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MOAWP S1/E9: "The Reluctant Factor"
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Dilbun Vont: (narration) I’m gittin too old fur dis fodder….

Orbit of Iskalon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Millennium Falcon is chased into the upper atmosphere of Iskalon by the massive form of a dilapidated Star Destroyer. The Ravager XIII spurts a barrage of laser fire across the Falcon’s erratic trajectory; all shots are ridiculously misplaced.

Cockpit of the Millennium Falcon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Han Solo: you’d think these gunners would be a little better than imps!

Chewbacca: (growls)

Bey: it’s a fairly common dragnet formation, they want us in atmosphere.

Han Solo: (screaming) get your karkin force loving keesters to the guns!

As the Jedi sprint towards the gunner stations, a stun pulse disables the falcon’s power. The vessel ‘s controlled decent gives way to a rapid plummet towards a violent storm ridden aquatic world.

The Ravager XIII halts its pursuit and deposit’s a swarm of speeders that speed after the disabled freighter. 

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha tows another Swoop bike alongside his own and leads the charge to the hull of the falcon.

As Dilbun sheds his space suit and free falls backwards onto the awaiting swoop bike, without a seconds hesitation Vont engages the muscle bike and pops a air wheelie while speeding to the vessel. The swoop swarm opens fire on the vessel at random.

Galley of the Millennium Falcon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Han,Bey and Chewie frantically tear into the mechanical alcove of the freighter while Luke leads his warriors to the airlock of the ship.

Bey: this was old school, a kriffin stun pulse!

Chewbacca: (violently bashes replacement parts into place)

Han Solo: cool it chewie! Gotta replace all the flux regulators in the right sequence!

Luke Skywalker: (rushing to the airlock) artoo assist them!

In a blur of motion the aged Astromech extends a multitude of arms and proceeds to replace all the remaining devices, freeing up the three sentient life forms.

Artoo-Deeto: (whistles and beeps)

Han Solo: (sprinting from the alcove) just earned your charge lil buddy!

Bey: yeah we might just crash now, instead of getting pancaked on the ocean floor.

Hull of the Millennium Falcon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

An veritable dance of chaos plays out around the spinning disabled freighter; Jedi spring into the air batting aside laser barrages as fired by the Swoop bike swarm. Personal battles are engaged at random, as the Force Sensitive’s launch themselves at the oncoming bikers and cleave off portions of the swoops while effortlessly returning to the hull of the falcon.

Rayf Ysanna: (deflecting laser bolts) direct it back at them ken!

Ken: (clumsily batting away bolts) I’m doing my best!

As the two young men engage in a mini haggle, a pack of swoops descend upon them and close in for the kill. Luke and Kam back flip towards the pack in tandem and crash the bikes together via the force, while landing next to the young men.

Luke Skywalker: we can kill in knowledge or defense! This is life or death ken! Use the force!

Ken: sure thing master!

Kam Solusar: (back flipping towards an oncoming speeder) just let the force guide you!

The Falcon continues to barrel roll amidst the chaotic battle, Dilbun Vont flies dangerously close to the ship while firing off both his swoops canon and his own blaster rifle. The bolts startle the small gathering of Jedi atop the hull, he is denied a certain kill by the self-propelled cybernetic Ganathan king whom physically bashes Vont across the chest hurling him from the bike. The lunatic grabs a hold of Brand.

Empatajayos Brand: unhand me you scurvy thug!

Dilbun Vont: (struggling to keep attached to the bulky form) hows the stomach feelin there ya old blowhard!

At the sudden recognition, Brand thrashes Vont about as if juggling the man about him and catching him in his cybernetic and force assisted telekinetic hold. Vont is pinned by the throat to the hull of the Falcon by Brand’s metallic claws.

Empatajayos Brand: you, your..him!

Dilbun Vont: (experiencing the violent inertia) ain’t I more proper dare? Mista jeedai investgata!

Empatajayos Brand: eighteen sets of head tails! Eighteen shattered lives! What was the point of it!

Dilbun Vont: you’re half man, and you still be cryin ova kriffin twi’lek strums? Dose wenches where nuthin buty play dings, sumtimes the play ends in a gurgling mess of…

Empatajayos Brand: (tightening his grip) justice will be done upon you! By the force it will.

