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MOAWP S1/E10: "Defenders of the Dark Empire"
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Smuggler’s Canyon-Gall-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

New Republic troopers attempt to play relief effort with a horde of Imperial citizens abandoned after the Defeat at Endor six years earlier; the group is personally led by General Wedge Antilles.

Wedge: (passing a crate) please except our charity! Without these provisions you’re all likely…

One of the Storm troopers shoves the crate away from himself; a New Republic vanguard draws his pistol. Causing a uproar from the native imperials. 

Stormtrooper: take yur stinkin ill gotten gains and depart this world! Our emperor will provide for us once he’s rid the galaxy of you rebel scum!

Wedge: I wouldn’t count on that! Since you people won’t let us take you off this rock, I assumed you’d at least accept our aid!

Stormtrooper: take yur hospitality and shove it! Only charity you do us would be round up and haul the old garrison commanders’ runt off of dis rock! You can find him down in the canyon.

Wedge: (speaking into comlink) these savages outcast a child!? Get me any and all available boots on the ground, were saving at least one person from this planet boys.

The new republic vanguard cheers as they sprint away from the native looking Imperial village.

-Hours Later-

Comm-board operator Gigin-Taue Soear stumbles down a treacherous goat path, nearly plummeting to his death at every misstep.

Gigin-Taue Soear: (whining into comlink) I’m a technician not a trooper for kriffs sake! Why are we risking the frigate for some little imp kid!

Wedge: (via comlink) Soear could you bolt that attitude down! I know your dad’s a valuable asset to Red Squadron, but I’m your C.O and I need you to put your chin up! That’s an order. Now cut the chatter.

Soear traverses the rocky terrain with continued foppishness and comes upon the blasted out remains of the Imperial Enclave; the heavily damaged ruins are a deserted wasteland.

Whilst marching down the main avenue Gigin-Taue regards a half melted statue of the Emperor, as Soear turns his back upon the decaying edifice a ravenous Cliff Wampa pounces from its obscured perch.

The technician is easily subdued by the hulking creature and snatched up into the air for consumption within range of the carnivorous beast’s teeth.

A spear pierces its stomach wide open spilling its intestines upon the cracked permacrete.

The beast falls upon its back dead revealing a young man attired in rags; Soear gasps at this sight while regaining his footing.

Gigin-Taue Soear: (flabbergasted) dear me my boy that was all quite dashing and…outright heroic.

Cas-Lo Vont: (hacking off horns) spare me….they don’t taste that great with a load of human tissue in their gut.

Gigin-Taue Soear: oh…you wouldn’t happen to be the outcast boy now would you?

Cas-Lo Vont: (taken aback) haven’t noticed any others…..

The boy quickly rends the edible flesh from the Wampa carcass and scurries towards a caved in structure; Soear follows him inside. Within the demolished structure, the young boy sits across from an Eviscerated skeleton rolling bloody meat down a skewer allowing spatter to rain down upon himself unabated.

Cas-Lo Vont: (blithely staring) so dinner for three huh?

Gigin-Taue Soear: (aghast) I don’t believe your…companion will require sustenance my young friend, you and I however should get back to the landing party?

Cas-Lo Vont: (chewing raw meat)..ummm. So yur like what galactic charity? What’s taken so long in getting out here anyways? Been rougher than this for the last six years pal!

Gigin-Taue Soear: ‘tis about to get a whole lot rougher my young friend…what with the Clone Emperor and his Dark Empire rampaging about the space ways.

Upon the mention of the Emperor, the young boy stops chewing and stares at the skeleton.

Cas-Lo Vont: (vehemently) lead me from here….now Samaritan.

Gigin-Taue Soear: why I thought we’d partake in some of the local delicacy here first.

As if to hasten their retreat, Cas-Lo kicks over his fire pit setting ablaze to the hovel and causing Soear to bolt from the entrance. The young boy stands with his back to Soear regarding the blaze; the technician rises to his full height and places a hand upon the boys shoulder.

