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Star Wars 1313 - what is it?  ???

'Star Wars 1313' URL buy-up spurs hopes about Boba Fett movie, but Lucasfilm won't say 'at this time.' What could it be?

link to LFL's Star Wars 1313 trademark application

Anyone want to join the rampant internet speculation that's out there trying to guess what this is...?

1313 refers to the street number where Disneyland is located. Their address is 1313 S. Harbor Blvd. Therefore, Star Wars 1313 referres to LFL and WDI's plans to turn Tomorrowland into Star Wars Land!

Jesse James:
An interesting theory...  seems as likely as anything.  It was a pretty broad range of stuff it covered though, or so it seemed.

I'm thinking/hoping it's something bigger than SW/WD partnering further...

The article mentions some interesting stuff...  some people already had fly into their heads, other stuff a little more obscure but it fit.

I'm hoping it's a good thing for SW's future is all.  At this point I sometimes look at it and think it's in jeopardy.  Not that it'd ever go away or anything, but that it's sort of hit the wall a bit.  It went from lame, to cool, to lame again...  Can it get cool again?  I'm not so sure SW is like the stock market, in that it can sustain fluctuation.

I think TPM3D screamed a lot about where SW is...  adding in the declining interest in Clone Wars 3D.  Star Wars needs something of Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek: The Next Generation proportions to revive it.  Something big, and with maybe some solid outside influence rather than Lucas being the only voice in the room.

1313 Mockngbird lane was where the Munsters lived.  In a bid to join the Vampire/werewolf hype and add the "tween" market it is a Star Wars/Munsters mash up.

But I can't tell you where I heard that.

I'm with has to be something Disney related...


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