While the mighty vessel veers out of control and side swipes a portion of the air speeder gang, Luke engages several swoops telekinetically directing his light saber via the force.

Vont’s swoop gang flees just as the ship comes within range of the raging waters and a small band of mount riding warriors emerge from the sea pulling an bubble of oxygen around the falcon and pull it down into the depths.

Desolation Alley-Oovo IV-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

A study stream of guards are hacked, slashed and blasted at point blank range by the marauding Defilers as the Dark Acolyte T’iaz and the Stormtrooper Archetype Hayt march to the cell of their Quarry. Within the cell Tyber Zann stands with his back to the door holding a chopped blaster at the base of a man’s skull.

T’iaz: (igniting lightsaber) put that crude weapon away and rejoin your fleet!

Tyber Zann: (turning round)  just checking his eyesight.

As Zann retreats from the cell, an single tear drop from the eye on the back of the occupants head drips down his neck.

Hayt: (producing hologram projector) under normal circumstances, one would be required to turn round to interact with a hologram…

Triclops: (with back turned) perhaps you‘d care to sample my other abnormality…

A life sized hologram of the Clone Emperor flares to life, and paces around the occupant, instantly causing a physical display of fear.

Clone Emperor: (via hologram)…still so weak…still so ill-formed..

Triclops: (turning to stare at the hologram) here I was under the impression those where just familial qualities.

T’iaz: (raising saber) you will not!….

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) quit your speaking Acolyte! and you mutant; dare not consider yourself my true progeny! Your nothing but a failed experiment….

Triclops: (spitting mad)….why bother me!

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) like all things in this realm, you have your purpose….oh yes, you have an inkling of what I speak do you not my unfortunate remnant?

Triclops: (rapid eye movement) such degeneration of tissue cannot be stemmed with Midi-Chlorian infusions….

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) sadly a parasitic organism this clone body has been stricken of and you lack altogether even after having been conceived via there usage; akin to my wise master Plagueuis’s prize broodmare Shmi Skywalker…

Triclops: (rapid eye movement) you intend to put me out to stud!? Like some prize Nerf?

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) what more could a simpering nutcase muto ask for?! Desires don’t come into this!

The hologram flares out of existence as T’iaz lifts the mutant in the air via the force and levitates him out the cell.

Hayt: (marching down the hall) you were saying something about your..other abnormality?

Depths of Iskalon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The ship is pulled towards a massive shelled fortress overlooking the sea floor.

The mounted riders drag the Bubble encased Falcon along vacant swim ways and barnacle covered structures, the bubble is set down upon a landing berth. Within the oxygen bubble a small battalion of Nejema warriors haul Luke’s new Jedi Order and Han’s small band into another oxygen bubble, Several warriors tug the bubble out of the falcon’s and into the shelled castle.

Han Solo: atleast were not gonna get soggy.

Dilbun Vont: fraid of gittin wet? Ya karkin spice smuggler!

Chewbacca: (rages and moves towards vont)

Nejema Warrior: (slapping trident towards chewie)

The Jedi ignite their Sabers at the sight of the electrified tridents pointed at their wookiee friend. The bubble arrives at the throne of the Chuhyvi regent; Kiro. Who quickly swims towards the bubble.

Luke Skywalker: yes, my friend. Please explain our being here…

Kiro: by what right do you risk my kingdom!

The entire group is taken aback by the sudden outburst.

Ken: hey there mister let’s not have any…

Nejema Warrior: (in Iskalonian) silence!

Kiro: one would assume you of all people; would foresee the consequences of your actions! Half my subjects have reacted out of fear, and in a mass ceremony taken their lives.

Luke Skywalker: but…why!

Kiro: My life would also be forfeit, In fear of imperial slavery if I myself lacked the courage that stands here denying the Jedi order! 

Luke Skywalker: kiro…I need you, the order needs you! With you at my side we can defeat the emperor..forever.

Kiro: from where I stand your order appears to be swelling with willing recruits; whom all lack the same foresight as you when attempting to fulfill the will of the force. Did it not occur to anyone of you that if I desired to serve your new Jedi order that I’d already be at your side! I have no interest beyond this world.

Luke Skywalker: very well, may the…

Kiro: not so fast; in an effort to retain neutrality I decree the release of your captive.

