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Star Wars Agra Hadig
« on: November 8, 2010, 09:18 PM »
My wife's mother is Armenian and in the Armenian tradition to celebrate our daughter's first tooth we had an Agra Hadig party.   And because I'm a big Star Wars fan we also had a Star Wars Agra Hadig too.

The baby is surrounded by a group of objects, covered with a scarf, and sprinkled with hadig (quinoa barley-because it looks like baby teeth).

Everyone then watches carefully to see what object she selects, as that object will predict her future career.

My daughter was surrounded by a pen (writer), a tube of paint (artist), a whisk (chef), a ruler (architect), hammer (building trades), thermometer (medicine), lipstick (fashion), money (finance or just plain wealthy), book (scholar or teacher). 

She touched the book, looked at the money, but ultimately picked up the whisk.  So Grandma said she would be a chef.

I applied these same principles and chose a group of Star Wars objects that was laid out immeditely afterwards. 

Interactive R2-D2 (mechanic), C-3PO Medicom RAH (languages), an Ertl vacumn formed Cantina (restauranteur),  Death Star Pop-Up book (scholar), miniature 2-1B w/Bacta Tank (medicine),  Star Wars Soundtrack LP (music),

Star Wars read along book & cassette (writer/story teller), Hasbro 12" Zuckuss (professional), Marmit TIE Fighter Pilot (Pilot), Lego Stormtrooper (customized by wife in Pink deco- Fashion), Kubrick Yoda (teacher/philosopher), the Star Wars decoed Monopoly money from a Star Wars Monopoly game (finance or just plain wealthy). 

I could have kept piling  the stuff on all day but my wife requested I keep it to 12.  And following the tradition of the baby grabbing the shiny object closest to the right hand she chose C-3PO, which I swiftly snatched away lest she snap him. 

Then she went for the cantina.  My prediction a French restranteur/chef!

Then we had cake!

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Re: Star Wars Agra Hadig
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2010, 03:21 PM »
This is pretty neat.  My brother has an adopted son from Korea, and they do a similar selection tradition.  Congrats!
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Re: Star Wars Agra Hadig
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2010, 05:59 PM »
Wow! Didn't they do that in the first Tinkerbell movie?  ???

Please don't ask why I know that. :-[
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