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Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight 7-inch scale
« on: June 12, 2011, 01:57 PM »
Luke Skywalker

<edit>I took the crits that some of you gave about Luke being a little too buff and I slimmed him down. I sanded down his traps and lats and gave him slimmer arms. For those of you that missed it, the original is below:

This custom has been rolling around in my head for a while. At the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to make my ultimate Star wars line and get back to what got me started with customs in the first place. I posted Vader first but I think I started Vader and Luke towards the end of last year. I had a great idea for how to accomplish this custom but I didn't have the ability to do it alone. This custom is a collaboration between myself, Glassman6, and Jsalwen.

My first version of this figure was completed in November and looked like this:

I PM'd Glorbes and IBMMT to get their thoughts and ultimately ended up going a different way with the custom. I think it was Glorbes that suggested that the vest was too stylized. I also wanted the custom to have some soft goods elements since that's always been a part of Star Wars so I turned to Jsalwen who made some awesome 1/12 scale jumpsuits for his figures. He ended up making me a whole jumpsuited figure pictured here: a removable tunic.

I wanted to use a shrunk down version of the Sideshow head so I turned to Glassman6 who lives about 20 minutes from me. He was a HUGE help and hooked me up with a few shrunken heads to work with. However I ended up scaling up from 6 inch because the heads were a little too big for the Longshot body I intended to use. So the whole project was moved from 6 inch to 7 inch scale.

I used an ML punisher figuring that with a few mods and Luke's big head I could  make the body look like a short 7 inch figure instead of a buff 6 inch figure. I used the forearms from a DCUC Mr Terrific and the right hand from a MOTUC Hordack and a left from a MOTUC King Grayskull which lengthened his arms. His knees are from ML venom and his belt is from 200X Prince Adam. I painted everything up. I didn't end up using the body suited figure Jsalwen made but the vest worked like magic and made it so I could have a DS2 Luke and a Jabba's palace Luke.

Comparatively I think he might be just a little bit too tall. Just a hair. I agonized over it for a few days but I couldn't figure out a solution that didn't result in Vader being too tall (or ruining Luke's proportions). I have a couple in progress and I want Vader and Chewbacca(already started) to be the same height, Han to be a little taller than Luke etc. The minor discrepancy wasn't worth it to satisfy my OCD and potentially throw off everyone else's relativescale.

Head:Hydroshrunk Sideshow Jedi Luke (Glassman6)
Vest: Custom made by Jsalwen
Body: modified ML Punisher
Knees: ML venom
forearms: DCUC Mr. Terrific
Right hand: MOTUC hordak
Left hand: MOTUC King Grayskull

Thanks so much to Jsalwen and Glassman6!!!! This is now one of my most favorite things that I own.  :D
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