Empatajayos Brand: whatever wickedness vont does from here on in will be upon your head, kiro!

Kiro: may I remind you of the lives you Jedi now carry upon your heads for merely seeking me out? Therefore this captives release will restore the balance!

Frustrated by the neutral act, Han fires off a stun beam on Vont. As the elderly man begins to slip out of the bubble, he is caught by the mighty Chewbacca whom cradles the man.

Kiro: may you quit inferring your own desires unto the galaxy, via the force.

The Nejema warriors drag the bubble containing our heroes back to the Falcon. Chewbacca drags the still unconscious Vont up the ramp as Luke and his followers look back at the shelled fortress.

Bey: (going up the ramp) I’ll call in an Assault Frigate, we can atleast protect Iskalon from space.

Ken: maybe King Kiro’ll join us once he sees how much the Republic will protect him.

Han Solo: (stopping at the base of the ramp) don’t count on it kid, were lucky if we get off this sponge unskinned.

Rayf Ysanna: (running up ramp) I’ll secure the prisoner!

Solusar follows the younger Recruits up the ramp, leaving Brand and Skywalker behind still regarding the massive shelled fortress.

Empatajayos Brand: this is precisely why the old order only accepted infantile candidates. If only we were strong enough to leave an watchmen behind for this sector, your friend could turn to the dark side and…

Luke Skywalker: and what then em I supposed to do strike him down like a womp rat! He saved me from Lumiya! He’d never turn to the..

Empatajayos Brand: your friend he may be, but once one has tasted fruit from the tree of evil, forever will it dominate their destiny!

Luke Skywalker: (violently turning to confront brand) then why do you entrust me with the new Jedi order! The only reason my father was able to bring balance to the force was because I subdued him while giving into the dark side!

Empatajayos Brand: (floating up the ramp) I place my trust in you, because the force bids me to do so master Skywalker. Regardless of your past flirtations with the dark side; you are the one who will return righteousness to the galaxy..I have foreseen it.

Skywalker follows the cybernetic master aboard the falcon, immediately after the vessel blasts its way free of the bubble. The falcon escapes the water world unscathed, and docks with a newly arrived New Republic assault craft.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) nuthin worse dan a stanky wookiee…

Assault Frigate Mark I-Cabot‘s Folly-orbit of Iskalon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Millennium Falcon lands within the crafts large docking bay which is devoid of its Starfighter wing. The Crew is greeted by Holographic representatives of New Republic leaders: Mon Mothma of Chandrila, Borsk Fey‘lya of Kothlis, Ackbar of Dac and Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia.

Borsk Fey’lya: (via hologram) intelligence service agent Bey tells us, your mission to secure Kiro’s assistance has met utter failure? If this is indeed true than why are we risking this communication and the valuable assets of this craft to your…

Empatajayos Brand: oh do I enjoy the pointlessness of Bothan Politics! The iskalonian schools require at least the semblance of a protective garrison. I do believe Palpatine’s Dark Empire is weaker than at first thought, the mere prescience of a lone New Republic craft would arouse fear of a larger garrison on the surface.

Ackbar: (via hologram) a cunning diversionary tactic indeed.

Han Solo: more like a trap.

Garm Bel Iblis: (via hologram) spoken like a true prodigy, but don’t get too cocky. Cabot’s folly is little more than the shell of a frigate disguising a holo-net buoy, it goes offline a fighter wing appears and saves the day.

Mon Mothma: (via hologram) regardless of the ploy, master skywalker we need you and your Jedi recruits back at base.

Luke Skywalker: we will return with all speed, only when were confident of having lost our trackers.

Bey: as I mentioned in my slip stream communiqué; we have taken an imperial sympathizer captive.

At that moment New Republic soldiers escort Dilbun Vont down the ramp of the Falcon, as followed by another captive.

Borsk Fey’lya: (via hologram) I thought you said you only had one captive?

The assembled heroes all turn in shock at the appearance of a tall gangril creature attired in simplistic rags.

Chewbacca: (growls)

Ken: gee golly, maybe he’s a friendly stowaway from the depths of Iskalon…

Borsk Fey’lya: (via hologram) contain yourself boy, we’ll interrogate him all the same, aside from new republic soldiers. The folly is blessed by the prescience of a small bothan unit…

Garm Bel Iblis: (via hologram) if memory serves, Jedi are immune to pandering.

