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I have to wonder about one aspect of this.  Boba Fett figured to be the central character in both this game AND the live action series, correct?  But since the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, it's come to light that there will be the single character focused movies.  One of those is rumored to be Boba Fett.  I wonder if Disney/Lucasfilm decided to pull the game because of possible story conflicts with a movie plot?  There's the potential for a movie to make much more for Disney/LFL than a video game.

I like how C-21 Highsinger from CW would have been in it. To bad it was cancelled. It would have greatly increased the chances of a figure of him.

Jesse James:
Was the live-action show for certain to center on Fett?  Or was it more just "the underworld"?  I heard the latter, always hearing rumblings of Fett but never that it was a show about him.

The Fett thing for 1313 came about seemingly quickly...  I remember the poll about it pretty well still.  I personally preferred a no-name possibly tying into Fett, but at this point it sounded like a major update to Bounty Hunter and that would've sat a lot better with me than I ever thought before. 

Speaking of, still that's a game that holds up. :)

Jesse James:
BTW that concept art is some dandy stuff...  Really gets the creative customizer juices flowing.  Stuff like that makes me interested in Star Wars toys.

EDIT:  Also, where's that Droid partner from?  I've seen that somewhere.

The Droid was in a late episode of Clone Wars, where Asajj Ventress takes up with some bounty hunters.  IIRC, Dengar wound up in the same episode (voiced by Simon Pegg, no less).


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