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Jesse James:
I slipped and meant Slave-I, not the BMF Falcon, but the point's basically the same...

And if you're using them for something else I think that's great.  I just noticed a lot of, "These are for kids, and so scale doesn't matter and people complaining should just shut up" type comments were flying around when the reduced size came up on these sets.  To me, they're comically underscaled.  They're mini-rigs for a lot of money, more or less...  and that's sort of an insult to mini-rigs since those at least were an attempt to LOOK like they were plausible.  These are just the same stuff we've gotten since 1995 only way smaller.  They're crap.

Hasbro is doing what they feel they have to do to keep a price point where it should be, since they seem to realize what they were charging was absurd and not selling anything, but at the same time I think this is a misstep in general.  Even from when I was a kid, part of the fun of the toys was they weren't dinky little knock-off looking ships.  These are, to me, for the most part.

Flying the B-Wing around in my front yard as a kid was, to me, a great memory.  And yes, the size of that ship was part of the fun for me as a kid.  Just as now I'm sure the BMF would have had my eyes fly open on Christmas morning.

I think they should've ditched that price point all together and refocused that money into the Class I sets.  They're just better in concept.  Save ships for exclusives then, and put the $/effort into something more substantial (retools of existing molds, repaints, etc).  You'd make them more appealing to retailers by there not being smaller/cheaper things on the shelf next to it, plus you'd get something out that everyone would be interested in.  You could maybe do larger runs too.

I'm hoping this whole idea was just an experiment they will soon abandon. I totally agree about those Class II abominations...if you go that route, better to at least sculpt something new and interesting, like the Twilight for example. Or the Z-95 Headhunter.

Really though, I'd much rather see them put the money into the Class I sets too, and maybe even shift the larger scale midsize vehicles to semi-annual special releases. Medium is the new big, and all that.

I think there's the potential for Class II to blow up in Hasbro's faces.  I certainly don't see the potential for sales with collectors.

As for other hopes?  Hasbro has always pledged to get product that they've shown publically out to fans/collectors.  So it leaves me thinking that they'll try to find a way to get these BAF droids out to market.

Personally, I'm hoping they can parlay this situation into a modern Droid Factory playset that includes the parts for the 4 droids Hasbro has already shown.  And if they can get some more droid parts in there, too?  So much the better.  Obviously, developing something like that could take a while.  And then there's the matter of shopping it to a retailer, because it would almost certainly have to be an exclusive.

What I also find troubling about the new class II size is the accompanying packaging. We saw packaged samples at CVI, and if you didn't know any better, you'd think that there was a larger vehicle in that box. This might be an issue for parents thinking that they are getting something more than advertised, especially with that hollow bottom Republic Fighter Tank.

Jesse James:
That doesn't shock me at all, but yeah that's dickish.  They're acting like a potato chip company.  ::)


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