Author Topic: Realistic Battlepacks... Make Up What You Want!  (Read 7171 times)

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Re: Realistic Battlepacks... Make Up What You Want!
« Reply #15 on: March 20, 2011, 03:53 PM »
The beasts didn't really get a fair shake in the BP assortment. There were what, 2 sets with creatures? The TRU set with the Tauntaun, Luke, and Wampa wasn't bad for newer collectors like myself, but it was an exclusive that was competing with a few better sets. The Gelagrub set was an awful value with a creature that may or may not have been in one of the films.

I think if done correctly, a Tauntaun set would do pretty well. I'd like to see a new Tauntaun with a couple of repacked Rebel Soldiers, or Han or Luke's Tauntaun with the appropriate rider and a Rebel or droid (maybe R-3PO using a BAD sculpt?)

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Re: Realistic Battlepacks... Make Up What You Want!
« Reply #16 on: March 20, 2011, 08:38 PM »
Here's what I've got for...


-Qui-Gon Jinn
-Obi-Wan Kenobi
-2 x Security Battle Droids
-Blast Door with lightsaber damage lighting

-Queen Amidala (SA, new)
-Naboo Royal Guard (SA, new)
-2 x Battle Droids
-Destroyer Droid

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Re: Realistic Battlepacks... Make Up What You Want!
« Reply #17 on: March 22, 2011, 11:37 AM »
Here are some packs that I'd like to see...

AotC Troop Builder Set 1:
2x VC45 Clone Trooper
1x VC45 Clone Trooper (officer)
1x VC45 Clone Trooper (officer)
(ship half with blue/green and half with red/yellow)

Realistic/Movie CW Box Set:
1x Captain Rex (kit bash using VC Fordo)
1x Cad Bane (kitbash using the 2011 Cad Bane)
1x Ahsoka Tano [NEW]
1x Anakin (VC13 repaint with regular eyes)

"This is No Cave" Set:
1x the new VC Bespin Han with breathing mask
1x VC Hoth Leia with breathing mask
1x a quality Chewbacca with breathing mask
1x Mynock [NEW] (preferably with articulated wings)

'Screwed Over by Lando' Set:
1x the new VC Bespin Han
1x VOTC Chewie with [NEW] cargo net and ESB head
1x BAD C-3PO in ESB colors
1x Bespin Leia [NEW]
(and toss in the 30AC Torture Rack if there's room)

"You Are Free of the Carbonite" Set:
1x Saga'06 Boushh/Leia
1x VOTC Chewbacca with [NEW] capture chain
1x Saga'06 Carbonite Han with [NEW] arms
1x [NEW] Carbonite Block with LED/light-up feature

"The Set to Annoy Brent" Set:
1x AT-ST Ewok #1
1x AT-ST Ewok #2
1x Lumat
1x Wompus
2x VC41 Stormtroopers

"Life Day" Set:
1x Early Bird Chewbacca
1x Itchy [NEW]
1x Malla [NEW]
1x Lumpy [NEW]

Jeff's Marvel Comics Star Wars #15 Fantasy Pack:
1x vOTC Han Solo with Yellow Space Gear
1x Crimson Jack [NEW]
1x Jolli [NEW]
1x Yellow Spacetrooper [NEW]

I love thinking up this stuff - I could keep going all day... eventually I'd find more that don't have to do with Han. :P
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Re: Realistic Battlepacks... Make Up What You Want!
« Reply #18 on: March 22, 2011, 02:13 PM »
Ok, I'll play... I'll pick one for each film, things that I think collectors and kids might like.

TPM - Battle of Naboo
- Battle Droid (Legacy, tan)
- Destroyer Droid (TAC)
- Gungan Warrior (TAC)
- Kaadu (SAGA2 TRU exclusive)

AOTC - Geonosis
- Clone Trooper (VC #45 - white)
- Clone Trooper (VC #45 - red)
- Coleman Trebor (Legacy Target exclusive)
- Pablo Jill (POTC)

ROTS - Battle of Utapau
- Clone Trooper (VC #45 - NEW Phase 2 helmet)
- Clone Trooper (VC #45 - NEW Phase 2 helmet)
- Magna Guard (VC #18)
- Battle Droid (Legacy, tan)

ANH - Death Star Control Room
- Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper mold, Legacy Spacetrooper helmet)
- Han Solo (Stormtrooper mold, Legacy Spacetrooper helmet)
- C-3PO (B.A.D. mold)
- R2-D2 (B.A.D. mold)

ESB - Bespin Torture
- Darth Vader (VC 08)
- Boba Fett (VC 09)
- Han Solo (VC Wave 7)
- Torture Rack

ROTJ - Sail Barge Battle
- Gamorrean Guad (VC #21)
- Giran (TAC)
- Princess Leia (TAC Slave)
- Luke Skwalker (VC #23)

I went with primarily repacks here because it's so rare to get anything truly new in these sets.  I have no doubt these would sell pretty well, but with figures of that quality, I'm afraid we'd see a rise in the cost... maybe up to $28-$30 depending on where you shop.  Would it be worth that for better sets?

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Re: Realistic Battlepacks... Make Up What You Want!
« Reply #19 on: March 22, 2011, 08:09 PM »
Some good set ideas...

I was thinking a new Taun-Taun set would be awesome...  New Taun-Taun, and they release 3 packs over time.

Each comes with 2 figures besides the beast.

-Han Taun-Taun...  This one features VTSC Han with softgoods skirt piece and retooled legs.  If they included both Han heads, that'd be outstanding.  Second figure, an army builder...  A repaint of the "Deck Officer" figure coming up, or maybe the scarfed helmet Hoth Trooper repainted? 

-Luke Taun-Taun...  Taun-Taun gets a head change to be accurate, and comes with a New Luke (which I'd assume would be out in the basic line first so it'd be re-used here).  A "damaged" head for Luke would be nice maybe if the carded version is "clean" and assuming the figure will have ball-jointed hips from the get-go of course.  Again, pack-in a Deck officer or Hoth Trooper repaint...  though a spirit of Obi-Wan ala the Anakin Spirit from the 30AC would probably go a long way with people.

-Rebel Scout Taun-Taun...  Taun-Taun like above with non-broken horns, retooled legs on a Hoth Rebel Trooper so he can ride the Taun-Taun, and maybe Bren Derlin or General Riekean with better articulation at the limbs, or possibly another trooper...  An army building HOth Rebel pack would be really neat.

-Hoth Cannon...  A pack ala the Yavin Hangar set, retooled or repainted Troopers & the Hoth Cannon from the cut footage.

-Docking Bay 94...  A repaint of the new Jabba figure, Han Solo VOTC with maybe some "dusty boots" or something, and one of Jabba's gooney human henchmen.  Pointy hat guy gets my vote first I think.

I think for larger accessories or beasts, like the Taun-Tauns, I'd be be more inclined to pay $30...  For a repaint like Jabba, I'm not so sure.  I'd want maybe a 2nd goon to pay $30 for that.

I think I could sit and come up with sets, all-new or re-using parts, all day too...  Battlepacks are something I think Hasbro really has mismanaged to some degree.  Yet at the same time, some of the cooler sets sort of did poorly, like the Endor sets...  I thought those were good.

Speaking of Endor...

-Ewok Catapult...  2 generic Ewoks, an AT-ST Driver, a jumpsuit wearing Death Star Trooper, and an Ewok catapult accessory.  If they have the vintage mold I'd be completely happy seeing that re-used even.  Something new would be nice.  That may be 1 figure too much, but the big accessories, to me, are only good if they're complex and/or new.  If they're re-using anything it's diminished in its value in my eyes somewhat.
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