Gigin-Taue Soear: whose remains where those boy?

Cas-Lo Vont: (bulldozing past Soear) ….the garrison commanders wife, how far is your ship Samaritan?

Gigin-Taue Soear: (rushing to keep up) just a few paces back up that way, names Gigin-Taue by the way; Soear…huh

Cas-Lo Vont: (bounding up the path) they ever round up the garrison commander?

Gigin-Taue Soear: (winded) oh no, way I hear it most of the lesser imperial garbage was lost years ago…

The young man extends his hand to the older man and pulls him up to his level, revealing they’d already scaled the cliff in unnatural time. The shuttle awaits them with Wedge and his Vanguard ascending its ramp. They quickly sprint to it.

Wedge: (slapping Vont on the shoulder) young Vont eh? Swear I’d heard that name recently, best you get aboard. Need you at the comm-station Soear; sounds like our hero squad just went missing in the deep core.

Gigin-Taue Soear: but what would take them all that wa…

Wedge: (ushering them up the ramp) stow the curiosity! I helped vape two Death Stars Even I don’t know any details, its top level headliner headache stuff; not for guys like us to worry about.

The ship blasts off and speeds into the atmosphere of Gall.

Emperor’s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

A horde of S’kytri warriors bow before the Clone Emperor swearing allegiance, as a hologram flares into existence.

T’iaz: (via hologram) my lord emperor…

Clone Emperor: as you can see disciples continue to flood my ranks! What news do you bring to my ears?

T’iaz: (via hologram) our collaborator Zann has done his part and left our employ. Your enemies are on Tython; Vont is their captive.

Clone Emperor: (enraged) unacceptable! The gungan was to be their demise! And they captured our man Vont! Unacceptable!

S’kytri Warrior: I pledge my life and that of my warriors’ Mein emperor! Your nemesis will plead for mercy and we will offer none!

Clone Emperor: excellent, prepare yourselves…

The clone sprints from his throne and extends his arms expelling massive amounts of dark force lightening.

From his conjured energy spurts a massive storm that rips a hole through the atmosphere of Byss and devours whole star fleets in orbit as it cuts an unnatural passage across the Deep Core.

The mighty Force Storm causes ground quakes and rumbles the emperor’s citadel.

The winged warriors begin stretching their wings and almost leap into the wormhole.

Clone Emperor: (shouting) halt! I will not send another set of warriors against the Jedi without adequate leadership….bring in the Sarcophagi!

As the holographic form of T’iaz flickers out of existence Vile servants of the emperor emerge atop hover pods each hauling a stone Sarcophagi. the clone shatters the stones whilst infusing the bodies with raw power.

Clone Emperor: rise my friends! You shall partake in my vengeance upon the Jedi; Darth Miseria your darkness still engulfs the deepest forests of your native Kashyyk!

Clone Emperor: Darth Amok, ravenous slayer of all that crossed your ambitions!

Clone Emperor: Darth Rile, the fallen angel renowned for precipitating false hope in entire civilizations!

Clone Emperor: Darth Ceratis, the miser whom seduced the very fortune that funded the Revenge of the Sith!

The undead sith lords are sucked into the Force storm as followed by the S’kytri warriors, the storm vanishes from Byss.

Clone Emperor: (shrinking back into his throne) everything is going exactly as planned…

Ramp of the Millennium Falcon-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Falcon skims the tree line as it makes an unorthodox landing in a densely overgrown tinderbox forest.

Artoo-Deeto emerges on the hull of the ship as a groggy Han Solo rushes down the ramp of his vessel and quickly does an inspection sprint around it.

Han Solo: (drawing blaster) you check every bolt up there! Or so help me…

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

The Jedi corral Vont and Binks down the ramp and deposit them on their knees with unlit Lightsaber hilts at their backs.

Luke Skywalker: han ease down, we brought it down smoother than I’ve ever seen you handle anything.

