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ROTJ Han & Chewie!
« on: September 8, 2011, 01:06 AM »
Alright everyone! Finally finished my ROTJ Han & Chewie. Hope ya like! I know Han doesn't have a black collar in ROTJ. *Critic* :D

Han Solo "Captain of the Millennium Falcon"

I don't think a short biography is needed for him. ;)

Head: 2011 TVC Bespin Han Solo.
Torso: 20011 TVC Bespin Han Solo modified shoulder pits.  (Had to do that because the shoulder pits were too big from the old arms.)
Arms: Saga 2 VC ROTJ Han.
Hands: Saga 2 Carbonite hands.
Legs: Modified Saga 2 VC ROTJ legs. (Sculpted the legs bigger and sculpted the pinstripes.)
Belt: Modified Saga 2 VC ROTJ holster and utility belt. (Made the strap.)
Weapon: Modified Saga 2 VC ROTJ Han blaster. (Made a finger guard.)

Chewbacca "Chewie"

I don't think a short biography is needed for him either. ;)

Whole figure: OTC VC ROTJ Chewbacca with modified neck and mouth.


What I mean by the neck thing is. He can move his head just like any other figure. Look below for production pics of Chewie.

First I had to drill out a hole to fit the joint below.

Now the joint consists of a #41 clone ball neck, Evo Anakin ball neck, and ROTS Stass ball neck glued together.

Here I had to drill the torso to fit the lowest ball neck.

Here we have the joint in the torso.

Here's his famous head tilt.




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