Empatajayos Brand: well spotted senator.

Luke Skywalker: may the force be with you.

The holograms crackle out of existence, as bothan soldiers assume a line around the captives.

Dilbun Vont: woulda thought you stanky bastages coulda caught wind of yur arses by now!

Bothan Soldier: (punching vont in the face) bite your tongue!

Dilbun Vont: (narration) oh the familiar sights and sounds…

Medical Suite-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

An clunky 2-1B droid inspects both Vont and the lanky shriveled gangril creature.

2-1B: interesting…the human subject’s brain functions are ill regular…perhaps a synaptic anomaly and or disease that affects synapses function thus resulting in unstable psychosis.

Han Solo: not so loud there rust head, don’t need this old codger claiming insanity and getting on galactic aid like every other bum…

Vont attempts to lunge at Solo, but is caught by the mighty Chewbacca whom takes the elderly man in a choke hold while attempting to pull his arm from its socket. The Bothan soldiers aim their blasters at the wookiee, while the new republic soldiers fix their aim on Vont.

Bey: to whom are the Bothans aligned? The new republic or Fringe scum.

Dilbun Vont: (grunting) wookiees an bothans both dink dar fodda don’t stank! Dhink you’d have cross bread by now!

Bothan Solider: (pressing blaster) blasphemer!

Chewbacca: (rages)

Luke’s new Jedi order enters the medical suite and levitates the arguing parties around Vont.

Luke Skywalker: just because we cannot breach your diseased mental mind; does not mean we cannot perceive deliberate hate mongering.

Bothan Solider: stop this devilry!

Kam Solusar: perhaps a single rotation around your puppeteer would cement this lesson in your minds.

Han Solo: (floating) unless you want a complete and total barf-a-rama in here, put me down!

Dilbun Vont: so much fur negiotationz…

2-1B: furthermore; the other subject is not of the Iskalonian schools. He is in fact a member of the Gungan race native to the swamp lands of Naboo.

Dilbun Vont: dat artsy farsy kriff hole.

Ken: could you mind your language sir?

Dilbun Vont: (breaking out in laughter) dis karkin bastages kiddin rite? Woulda neva thunk da heir at da empire’d be a Jedai cream puff..

Ken: (gasps) but that’s supposed to be super-secret!

Empatajayos Brand: (hovering towards Vont) his deviousness knows no bounds.

Luke Skywalker: I’ll interrogate him..alone.

The bothan soldiers haul an unruly Vont down a corridor. As the group turns their attention towards the crusty gungan.

Jar Jar Binks: (coughing and wheezing) messa jar jar binks; wasssa reprezentesa ov da senatea longo timeo ago. Also big ol’ pallo of da jeedai kinghtsa.

Kam Solusar: sadly he appears to believe his own story.

Luke Skywalker: perhaps we can move his façade aside…

Empatajayos Brand: I’m sorry to contradict you master, but neither his intellect nor conciseness are strong enough to endure such a mind probe. Regardless I don’t recall their being a gungan in the old senate.

Han Solo: (exiting room) never was a big fan of politicians, so don’t ask me.

Bey: (closely looking at binks) wouldn’t senators’ mothma and bel iblis have recognized him? You guys go on with the scumbag; I’ll check him for spy class injection punctures.

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps laughter)

Cargo Hold-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Vont sits on a crate with his back to the door, Skywalker jaunts into the chamber. The motion causes his dark attire to catch the air, vont chuckles.

Luke Skywalker: Jedi interrogation methods might be funny to an imperial sleemo; but I assure you they can be more than affective.

Dilbun Vont: (barely containing laughter) spare me da kriffin act ya lil runt! Yer threads gots me cracklin; wut are you supposed to be mini vader?

Luke Skywalker: sometimes the sight of a dark clad figure with a light saber is enough to quell an uprising…sadly not often.

Dilbun Vont: (recovering from hilarity) otay, as long as you believe dat.

Luke Skywalker: nevertheless; I’d be eternally grateful if you’d care to share the source of your intel…

Dilbun Vont: (pounding a beat on his knee) oh..such purty words from a moisture farmer; I’m eternally delighted. First ovv; information brokers like all tend to let slip a great many dhings when presented with dare own I em sure you’ll one day come ta understand…sure helped yur paps outta amany binds.