Chewbacca: (growls)

Jar Jar Binks: (whining) mesa..mesa…

Dilbun Vont: (grunting) stow it ya kriffin…

The Ganathan king floats down the ramp following Ken whom stares off in the distance.

Ken: what a strange new world?

Empatajayos Brand: there’s nothing new about this planet young one…according to the navi-computer were in the deep core, gonna be hard to plot a trajectory outta here for one thing.

Luke Skywalker: ok, since we’ve got no holonet feed out here and were in enemy territory. We need to at least inspect the temple I saw on the way down, before we high tail it outta here. So who’s coming and whose stayin?

In a blur of motion a lower hatch on the hull of the Falcon drops to reveal a flatbed airspeeder.

Han Solo: whoevers coming; pile in.

Solo and Chewbacca climb into the cockpit, while Brand levitates Vont into the bed of the craft. Bey,Skywalker,Solusar, Ysanna and Ken sit down as the craft speeds from the Falcon.

Galley of the Millennium Falcon-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The captive Gungan sits sulking across from the cylindrical form of Artoo.

Jar Jar Binks: (whining) yousa knowsa mesa! Why don’t yousa tells dhem!

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

Jar Jar Binks: (whining) it’s not mysa faultesa! What are yousa sayin?

The cylindrical droid extends its buzz saw and approaches the Gungan.

Whill Temple-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Han’s speeder comes to a halt outside a diminutive temple in severe disarray.

Ken: gee goly, a lil temple…

Luke Skywalker: rayf, ken come with me.

Luke and the young recruits crawl into the temple doorway.

Dilbun Vont: oh, so iz need dis many babysitters…

Han Solo: (loading an energy pack into an blaster rifle) wanna see how I earned my bloodstripe?

Whill Shaman Hall-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Luke and his recruits crawl into a vast chamber where a dozen green gnome-like creatures sit Indian style meditating. Skywalker assumes a bowing position and enters a meditative state, Rayf and Ken follow suit.

Luke Skywalker: don’t bother boys, there eons into the nether realm of the force. We cannot catch up with them; our only hope is to find a younger one.

Ken: correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they the same race as yoda?

Luke Skywalker: your eyes can deceive you; I’m more inclined to believe they’ve assumed this form to prey upon my feelings.

Rayf Ysanna: (grabbing saber hilt) shifters?

Luke Skywalker: no our literal eyes Rayf! Force illusions aren’t very advanc…

A statuesque shaman awakes.

Yopple: (gravely) suspicious you are? Our true forms these are..yes. Help you we can… not.

Ken: but why!

Yopple: (gravely) elude us concept of choice does, infinite is the nature of the force…rooted in fate we are…accepting of physical actions the whill shaman are not. Knights of the Jedi….disrupt the flow…they do…clash with naturalness …Lords of the Sith…incite chaos…devour lives unnaturally.…

Luke Skywalker: I accept your admonishment; but implore you to reconsider. I am the student of a member of your species..surely your teachings must have bein…

Yopple: (gravely) sought solitude amongst the stars many of our kind have …sought our knowledge many have…understood it….few have…pollute the nether realm of the force!…some now do…natural is our communion within the nether realm….unnatural is it to imprint oneself…upon the nether realm. ..Twisted have our teachings been…

Luke Skywalker: twisted! the ability to forget how to die? I owe my life to interactions with force apparitions…..if only you shamans would dedicate yourselves to preserving life!

Yopple: (gravely) the guardians of peace and justice the Jedi are supposed to be…changed has this?

Luke Skywalker: while I respect your commitment to peace, I can assure you that the clone emperor only offers obliteration!…how do the whill shamans intend to sit upon their hands when all you’re left with are cauterized stumps?

Yopple: preservation of one’s self, bellies a lapse of faith in the natural currents of the force.

Ken: but…

Yopple: choice, we do not accept! The will of the force cannot be broken…

Luke Skywalker: may the force be with you.

