertlizer freighter. Whose location was personally leaked by the emperor himself via his then proxy the late head of Black Sun; Prince Xizor. Your vendetta against the bothan spies and your self hatrid over the emperorís death are both unfounded vont.

Dilbun Vont: thanks, think you could slice us outta this battle?

The electronic entity dissipates. The insectoid marches from the tactical salon in a hurried pace, vont turns his attention to the advancing Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

Dilbun Vont: all craft of dis fleet, were chargin that destroyer! Fire the main thrusters and stand by for light speed!

The six Victory II class Star Destroyers ram there way free of the lone surviving warlords also battered Destroyer; taking heavy damage in the process Vontís lead destroyer manages to obliterate the opposing warlords vessel and clears a way for his remaining fleet detachment to escape into lightspeed.