Luke Skywalker: this has nothing to do with… I’m to believe you’ve had dealings with Talon Karrde within the last year or so?

Dilbun Vont: (begins tapping foot in tune) thrawn’s delta source wasa known by amany whom had at time or another taken upa roots in da imperial palace…ha, you dhink I’d pay Karrde for crud I can git for free?

Luke Skywalker:  assuming what limited intelligence we’ve pieced together regarding the emperor’s inner circle is correct. You were placed firmly outside of it; The terrestrial moon of Gall; an important post. Yes; but not at all a trusted one. But then again why would an coward like Palpatine want an psychopath at his back; one whom if he’d had the brains or ambition to rise above his petty stature could have spared the galaxy the Madness of the…

Dilbun Vont: (slapping fingers against bumping knee intone) so how’s the fam? extra crispy.

Lars Homestead-Great Chott Salt Flat, Tatooine-0 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Vont stands in front of two writhing human forms raining flame down upon them, his eyes are stung with the sweat caused by the power of duel suns and the human bonfire he continues to tend even after the last bits of humanity are shed from the bodies.

Darth Vader: (via hologram) well done Vont.

Dilbun Vont: naw, deez dweebz are gonna be blackened!

Vont continues to pour flame upon the smoking bodies as a crimson glass forms beneath them, the putrid smoke bellows into the sun drenched worlds sky.

Cargo Hold-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Luke brandishes his light saber hilt and telekinetically presses it against vont’s throat while also lifting him into the air. His comrades attempt to enter the chamber; but luke barricades it via the force.

Dilbun Vont: (levitating with saber hilt pressed at his throat) the sands of Tatooine praduz a purty glass when exposed taa flame thrower longa enuff….best part hada though bein dhem squellin yur name…

Luke Skywalker: (under his breath) uncle…owen…aunt beru…..

Dilbun Vont: (levitating with saber hilt pressed at his throat) Dat wuz dare names..oh yea? Dhing I neva understood wuz; wut the krif doez a nineteen year old need with a toy sky hopper? When he’s gots a real one!

At that moment two light saber blades begin cutting a hole in the door, luke uses the force to short out their blades while standing below the wiggling form of Vont.

Dilbun Vont: (levitating with saber hilt pressed at his throat)  atleast yur pa had the minerals to heft my arse without the kriffin force! Ya moisture farmin runt!

at the mention of Vader, skywalker releases his hold over the situation and exit’s the chamber in disgrace.

Luke Skywalker: (hastily exiting) I no longer trust myself in the thrall of the force. It truly desires as you and I might.

Brand hovers after him, as a group of Bothan agents enter the chamber. The chamber closes.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) chairin farmers iz da only dhing dat eva called me away from Bantha huntin…

Corridors-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Skywalker speeds through the corridors of the vessel while in despair; the cybernetic form of Brand keeps up with him nonetheless.

Empatajayos Brand: this order cannot survive your continued self-doubt, solusar already suspected your fragility. Now all of them except ken see it. The order must rise again luke…and you must be the one to lead it through these times.

Luke Skywalker: I ‘am no longer certain there should even be a new order! Let alone my place at its center, if only ben…

Empatajayos Brand: the dead cannot feel you through every debacle; dwelling upon their guidance will only lead us to death…is that what you seek?

Luke Skywalker: (turning to face brand) all I’ve seen in the force is turmoil…death upon death, the future promises nothing but agony and darkness.

Empatajayos Brand: as it always has; but what stands between all that you’ve seen?

Luke Skywalker: the light…..

Empatajayos Brand: without our sacrifices here and now; there won’t be anyone to wield it…look beyond yourself luke, the force encompasses all.

Cargo Hold-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Bothan soldiers salute Vont then hand him his Gungan Vibro-Axe.

Bothan Soldier: (placing axe in Vont’s hand) funds were received.

Dilbun Vont: here I wuz dhinkin ya furbags where gonna do dis for ol’ times sake.

In unison they proceed to slit their own throats in a non-lethal way. Vont soaks his vibro-axe in a puddle of Bothan blood and proceeds to wander out of his cell.

He sneaks into the medical suite where Binks is being examined by New Republic intelligence agent Bey. Before the agent turns round to notice Vont; a dart is clinging to his thigh.