Yopple: with all it is…despite greater concentrations.

Whill Temple-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (staring down blaster rifle) so ya gots any phoods?

At the mention of sustenance; the mighty Chewbacca starts foraging through the brush.

Han Solo: (looking away from vont) god damn it chewie, quit thinking with yur stomach!

Solusar and Solo break their boundary protection and focus on Vont. During their distraction, the masters of Teräs Käsi spring from the trees and overtake the Wookiee and New Republic agent.

After wounding Bey, Hoar lunges towards Solusar who attempts a force push. The crazed Tusken’s advance goes unchecked as solusar continues to stand his ground; unaffected via the Force Hoar hammers the Jedi with his Gaderffii stick, Solusar takes every blow.

The cybernetic Jedi descends upon the scene only to be picked off midair by the chaotic style of Arden Lyn. Amidst the chaos, Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha speeds over to the airspeeder, Vont jumps behind Ren, the swoop speeds away.

Dilbun Vont: (clinging to Swoop) betta not’ve used all mai kriffin Ysalamiri!

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: we’s only toasted a couple bags! You knows dare grease also keeps ya blocked from da kriffin jeti!

Dilbun Vont: (chugging a flask of Ysalamiri grease) if it haz to taste like dhis; don’t care if da bastages can sense me!

The swoop speeds into the dense forest, while at the entrance to the temple Captain Solo is the recipient of a severe thrashing from Arden Lyn.

Han Solo: (attempting to regain footing) ….dirty karkin steel hands!

Arden Lyn: (knocking solo out with a kick to the face) may a rancor pick his teeth with your bones!

Hoar: (Tusken battle cry while waving Gaderffii)

As Solo hits the dirt, Skywalker and his New Jedi Order recruits emerge from the entrance of the Whill Temple; at the sight of many defeated comrades young Ken sprints from the squat position required to navigate the diminutive structure.

Ken: (engaging lightsaber) I’ll save everyone!

Luke Skywalker: (bangs head attempting to jump to his feet) Ken! Noooo!

Rayf Ysanna: (attempting to catch ken) master! I cannot feel?

Luke Skywalker: it’s a Ysalamiri force void! Stop him!

The young Jedi hopeful is charged with brute force by the obese Thok whom wastes no time in effectively disabling the young human.

Skywalker can only watch as Arden Lyn abducts his young recruit and escapes aboard a rapidly departing landing craft which lifts into the skies as quickly as it appeared. Skywalker falls to his knees in disgrace.

Docking bay of the Ravager XIII-Orbit of Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Mere seconds after the shoddy landing craft settles upon its creaking landing gears, the ramp comes down and Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha speeds from the craft atop his swoop.

He is forced to abruptly veer away from the forms of Hayt and T’iaz whom stand at foot of the ramp. The burly biker crashes into a pile of rubbish as Vont leads the Masters of Teräs Käsi down the ramp with their captive.

Dilbun Vont: watch where yur goin dare, chubbs dats be valuable cargos…well if it ain’t the strum with a bite.

Hayt: (taking vont by the arm) at your service.

Vont chokes at the response to his underhanded advance, as the Dark Acolyte produces a hologram projector; wherein flares to life a representation of the Clone Emperor.

T’iaz: (holding Holo-projector and engaging lightsaber) his supreme majesty has concerns…

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) why does the Son of Vader still live!

Dilbun Vont: we gots da kriffin kid! Once you git yur keester in emm you can rain hell down upon da jeedai!

T’iaz: such insolence will not be….!

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) quit your speaking! Hayt; I believe it is time for you to convince Dilbun of his duties.

Hayt: (taking vont by the arm) as you wish.

Vont is led by Hayt from the docking bay, as the Dark Acolyte turns the Hologram projector towards the captive Jedi Recruit.

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) aww, such a young boy.

Ken: (exclaiming) leave me alone!

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) nice and stupid looking too.
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