Bey: (passing out) bundar root, you sleazy underhande….ed…sleee.

The large man hit’s the deck with an ominous thud; Binks slowly scales his eyes from the floor to the slowly advancing Vont.

Jar Jar Binks: (wheezing)  yousssa believes mesa…right? Pallo?

Dilbun Vont: (kicking bey in the gut) ya always where Augie’z greatest pawn in the old senate!

Jar Jar Binks: (stammering) yosa gonna tellsa dhem?

Dilbun Vont: oh no, yur gonna show em all jus how trusa worthesa yousa aresa!

Vont whispers a phrase into the elderly buffoon’s ear while placing the vibro-axe in his grip. Locked in a mental death command, Binks sets off in search of his victims.

Dilbun Vont: (speaking into com-link embedded in his arm) git redda to bring da pain Zann!

Observation Room-Emperor‘s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The mutant and the clone emperor converse with one another within a deserted medical chamber, tended by a severe-looking Med-Droid which savagely examines Triclops.

Clone Emperor: since your reluctant to aid me in the pleasurable fashion,  were left no choice but to extract materials the clinical way my boy…

Triclops: (prodded by needle-fingered droid) don’t call me your boy!

Clone Emperor:  (producing holocron) how sentimental….but alas you assume much. There was a time when perhaps my spirit also made such mistakes as evidenced by my long vanquished master Plagueis’s finicky holocron.

The pyramidal holocron displays an recording of a young Palpatine being electrocuted by his master on a continual loop.

Triclops: (probed by needle-fingered droid)…you just bring out the best in all people now don’t you!?

Clone Emperor:  (sneering) on Naboo….seventy years ago I was a prince. Revered for my outward advances towards artistic political expressionism, but secretly I was….his.  I only share this insecurity with you because; your life is at an end boy. And perhaps with your death I will have purged my spirit of all that he hated about me…perhaps you’re the last remnant.

Triclops: (probed by needle-fingered droid)…what a fantasy.

Amidst the most critical stages an stun pulse disables all the mechanical devices within the chamber. Instantly a series of ventilation ducts pop open releasing a full Noghri hit squad, the sith lord ignites and tosses his light saber at the noghri descending upon him from the observational windows. Paying no attention to the ground based squad forming a circle as they charge towards the mutant and the disabled droid.

At the last moment Sidious takes notice of the Detnite canisters fastened to their bodies. The squad commits self-sacrifice in a ball of flame a mere four paces surrounding the clone emperor whom released a wave of telekinetic energy around himself as the canisters erupt.

The clone is not without mishap upon setting foot upon the scorched floor again, the powers expelled to protect himself caused his body to visibly degenerate further.

Amidst the rubble of the medical chamber, the mutant triclops lays aflame and pierced with shrapnel from the med droid.

The clone lets out an unholy howl of anger upon the sight of his lost cause.

Docking Bay-Cabot‘s Folly-orbit of Iskalon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Luke Skywalker rapidly speeds towards the ramp of the Falcon; where his youngest Jedi recruits huddle around Artoo-Deeto..

Rayf Ysanna: so you just need an upgrade to be able to fly again?

Artoo-Deeto: (whistles and Beeps)

Ken: astral!

Luke Skywalker: lets curtail our glee, ken. I’d like to…

A Klaxon screams a proximity alert; the assault cruiser takes an direct impact. The Jedi ignite their light sabers in unison as Han and Chewie race down the Falcon’s ramp.

Han Solo: (loading blaster rifle) our com-signal was just blanketed! grab a blaster kids! Better to bury bolts than deflect em!

Chewbacca: (growls)

The group runs towards the direction of the klaxon, the scene they run into is one of utter chaos. The New Republic troops barely hold a line spraying bolts into an oncoming army of energy shielded droideka Mark II’s, and Defilers.

Han Solo and Chewbacca each fall to their knees and begin firing off rounds at the oncoming biological troops.

Luke,Kam and Brand dive headfirst into the onslaught whirling their sabers. The young recruits are slow to respond to the scene unfolding before them.  Luke and Brand fight their way to the front of the line in an effort to save the troops from the shielded droids.

Empatajayos Brand: (batting away bolts) fall back men! You need not be spent in this slaughter!

While Brand and Kam cover him, Luke uses the force to disrupt the Droidekas shields and hurls them back into their own ship.

The ensuing blast distracts all present, before the smoke can settle; an swarm of speeder bikes rocket down all four walls of the hallway, the Jedi are forced to flee.

As Solo turns to aim his blaster at another Defiler troop; his Blaster rifle is snatched from his grip and smashed in an Metallic hand.

Before the smuggler can draw his pistol; he receives a kick to the face that launches him across the hallway, the mighty Chewbacca rages towards his friends attacker only to receive an similar bashing from the combined duo of Arden Lyn and Hoar.

Arden Lyn: (punching) you are a pitiful fighter!

Hoar: (raining blows down upon chewie with Gaderffii stick)

The duo quickly brings the Wookiee down but do not slow the pace of their brutal attack in the least, as the mighty Chewbacca begins to pass out the Gammorean Thok lumbers towards the scene twirling his Great Vibro-Axe in anticipation of the kill.

Thok: (raising axe and snorting)

Arden Lyn: cleave his head intween!

The Mighty Chewbacca levels a kick towards Hoar launching him back into the Zann craft as Thok brings his hefty axe down upon his head; only for the wookiee to violently grab hold of the unwieldy weapon and bash it against its users face. Thok staggers about choking up his own teeth; While Chewie fetches Solo from the ground and flees back down the corridor.

Arden Lyn: (sprinting after the Wookiee) imbeciles!

As the Teräs Käsi warrior runs to catch Chewie, An ship-wide klaxon erupts; at its sounding the attackers break off their advance retreating back aboard their craft.

The Folly blasts into light speed; Vont is yet again left for dead by his comrades as they escape within their own vessel. Brand and Skywalker find the bridge crew murdered and a sobbing binks.

Jar Jar Binks: (crying) mesa…mesa…didn’t.

Empatajayos Brand: sadly, you did.

Luke Skywalker: (studying blood soaked navi-computer) where are we bound?

      Jar Jar Binks: (crying) mesa, mesa…mesa..only remembers mechna doc…

Empatajayos Brand: he’s been programmed; Palpatine’s played this one beautifully.

The young recruits sprint is halted as they nearly enter the blood soaked bridge; Ken erupts in tears and cradles his eyes on Rayf’s shoulder. The Ossus Native shrugs him off and strides into the scene.

Rayf Ysanna: the last of the brigands have been slain master, Solo’s wookiee has him aboard the falcon, and we just secured Agent Bey there as well.

Luke Skywalker: what happened to bey?

A string of blaster bolts rain from the doorway as a winded Vont bursts into the chamber.

Frustrated Skywalker catches the bolts in his hand and proceeds to pull Vont’s feet out from under him. Causing him to fall face first at Ken’s feet. The tear soaked boy draws his lightsaber.

Dilbun Vont: (coughing) git yur arses on that rusted out freighter! This tubs gonna crash!

Ken: (crying) you bad man!

Empatajayos Brand: (floating) calm yourself boy! And were to assume this is your doing?

Dilbun Vont: not my style brand, kriffin Gungan went nuts. Barely got outta dare before Zann’s freak show busted in here!

      Rayf Ysanna: (pointing saber) you’re just mister nice guy right?

Dilbun Vont: betcher arse; dis sorta stuff bein just gittin heft at me from all directions all da time.

Empatajayos Brand: (floating) ok, what happened to the urgency to get us off this ship?

Luke hauls vont and binks from the bridge on their way to the docking bay; they are joined by Artoo-Deeto.

Dilbun Vont: (running) unless you kriffers wanna be stardust, best webe haulin it!

The prisoners are stowed away aboard the falcon, as Skywalker jumps into the pilot’s seat with Artoo assisting him as co-pilot.

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

     Luke Skywalker: what if were programmed to smash into something while still in                         
     hyperspace artoo?

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

Luke Skywalker: that’s assuming the folly has a mass shadow recognizer that works!

Deep Core-Tython System-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Folly speeds towards the star as the falcon escapes the vessel impacting with the star. The falcon having blasted its way out of a vessel at light speed is not without its own complication.

All aboard brace for impact as the falcon speeds towards the closest planet in the system.

Dilbun Vont will Return

Next Episode: “Defenders of the Dark Empire”